Former Liberal (Pro-turbine) MPP Maria Van Bommel to provide “rural insight”…ahem…

VanBommelBothSidesBy Tara Jeffrey, Sarnia Observer
Maria Van Bommel is hoping to be a voice for rural Ontario now that she’s part of an advisory team to incoming premier Kathleen Wynne. “It’s not every day the premier calls you directly and asks for your participation,” said the former Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP. “I take it as a real opportunity to present rural Ontario to the premier and hope it will have some impact in bettering communications.”

Van Bommel was one of several key players named to a transition team that Wynne says will help shape her government. Others include Arnold Chan, vice president, Aboriginal Affairs and General Counsel, former Toronto mayor David Crombie, and Lyn McLeod, Ontario Liberal Party leader from 1992 to 1996.

“I’m in very impressive company here,” said Van Bommel, pointing to a series of upcoming meetings for the group, as Wynne prepares to open the Ontario legislature on Feb. 19. For years, the Middlesex County resident has operated the family farm with her husband. Van Bommel says her contacts within the farm community will help strengthen the relationship between the premier’s office and rural Ontario. Read article

44 thoughts on “Former Liberal (Pro-turbine) MPP Maria Van Bommel to provide “rural insight”…ahem…

  1. Who will be chosen to explain to us about how wonderful cigarettes, and DDT’s, and Thalidomide, and arsenic and train crashes and mass slaughter is? It’s a dirty job, but someone has got to do it!

  2. Another kick in the teeth for rural Ontario. A has-been MPP, who obviously did not get re-elected because she lost touch with reality in her area.
    Kind of like when the Liberals hired Lou Rinaldi, another has-been, to assess why rural Ontario has a disconnect with the Liberals.

    OMG are they THAT stupid!?!??!

    Does Wynne, et al actually ever speak to us country bumpkins!?
    Do they ever read any of the weekly newspapers from around the province?
    Do they ever read any of the blogs on the issues at hand!?

    More kabuki theatre. More smoke and mirrors to make it seem like the Liberals care.

    • I have spoken to her, and it was all political double talk, she will find a solution to the problems she says…..but will that solution benefit the rural people who are bearing the burden of these turbines? Not likely. We need to flood her with letters of outrage, maybe she will see how we feel without having to send her minions.

      • Wynne gives the impression that she fancies
        herself as being the great mediator.
        “I’ll surround your home with IWT’s, what
        can I do to make you feel good about it.”

    • She’s arogent. She does not even speek to people in leaside. Really bad manours as well.

  3. Stunningly unbelievable. But should any of us really be surprised. All I can say is for God’s sake people, do not be taken in by the Libs. They’ll say or do anything to get re-elected.

    I’m shocked at how many rural wind neighbours I suddenly hear saying, “Well, maybe we should give Wynne a chance.” Are you F*!@#$$% kidding me? If the Liberals get back in because rural residents stupidly give them another chance, I’ll wash my hands of this whole thing and go help people who really want to be helped.

    • I hear you, Donna.
      Last week the same thing happened to me.
      Someone willing to perhaps vote Lib. ‘Cause they don’t like NDP and they don’t like Hudak.

      • It really angers me when I hear crap like that. An election is the one time you get to have your opinion counted. To waste that once-in-a-4-year chance to roll the dice on the Libs again would just be beyond words. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

      • Petra – Not just past and present Liberal supporters looking for an excuse to avoid voting for Hudak or Horwarth!
        Search all the newspapers and over 90% of the ‘serious’ reporters are wetting themselves over their stories. They all heard her comments about continuing McGuinty’s ‘legacy’ yet choose to ignore that completely whilst doing the Liberal party’s own propaganda for them. No more than a couple of remarks about us country bumpkins who are against their wind energy policies. Most of them a stating that she could be the start of some real change and basically with the same message – Not only can she beat Hudak but the implication is already out there she may not even need NDP support!.
        Before she is even ‘annointed’ Ontario’s next Premier they are already forecasting she could call and win the next election………
        Anyone figured if there as anyone on our ‘side’ apart from us…???
        The MSM most certainly are not.
        Andrew Watts

