Harrow turbines cut out TV reception to 80 homes

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  1. I was just bouncing when I saw this on the news, one more nail in the coffin of the liberals

    • years ago when we told council this could happen the wind company denied it, even now they try to say it’s never happened before.

      • They deny health problems, real estate problems, socio-economic problems, technical problems, financial problems, and any other problems that we point out to them. They are completely happy living in total denial. So much so, that they would like us all to join them.

      • Are the town records available where the company denies any TV interference? It would be good to have copies of this information.

  2. Take away a man`s TV, and you are seriously asking for trouble. If they think the Six Nations warriors are rowdy, wait till they tick off some sports fans during playoff season!

    • They claim they are under no obligation to restore American Channels. Watch the video.

      It’s interesting how some people just “make things up”. This is just like “Climate Science” — just make things up as you go along — Whatever might make your case! eh?

      • You mean the way they “made up” the greed energy act, when we tried to resist the devastation of rural Ontario? We are under NO obligation to treat any windweasels or their accomplices with any sort of respect. They have not earned any.

  3. The wind co said it was ‘totally unforseen’. Yeah – there’s a lot of that going around.
    The woman said she had called Natyshak’s office in July – hasn’t heard back yet. I think he’s one of hte NDP Liberals. lol
    Interfering with television is the first good thing I’ve heard about turbines. Not enough to justify them, but if more people gave up tv they might have time to think and maybe start to notice what’s going on around them.

    • Yes, but she was able to say she made a call and got no response. The more people who do this the better it becomes. So what if CBC loses their rural audience they can also lose their sponsors along with this.

  4. What do you mean the wind company said it was totally unforeseen? Its right in some of the contracts that there may be interference with WiFi, wireless house phones as well as cell phones. Cash croppers are also complaining that the IWT on interfering with their GPS.
    Premier -Designate Wynne has appointed herself Ag Minister,I wonder what she knows about Agriculture. The last Ag & Rural Affairs Minister Dombowski got the boot! Bye the way Wynne appointed another booted out Minister, Maria Van Bommel as her adviser on Rural Affairs.The Liberals are totally out of touch but hey people will probably vote them in again especially in the Cities because of the Unions.
    Ten IWT just started up up in Dec not far from me and people are already sick and yes they also have interference with their satellite so do not believe anything you hear from the Fiberals or the Wind Companies.

  5. Good Evening Everyone . . . Consider this a belated Christmas gift . . . from our own Canadian government . . . you can thank the Feds for putting this information online . . .


    I specifically draw your attention to this:

    Based on this, the following systems could be negatively impacted by the proximity of wind turbines:
    – Cable distribution off-air receive systems (Head-ends);
    – Satellite uplinks and receive systems;
    – Direct-to-home (DTH) receive systems (Star Choice, Bell Expressvu);
    – Radar (weather, defence and air traffic);
    – Airport communications and guidance systems;
    – Broadcasting – AM, FM and TV;
    – Coast Guard communications and vessel traffic radar systems;
    – Point-to-point radiocommunication links;
    – Point-to-multipoint systems;
    – Cellular type networks, and
    – Seismological and infrasound monitoring systems.
    Wind turbines can affect radiocommunication and radar signals in a number of ways including shadowing, mirror-type reflections, clutter or signal scattering

    In other words — the TV reception or NO reception I should say, was absolutely FORESEEN. Note how they also mention cell phones — internet will have problems too (for some that run their internet via wifi from their cell phones). Some people only have cell phones . . . thus how to make a 911 call in an emergency?

  6. CBC will get behind this one. They want you to be able to watch all their programs that explain that wind turbines are neither harmful or a nuisance.

    Finally an issue that they can understand!

  7. These people are not alone. We have similar problems (maybe slightly less severe) here in eastern Essex county with digital TV stations from Detroit and a few Canadian stations as well. This began back in Aug. 2009 when Brookfield energy Gosfield-Comber turbines started spinning. When the air is more moist it can get real bad with only a few stations reliable enough to watch. We can see our TV tuner signal quality meter go up and down like crazy in a repeatable pattern as turbine blades rapidly block,unblock,block the TV signals as they spin causing severe and unrecovable multipath errors. When tuned to a still analog station (like CTV on ch 42) we see a terrible “fluttering” picture.

    We aren’t as close to the IWT’s as those in the cbc story are (we’re about 3 miles as the crow flies from the nearest IWTs) but they are still giving us reception trouble as they are located in the general direction of the Detroit TV stations. Very frustrating, because before they went up we never had these kind of problems. Tried everything over the years including high gain large directional antennas mounted as high as possible, excellent low noise preamplifier, with only marginal improvements. Nothing will truly eliminate this other than to tear down these destructive useless IWTs. For decades we have always been big antenna TV watchers and digital TV came and provided more channels then ever. Cable TV isn’t available in this rural area and satellite is expensive and doesn’t have the subchannels we enjoy over the air like great classic/retro programs, like what Ch 38 in Detroit offers.

    I know many people that dumped expensive pay TV for snow free over the air digital HD the last few years around here and I believe there are thousands of people if not more who are dealing with related radio frequency problems major or minor, but don’t know it’s the nearby IWTs that are the cause.

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