McGuinty’s legacy is a green nightmare

Picture 003Margaret Wente, The Globe and Mail
On the morning of Jan. 5, workers with a fleet of heavy equipment mounted a stealth assault on a bald eagle’s nest near the shore of Lake Erie. Their mission was to remove the nest – one of only a few dozen bald eagle nests in Southern Ontario – to make way for an access road to the site of a new industrial wind turbine. As a pair of eagles looked on from a nearby tree, the workers sawed off the limb with the giant nest and took it away to parts unknown.

Ontario’s environmental regulations would usually make this illegal. But the wind company, NextEra Energy, one of the biggest operators in the province, had obtained special dispensation.

Wind power is supposed to be environmentally friendly. But a lot of environmentalists don’t think so. “People couldn’t believe it happened,” says Scott Petrie, a waterfowl ecologist and executive director of Long Point Waterfowl, a conservation group. “Cutting down bald eagle nests flies in the face of anything you would call green energy.”

Wind turbines have invaded many of Ontario’s most scenic and ecologically rich areas. They’re invading coastal wetlands and spreading along major migratory flyways – up the Bruce Peninsula, west to Lake Huron, south to Lake Erie, and east to Prince Edward County, where environmental groups are fighting a major wind development in Ostrander Point, an important bird area. “We have no idea whatsoever of the cumulative impact of these things,” says Dr. Petrie. Turbines chew up birds and other flying things, and they disrupt wildlife habitats. Read article

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  1. Getting a write-up like this in the Globe is really good for us, But I wish someone else had written it. Maggie doesn’t have a lot of credibility. There are several mistakes in the article which is par for the course for her. She only writes it because she’s very Conservative.If she were American she’d be a Republican. (Oops – I think she is American.) She does just enough research to get the talking points to condemn Dalton, but doesn’t care enough to actually check for accuracy.
    I just hope the other Toronto papers don’t take an opposing view just because it’s Maggie.

    • As many friends as McGuinty and the Liberals
      have in the MSM, the green energy fiasco is
      becoming too big of an issue to either defend
      and/or ignore. I’m expecting that we will start
      to see more and more articles like this coming
      out of the MSM outlets.

  2. Margaret Wente – excellent article
    so, let’s attack the writer.

    McGuinty’s legacy is a green nightmare
    ‘[excerpt] Every premier wants to leave a legacy, and Mr. McGuinty has left his – giant wind turbines stretching as far as the eye can see. And a pair of bald eagles searching for their lost nest.’

    The world watches – Ontario Liberal Leadership

    • All politics – are local politics.
      Pissed off with your mayor and council members – yet?

      ‘[excerpt] Wind turbines have invaded many of Ontario’s most scenic and ecologically rich areas. They’re invading coastal wetlands and spreading along major migratory flyways – up the Bruce Peninsula, west to Lake Huron, south to Lake Erie, and east to Prince Edward County,………’

      An ironic ‘vintage feel’ of the Draconian Age.
      Life does not stop – because you feel sick.

  3. Indeed it is a surprise that this paper would even allow an article such as this to be published. This paper is read by the financial markets people and any information about trouble with renewable energy projects/investments here will now be noticed.

    • The Globe is financially conservative, but has generally held fairly high journalistic standards, They backed John Sewell for Mayor of Toronto. He was left of center and promised – and delivered – a 4 year (IIRC) moratorium on tall buildings (45 feet?). It doesn’t surprise me at all that they printed this. Their investor/banker audience wants to know what’s really going on. But as I said, Maggie has the lowest level of crebibility there.

      • Have you traced the ownership of the Globe And Mail and their Board connections?
        Just because someone is conserative dosen’t mean that they aren’t pro renewable energy because that’s where the money is. And it’s the money that needs following.

      • At least she wrote about it. We are always lamenting that the MSM doesn’t write abou IWT issues. Here we have someone who did, and it is still not good enough….

      • I am well aware of Globe ownership, and also know how papers work. If the tide is turning against turbines, they will want to know about it. OTOH, they don’t check columnists for investor-approved content. That’s not how it works in any legitimate newspaper. Advertisers are more likely to have input, although the papers would deny it. I doubt that Nextera is a significant advertiser in the Globe.
        Fox network has pulled documentaries when Monsanto has put pressure on them about the bovine growth hormone. The US allowed its use. Canada said no. BGH is like wind turbines – a negative for all involved except the investors.