      • Donna, Petra, I have the same reaction when someone says they think Hudak and his cronies will save us. He was pretty quiet about it all until he was sure it was a vote-getter, and he still seems to be putting lots of weasel words in his talking points. He’s also promoting the ‘Right to Work’ agenda that his corporate paymasters want. Right to Work means none of this socialist minimum wage, health and safety enforcement, right to form unions, etc. If you want to work you just have to compete at a third-world wage level.
        The fact is that they are all politicians, none of them are there for our benefit, and at election time you get to choose the colour of the shaft. Some parties will offer to grease it first.
        We have a choice. It’s just not a meaningful one. Yep, our vote counts. And our comments at the open house are considered. And nothing changes.

      • Right to work amd minimum wage laws are different issues.
        Right to work law means that workers don’t have to have union dues taken out of their pay. Right to work does not mean there is no union in a workplace and it does not prevent a union form being formed at a workplace.
        Also makes it possible for workers to get rid of undesirable union bosses as all the workers have to do is stop paying union dues until any situation is resolved.
        Had good union leaders back when there was no automatic dues payments.

      • The great majority of unions were established when there were right to work laws. Workers joined unions because because of the great benefits unions provided and not because the had to join a union. There are always a few free-loaders until they get in trouble at work and then the first person they run to is the union rep.
        Back then there were no mandatory dues taken out of worker’s pay. Right to pay or not to pay dues provides a means for workers to have a say in union affairs.Just like it used to provide.

      • Never – put your banana in the fridge!

        ‘[excerpt] For years, the Middlesex County resident has operated the family farm with her husband. Van Bommel says her contacts within the farm community will help strengthen the relationship between the premier’s office and rural Ontario.’

        So I’m left assuming – someone left the banana in the fridge……………..
        ………….rural Ontario only farmers?

      • Barbara, in the 24 states that have right to work legislation, employment goes up a little, wages are down an average of over $5,000 a year. Right to work is big business/Conservative spin. Keep the unemployment high, reduce the benefits, kill the unions and get the hungry workers to underbid each other for the remaining jobs that can’t be outsourced to China or the Phillipines or Mexico.
        Oh yeah – and the jobs are all part time with no benefits.
        Next step is the company store.

      • Union in Canada – and, big plans for everyone in society.
        Ugh! – objection please – Ugh!

        ‘[excerpt] The new union would be open to students, retirees and the unemployed, Coles said.

        “We want to have everyone in society have the right for a collective voice.”

        It was unclear Monday if Coles or CAW president Ken Lewenza plan to seek the new union’s leadership.

      • The point that I was making is that most unions were established and flourished before there was closed shop legislation. When workers had control of their dues they had a say in union affairs because dues were like votes.
        Wages losses and job losses did not occur due to right to work laws but to other causes as well. Have worked under both systems and would prefer right to work as undesirable union bosses can be gotten rid of. Maybe undesirable union leaders have helped to cause some of the job losses?
        Some unions have lost their appeal to workers because they no longer provide the benefits workers need.
        With right to work the union leaders are going to have to return to doing what’s good for their members and not for outsiders’ interests?

  4. Let me get this straight…Maria van Bommel, who lost her rural seat in the last election, and who advised former Ag & Rural Affairs Minister Dombowski, who also lost her seat while Ag & Rural Affairs Minister, is Wynne’s choice as an expert on rural issues??? WTF???? Honestly. You can’t make this stuff up. The Liberals are completely out of touch and this just helps prove it!!

    • Make that Carol Mitchell as Agriculture and Wind Turbine Minister, Dombowski was somrthing else.

