No wind energy help to be found

MapLambtonShores-WinCE-2Heather Wright, Sarnia-Lambton Independent
Wind companies seem to have cornered the market on wind experts. Both Suncor Energy and NextEra Energy are in the final stages of their application for Renewable Energy Approval. Part of the process is to allow municipalities to comment on the plans, including the placement of turbines and terms for using local roads. The plans are contained in three binders and staff wanted some professional help to look through the details and make comments. So Lambton Shores council recently gave staff permission to find consultants to deal with the projects.

But that proved to be almost as difficult as sifting through the project papers. “Staff has been unable to retain the services of a consultant to review the reports as all large engineering firms who have the varied professional staff necessary to review all the aspects of the reports are retained by wind energy companies,” says Senior Planner Patti Richardson in a report to council. All the firms which could have handled the job turned the municipality down saying they would have had a conflict. Read article

4 thoughts on “No wind energy help to be found

  1. Well, no big surprise. Do we honestly think the wind industry is going to play fair? Of course they’re going to sign up every wind energy consultant so that it would be next to impossible to find an impartial body to do a review. This whole scam just stinks more and more every day. Tell me there’s not millions changing hands under the table in this industry. There’s a special place in hell for every single one of these people. You sell your soul to the Devil, I hope you enjoy his company for all eternity when the time comes. If ever there was a time to hope that hell really exists, it’s in situations like this.

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