Two sides of wind turbine debate

Proof Line- Wind Turbines We all LOSEBy Dan Dakin, St. Catharines Standard
Like a giant fan blade slicing through the air, the debate over wind turbines in rural Ontario settings has pitted neighbours against neighbours and torn friendships apart. There’s little room for grey in the argument. In this special report, Standard reporter Dan Dakin looks at the issue through the eyes of each side.

He’s a farmer from West Lincoln who has signed on the dotted line to have an industrial wind turbine built on his property. His name? At his request, we can’t tell you because the man is afraid of the repercussions of going public.

The Niagara Region Wind Corp. wants to build 77 turbines on private land across West Niagara. To do so, it has signed 77 lease deals worth $50,000 annually for each turbine for the next 20 years. The farmer above said he has absolutely no concerns over health issues or decreased land value that the No side maintains is the problem with wind power generation. Read article

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  1. Well Mr. West Lincoln farmer, knowing what we know now about industrial wind turbines, you are a fool. You have put your monetary gain before the health and well being of your family and neighbors. Your greed – stemming from ignorance and lack of values will come back to bite you in the ass. Best be saving your loot – legal costs will be very very pricey.
    Did you sign away the family farm like the other lease holders?
    It’s surprising how the tables turned. Myself, the “victim/wind turbine refugee”, has had my property vandalized numerous times for speaking out against the industrial wind turbines.

  2. Thanks to Barb.

    And a note about Randi Rahim. Be very careful around her. Her quotes in this article demonstrate reckless behaviour.

      • Randi Rahamim, a spokeswoman for the NRWC, ..
        “What’s concerning to me is there is a lot of emotion surrounding this issue and with emotion sometimes is a lack of clarity,” she said. “That sometimes results in a lack of fact. It’s easy to debate fact, but not as easy to debate feelings.”
        Definitely we need to be wary of her comments – that’s evident as soon as she opens her mouth, but I wouldn’t call it reckless. I think it is actually carefully thought out and worded to deceive. Similar to ‘… no DIRECT causal link to health problems.’ and my personal favourite, “Fans don’t cause cancer.’ lol (turns out they can if they’re big enough.)
        Another one of those horrible ‘balanced’ stories by a wannabe journalist too lazy to actually do any research.

  3. There shouldn’t even be a debate!!!!. Ontario has a very clean system, burning very little coal. Since around 2000, coal production has fallen from about 40 TWh to about 4. This decrease was because of reduced demand, increased nuclear and significantly increased gas. Wind had virtually nothing to do with it. Over the same period, wind production has come from zero to about 4 TWh. How on Earth could 4 TWh of wind production displace 36 TWh of coal production?????.
    But you can be sure there will be great fanfare and credit-taking by the Wynne Government.
    That’s what the general Public and Voting Public doesn’t get. Wind Power in Ontario provides essentially no benefit to the environment and health, but has many negative impacts.

    • If we lose the capacity of the coal stations that could well force a reliance on Wind Turbines. Then, we really would be in a “generation pickle” as we would be very close to the maximum recorded power draw — at least in total reliable capacity.

      The planned capacity loss og shutting down the coal plants could indeed bring about the required energy shortage to justify wind turbines — which would then guarantee 100% gas generation backup — at that point we would be paying three times in capital expenditures — instead of the once already already spent on the coal plants. AT that point it is likely that we will never know prosperity again in Ontario.

      Send a thank you note to McGuinty and the new Premier (Unelected) for this pending fiasco.

      If you want to see this Harry Chapin style banana truck crash — vote Liberal. You ain’t never gonna get another chance to see an economic crash of this magnitude again your life!

      Cheers and have a great day! 🙂 🙂

  4. Proud Canadian!…………..
    ………….looks like!
    ‘[excerpt] His name? At his request, we can’t tell you because the man is afraid of the repercussions of going public.’

    Oh yeah………by the way!
    ‘[excerpt] He’s a farmer from West Lincoln who has signed on the dotted line to have an industrial wind turbine built on his property. ‘

    Farming in Ontario!

    • “the man is afraid of the repercussions of going public.’”
      Does he think nobody will figure it out when the turbines go up? “Turbine in my field? I don’t see any turbine. You anti-wind fanatics are always imagining things.”
      It’s called being in denial, mr wind farmer. Like the turbines, it’s not a valid long-term solution.

      I’ve just picked up 3 Nextera hats from my local thrift shop. Apparently they give you one when you sign up, but for some reason folks just don’t want to wear them.
      The wind blows. Nextera sucks.

  5. We are missing the point here people!
    Dan Dakin may be a lovely guy and may even sympathize with our viewpoint.
    That article, as published, only confirms the Niagara media’s total support for the GEA, the Regional Council, NRWC, Rankin and every pro-wind group.
    To quote ‘..the perceived health effects..’?
    That in itself shows this report has no intention of seriously questioning this ongoing ‘wind scam’.
    Andrew Watts

    • People are missing the point! The Welland Tribune, Canoe Sun Media, Quebecor Inc. owns 55% of Quebecor Media
      QMi agency is a Quebecor Media Division.
      Also view Wikipedia for information
      The ownweship of Quebecor Inc. was posed here awhile back but maybe some don’t get what these connections mean.
      Also some don’t know who the people are in the Niagara region that are backing IWTs in this area.
      Don’t make the mistake of making IWT health issues as the only issue. If there were no IWTs there would be no health issues. People need to look behind the scenes to get at the causes of the IWT issues. Look at those involved and why they are involved in IWTs

  6. Everyone in West Lincoln knows the idiot`s name. He got up in front of the whole gymnasium full of residents and spewed this garbage. He got booed for his efforts.

    • Randi is disgusting. She denied receiving a letter I had sent by registered mail, then tried to say a letter she sent to me with my name printed at the bottom was written by me—it was NOT.She tried to say a form was handed in at the open house, but I had sent that in with the registered letters from myself and my sons specialist. They CANNOT be trusted, especially her.

  7. Is anyone really stupid enough to believe these things are powered by air as this guy claims, does he not wonder why that huge machine is behind those blades…..

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