  5. I remember a frustrating email exchange I had with Maria back before the last election. I felt like pulling my hair out, with her absolute resolve to stick with the Liberal Talking points in regards to IWTs. She wouldn’t budge an inch as far as admitting there might be problems.

    Maybe since she had her ass kicked in the last election she’s been enlightened?
    I wouldn’t count on it though.

    The notion that Wynne is looking for people that tow the company line speaks volumes as to how she really feels about the problem.

  6. Given she is a registered lobbyist for Samsung, you might think that would make her ineligible to be in any position of influence. Her head has been stuck up her own arse for so long she has lost her hearing and couldn’t possibly understand what rural Ontario is going through….

    • All one and the same, Patti…oh so easy to confuse! I kind of looks like there was some real slim pickings, and she was the only Liberal left in rural Ontario…or I suppose they could Carol up again, or Leona. That’s about it.

  7. Wilkinson was involved in Wynne,s campaign, co-chair -backroom deal maker. I Hope that in those backrooms Mr Wilkinson reminds the deep thinkers of the liberal party that because of wind turbines he no longer has a seat. All you wind warriors out there, with all your hard work in the last election in Perth-Wellington had to be a factor. He lost by 200 votes. one would hope they will have learned how not to treat people

    • Ken…… My wife & I were at the rally, with John Laforet, in the parking lot of Wilkinson’s constituency & campaign office, during the election campaign, as well as campaigning on behalf of his replacement (Randy Pettapiece) over the next few days. Our Agriculture minister, Ted McMeekin, told me they “lost a good one” when they lost Wilkinson. Maybe they’ll find a way to “bring him back” a la Van Bommel! Now THERE would be a team to support rural Ontarians!!!
      (sarcasm intended)

  8. Is anyone actually surprised?????
    Wynne certainly has taken no time at all to very publicly say ‘Screw You’ to rural Ontario.
    A far bigger concern is that with people like van Bommel and Mitchell, a Samsung lobbyist, on her ‘team’ we could all too soon find legislation being proposed to make it even easier to get approval for wind and solar projects whilst restricting the rights of those of us who oppose even more.
    And the Toronto Star already has her ‘popularity rating’ as a political ‘leader’ higher than both Hudak and Horwarth – go figure.
    OWR – We have a problem! It has just become an even bigger problem…….. 🙁
    Andrew Watts

  9. McGuinty has Wynne on a tight rope here……she is basically being coached 24/7 by people like Sussex Group and fellow Liberal hacks..every time you see Wynne going into or out of McGuinty’s office he’s got her by the shoulders giving her cheek kisses and smiling like she’s being served up like a turkey dinner…………….these people are disgusting examples of how low a human being can go to make money!

  10. There are still far too many people who do not understand what is taking place in Ontario and who the people are that are involved in this renewable energy scam.
    This is a money making scheme from start to finish. Huge sums of money are involved in this and these people are not about to let go of the money “food chain”
    While IWT health issues are the most important issues this does not bother those who will not be affected. So the other issues associated with IWTs have to be brought to people’s attention as well.
    People most often vote on pocketbook issues so the money & connections need to be explained to people. This is just not a one issue event.
    The MSM is in bed with those making the money out of renewable energy.

  11. You can see a pattern here as she is already showing to be like the rest a parasite leaching on to there hosts

  12. Isn’t this purely a numbers game? Put off/ placate rural Ontario while refining the scam and stoking up the voting numbers in the GTA and Ottawa.

    I had, however briefly – a flash in the pan, really – great hopes that Kathleen Wynne, who presents herself as a compassionate humanitarian, would be moved enough by the suffering of the victims of Big Wind to say, “This can’t go on. There must be a moratorium.”

    But on “Ontario Today”, yesterday, she just towed the same old company line.

    However, she did say that the future lies in conservation.

    Perhaps she knows she has to get into the centre of the web to catch the spider.

    Dare we hope, still?

    Or perhaps she, like so many others on the Left, think they know better than the ignorant masses how to save the planet.

