Seeking information on health, quality of life impacts

health-studies-before-wind-turbinesBy Ellwood Shreve, Chatham Daily News
If you live close to a renewable energy facility, such as wind turbine, expect to receive a survey in the mail asking how this may have impacted your health. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent, along with the counties of Bruce, Dufferin, Elgin, Essex, Frontenac, Huron and Norfolk are included in the Quality of Life and Renewable Energy Technologies Study from the University of Waterloo.

Approximately 5,000 residents living near renewable energy sources are being invited to take part in the survey. There has been plenty of people who have complained about health problems, they believe are caused by renewable energy facilities, in particular, wind turbines. The tough part has been coming up with the scientific proof to support those claims.

“That is the problem, that’s why we’re doing the study,” said U of W Prof. Phil Bigelow, an epidemiologist at the School of Public Health and Health Systems. “That’s why we’re encouraging people to complete the survey, because if the response rate isn’t high . . . the results are criticized,” he told The Chatham Daily News. He added, “the validity improves if we have a greater sample size.”

Bigelow said the study of renewable energy technologies, which include wind turbines as well as bio fuel and solar operations. He said the survey includes questions about health and potential symptoms that may be caused by renewable energy facilities. Read article

9 thoughts on “Seeking information on health, quality of life impacts

  1. It will be interesting to see if “vocal” victims of the wind industry will have an opportunity to participate in the study!

    • Anyone who would consider participating in the University of Waterloo research study needs to be very CAREFUL.

      There are many of us who believe that it is fundamentally unethical for the university to be conducting research on humans who are being exposed WITHOUT CONSENT to what is a KNOWN HEALTH RISK.

      By consenting to participate in the university’s research, you could be providing information that will be used against you.

      Dr. Bigelow’s and Dr. Sivoththaman’s research study at University of Waterloo does not have adequate protections in place.

      Again, be very careful. You should probably seek independent legal advice about whether or not to participate in this study.

      • Possible candidates may want to consider the $300,000.00 “gift” from our own Environment Ministry to “help” finance the study at the U of W. Just keep in mind that our MOE was on “the other side of the room” from the Appellants at the ERT hearings!

  2. I would suggest any anti wind groups in this area to go door to door and encourage the public to take part in this study. We have learned here in manvers we get a much better participation level when we get out and talk to the community one on one.

  3. You got to be kidding me, a questionnaire constitutes research. I wish my Thesis would have been that easy!! In my opinion it is not research, people like Carmen Krogh are doing real research. I sure would not participate in such a farce!!

  4. IMHO, if you value your privacy and maybe ultimately your future rights to litigation, prior to responding to this kind of survey it would be best to get a legal opinion. It may be fully on the up and up, but the ways things have been going lately sound like another scam………………

    Keep your stick on your sign

  5. Im betting that the leased turbine lovers
    Grab those surveys and go to town on how
    Great they are and have no ill effects!

    After all their not wanting to lose a penny
    If they can help it. Just another “opinion only
    Survey” that wont hold up…

  6. Anyone can do this survey. Anyone can say anything. How, in anyone’s world other than a wind company or the govt., can this be considered legitimate? How much money has been spent on another half-assed effort to minimize health problems?

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