      • The ownership of any newspaper determines the general content of the paper and the views of that paper.
        It’s the investors/bankers that are involved and they need protection for their investments so not publishing or selective publishing of information does just this.
        They also publish a lot of material on “climte change” which investors/bankers need to sell renewable enrgy to the general public as a reason for the need for renewable energy.
        Maybe the papers are begining to feel the heat form rural Ontarians? And maybe the CBC as well? The hicks from the sticks were not thought to be capable of investigating anything.

  4. This is an excellent article, and timely. Give Margaret a break – and Kathleen the boot!

  5. Kathleen Wynne and her potty-mouth is going to scare away any decent people long before election time. I just pray that they don’t vote for Horwath, who is no better.

    Books by the late Herman Scheer:
    “A Solar Manuscript”, 1993
    “Solar Economy”, 1999
    “Energy Autonomy”, 2005
    “Der Energeethische Imperative”-How the complete shift to renewable energy is to be realized, 2010
    Scheer did meet, according to a newspaper account, with McGuinty in June,2008 prior to the “Meeting” at Kingston the last week of June,2008 where the Green Energy Act was hatched.

    Google,” EUROSOLAR-Start”
    English translation
    Scroll down and on the left side of this page is the book cover. Follow the links for more information and an exerpt of this 2010 book
    German is at:

    The above was one means used to sell renewable energy to Ontarians.
    Another means was to tell rural landowners that renewable energy projects are a source of income for them while saving planet earth at the same time.

      • Eastern Ontario AgriNews, April 1,2006
        The “Ontario Landowners Guide to Wind Energy” was endorsed by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture/OFA and CanWEA.
        MCGuinty asked OSEA to prepare information for landownwers.
        Those new to OWR need to have the correct information prior to the CBC program this week.

      • Thanks for reference to “OSEA Ontario Landowner’s Guide to Wind Energy, 2005 First Edition”

        Appendix E gives “thanks to the reviewers who helped in the making of this guide.”

        Do you know if the “Doug Finlay” listed is the same “Senator Doug Finley” who is married to Haldimand Norfolk MP, and Minister of HRSD Diane Finley?

      • “Finlay” in the OSEA Landowners Guide to Wind Energy” would be a spelling mistake?

      • Could be a mistake as a Google search for Doug/Douglas or Michael Douglas Finlay brings up nothing as does the surname Finley & “Ontario Landowners Guide to Wind Energy”
        Try an e-mail to either Doug or Diane Finley to find out.

    • The Star, Nov.9,2011
      “Planting the seeds of green energy”
      Hermann Scheer met with McGuinty in McGuinty’s office in June 2008.

      Canada Green Building Council, Event of Dec.16,2008
      “Sustain/Business Transformation for the Hard Road Ahead”
      “Dr. Scheer is highly regarded worldwide; the Premier of Ontario consults with him regulary as do political leaders the world over.”
      Also refered to as the “Al Gore” of Europe.

      • Obviously – above my grade level
        ‘[excerpt] Dr. Scheer presents the new, inevitable economic paradigm, the Ecological Economy.

        Any minute now!

      • It will be interesting to find out how the Green Energy Act came into being according to the CBC documentary this coming Thursday.

      • Gee – I’m into business
        ‘[excerpt] Tyler Hamilton is editor-in-chief of Corporate Knights magazine and a business columnist for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper.’

        Gee – looks like the Toronto Star – is into ‘comedy’.
        Who are they kidding?

        I find the CBC boring!
        Okay I’ll watch the documentary – maybe
        but, I do not think Ms. Wynne is going to be much help.
        She is the obedient gal of the left –
        and, will carry on where Mr. McGuinty left off.

        I’ll say one thing for sure – she’s a smooth talker, and creeps me out.

        Note: I would rally around Wrainfleet’s mayor.
        All politics – are local politics.
        Go Wainfleet!

      • Maybe McGuinty got his ideas from Sheer’s books? And Smitherman too?

  7. Everyone adores Mayor April Jeffs. Whether they win or lose that court case is not the important thing. The most important issue is that she had the courage of conviction to listen to her constituents, and fight an unjust law. Any council who does not do this, should feel ashamed of themselves. They really ought to be considering what they will be doing in their next career.

  8. The, June 11,2011
    “Green Energy Act is saving us money”
    OSEA says that money tends to circulate a minimum of 7 times in a local economy. So solar at 80.2 cents/kwh is more like11.5 cents/kwh.–green-energy-act-is-saving-us-money

    Money turns over in a local economy about 4 times as I recall learning in economics but what has this got to do dividing 80.2 by 7 to get 11.5? But anything can be done with numbers to get the desired results. The point here is that this stuff gets published and an unsuspecting public thinks this is true just because it was in the newspaper.

    Expect more of this kind of material to appear in the media during the next election.

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