    Time for truth to power, Kathleen; but please start with the truth.

    Methinks the window of opportunity is a crack from closed for the Liberals.

    Even Tibetan monks rose up when their beloved sacred land was occupied by oppressors.

  13. Can someone direct me to some “proof” about her association with Samsung? I would like to write a letter about it but can’t find anything concrete on the internet.

      • and then click on her name to the left of Samsung. you’ll read,
        If another person, partnership, corporation or organization has a direct interest in the outcome of your undertaking, give:

        — CS Wind Corporation, 4th Floor, Baekseok Daehak Building, 1519, Sungjung-Dong, Seobuk-Gu, Cheonan-City, Chungcheongnam-Do, South Korea, 331-978;
        — Pattern Energy Group, 1250 S Capital of Texas Highway, Building III, Ste 400, Austin, Texas, United States, 78746;
        — Siemens Canada Limited, 1550 Appleby Line, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7L 6X7;
        — SMA America LLC, 6020 West Oaks Blvd., Suite 300, Rocklin, California, United States, 95765;

        Name or Description of Policy, Program or Decision:
        Matters regarding government and opposition parties’ policies with respect to the future of renewable energy in Ontario.
        Government Ministries or Agencies you are lobbying:
        Members of Provincial Parliament – MPPs Ministry of Energy Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation Ministry of Natural Resources Ministry of the Environment Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office

        G.1 Government Funding
        Is your client funded in whole or in part by any government?

  14. I was just informed that Maria van Bommel will not be available after mid Feb as she had already made plans to travel. So. A week and a half. Good lord. *facepalm*

  15. An astonishing story in Ottawa Citizen says Wynne intends to appoint herself as Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This is a worse slap in the face to rural Ont than choosing a failed Liberal MPP as team advisor. She admits to having no experience in agriculture, yet sees no problem running OMAF.and administering rural affairs; this is for 1 year only.This would be as bad as the Rae government having a school teacher from Elliot Lake as Minister,with failed NDP sacrifice candidate as his executive assistant. Wonder if she is doing this to keep a close hand on the wind development file, which she supports right down the line? Ontarians can only hope her term as far, far short of 1 year. An example of the contempt this Liberal government has for the countryside.

  16. There is no doubt the overwhelming feeling from all these comments is against what is being done to us by this provincial government,(it really doesn’t matter which party) and by private for-profit companies who have no justification for what harm they are causing but the claim they are complying with the Green Energy Act.
    This is not party politics and wind victims come from every political background and belief?
    Does ‘right to work’ have anything to do with this? We are seeing our families, homes, communities and the rural and agricultural landscape destroyed because of what amount to criminal acts on behalf of both government and particularly wind energy companies.
    If we cannot stop this it really doesn’t matter what happens at the next election it will be too late for a growing number of Ontario families.
    I have no faith in either the NDP or Liberal’s doing a thing to stop this growing disaster and sadly have little enough faith in the PCs doing much more than perhaps slow the process!
    I don’t think it matters a damn if Hudak did implement ‘right-to-work’ legislation, if the wind projects are allowed to be built unabated then it is far too late to worry! Even more communities will continue to suffer until this whole scam actually collapses as it inevitably must!
    Please guys, we need all the undoubted talent being displayed on these and other pages to defeat one thing and one thing only and that is the wind scam being perpetuated against the communities we are all a part of.
    Who knows, when we do kill these projects and these machines, perhaps we will be able to share our different beliefs by debating policies in a more civilized manner than we have managed in the past. ’til then I really do think we should be concentrating on one thing and one thing only, stopping this wind insanity. If we can’t what future governments decide to legislate, be they right left or centre, will no longer really matter to us will it?
    Andrew Wattts

    • The right-to-work-issue is being thrown in to muddy the waters so as to block out other issues like IWTs. An old political trick but a very effective one.
      Why should unions be afraid to stand on their own two feet like they used to do anyway? To protect union leaders from their members?

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