Wind turbine project angers residents

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It was the second and final public meeting in Norwood Thursday night to discuss wind turbines scheduled to be built in the area. And as Caley Bedore reports, many residents are against the project.

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  1. Lord I love her. “DON’T WALK AWAY – I’M NOT DONE!
    You GO girl. I like your attitude.

  2. It’s so ridiculous that we have to defend our position – we don’t want them! That should be enough!

  3. These people are like some despicable form of sub-species. Not human-like at all. Windweasels of the world….go back to your own planet.

  4. We have all been at these meetings. They stay there a couple of hours, spout their propaganda lies which they have been well trained to do. They are just a hired company to spout these lies. Yes there are health effects , yes it does effect property values, yes it effects the environment, the animals , birds, your GPS on the tractor and on and on. Unless you vote these Liberals and NDP out we will just have more of the same. Premier -Designate Wynne has Maria Bommel a former MPP that was defeated in the last election and former Minister of Ag &Rural Affairs Carol Mitchel also defeated in the last election now a lobbyist for Samsung as her advisers for Rural Affairs. They are not going to listen and the ERT’s etc are a set up for failure so I do not know what you are going to do that has not already been tried?? GOOD LUCK!! We even protested at the Liberal Convention and the media covered nothing but the Teachers and Unions. That is were the votes are they do NOT give a red cent about us!!

    • Sad but true Carol ! Watch to see the sweetheart deal Libs will award the teachers, to keep them on side, teaching our students to also vote idiotically as opposed to for honesty ie Conservative.
      The really sad & disheartening thing to me, is the fact that this could and certainly in a politically informed, intelligent society, would have all been pretty much behind most of us by now, if only more people (city dwellers mainly) had awaken & voted Conservative on Oct.6/11. But the years of McGuinty steadily blaming Harris, lieing about everything imaginable & then some, has taken its toll & many gullible voters, have come to beleive those nasty lies. To the point they illogically re-elect the party who`ve totally destroyed their province.
      So Hudac & crew have their work cut out for them. As totally illogical as it seems, in misinformed Ontario, Liberals could win again! Or equally as bad, (it`s not possible to be worse) the dipstick Dippers may even win!
      Our one & only hope, is to help elect a Conservative gov. at the first opportunity. Even those of us who`ve never voted Con. have to force themselves to do so, or suffer the consequences in silence.
      It`s like ditching the double doubles and going to cream only or black. It only tastes bad for the first few cups, then gets way better, when you start tasting good coffee, instead of sugary sludge!
      And it`s much better for your health, in the long run.

      • Or worse yet, we could elect Conservatives. After the first three letters of their name it’s nothing but lies and BS. Don’t you get it? They are ALL POLITICIANS. Timbits is standing up there saying, yeah – I know that red liberal shaft hurt you, but our lovely blue shaft is smoother, plus we’ll grease it, and you’ll hardly notice it. And Dougy bends over and says, “Yes! Bring it on. Give me the big blue shaft.”
        Timbits is saying the government should just get out of the way and Big Business will solve all our problems. Right. Vote Conservative and we can all throw away our signs and get back in front of the tv. See what Fox news is saying tonight. Puhlease.
        As long as you believe that any party is the cause of your problems or that any party will solve your problems, you are already shafted.
        The thing that is really hopeful about this anit-wind movement is that we are starting to take personal responsibility. THAT is what an informed public does. Demonstrations and protests are just the beginning. We’re not used to this, but we are starting to feel our muscles. We are starting to understand that WE have some power. We’ve been polite so far. That’s starting to change. We talk about how they are supposed to work for us, and we are starting to realize we could hold back their pay – their funding. The beauty of windmills is that they are so outrageous. Finally something has awakened the rural population and, just maybe, we can take this province back from the cabal of politicians and big business.
        You know why elections only last 30 days now? So there won’t be time to really raise or discuss any real issues.
        The whole country is being run by people who are either stupid, or self-serving or short-sighted or evil, and too often all of the above. And Timmie is no exception.

    • You can’t blame the teachers.

      They came out in force and they made themselves heard. The anti wind movement had the same opportunity and we didn’t get the numbers. Too many people sat at home and expected someone else to go out and march for them in the protest.

      Manvers had hundreds of folks at their public meetings fists waving and screaming at the wind people to get out of their town. During the meeting I stepped up to the micro phone and announced I had free buses going to the big protest yet even with hundreds of people and all the anger only 30 people signed up for a seat.

      Until we get off our asses in huge numbers will the government finally give us any consideration.

      • I agree.
        I often have other things to do too. BUT I MAKE time to protest.

  5. Proud to see the folks of Mnavers and Norwood standing united!….the so called heath expert “Lauren” seen here talking about sound in this clip is also the same guy who worked on the Lisa Michaud file….Lisa is suing the power company that built turbines beside her hobby farm…Lisa and her family now live with the ill health affects of Industrial Wind Turbine Syndrome …I was at all the public meeting for Manvers, Ontario …we need to stay connect and urge more of our communities to attend these meeting….we taped all of our meeting and lined up to ask question after questions most of all it is a must to send in appeals these scum have to submit all esquires to the Government ( hey its a paper trail at least)…I started a FB group for my town Manverswindconcernskawartha and an information board to go with our email site…the truth is surfacing…I agree with Douglas,remember to vote!

  6. Correction…..the only politician who is also a possible Premier, that has acknowledged the problem. Horwath and Wynne are in the same boat, paddling down da Nile.

  7. Andrew, so now it is our fault because we did not have the numbers the Teachers and Labour had? We have protested in Toronto before and there was a good number but mainstream media hardly covered it either. Sun News has been pretty good to talk about this issue on a regular basis. I understand your frustration when the buses were even free. I would not be surprised if many of these same people will continue to vote Liberal, NDP or not at all but that is Democracy.
    In most areas people never got involved until they were threatened with these IWT. Would it have made a difference if people in Rural Ontario would have got involved and supported each other when all this madness started ? Maybe, but it not happen. We have let each community fight on its own until it came to ours so, I think we must take some of the criticism ourselves do we not?

    • It has taken more than 2 years to dig out the information we now have. So this has been a slow process. During this time there were 2 elections that had to be delt with as well.
      We couldn’t just read a paper or a magazine and get all of this information. This was hard slow work. Then there were all the meetings, protests, hearings, etc that had to be done. This was a mountain of work because we have to prove everything and proponents of IWTs don’t have to prove anything.

  8. All I know is I’ve been to every protest in Toronto and the best number we have been able to get is about 1000 people. Compare that to the unions estimated 30,000 and it just isn’t enough.

    People better get off the couch or just get used to wind turbines.

    I would prefer if they would get off the couch.

    • As I said before Andrew I understand your frustration but do not forget rural Ontario does not have that kind of population and out of the smaller numbers you have people who are for wind as well as farmers who have signed for IWT who may now have issues but are under a Gag Clause so I think your anger could be vented in a more productive way. Have you written Wynne/ MPPs in the Liberal and NDP asked for an appointment etc., put pressure on your council. Many councils have big conflicts and should be brought to task. Have you called the Drs for the Environment or the Nurses Association to task for their support of this farce? The later is an example of Unions that support IWT but their membership does not. Heck they even put one up in Port Elgin despite the people protesting. Have you spoken to people that have been approached by IWT companies and suggest that it may be good for them to get in touch with a lawyer that can give them good advice etc. Give them good information but in the end this is a Democracy and you cannot fault them for their decision because they may think different then you.The people who are suffering through illness and loss of there homes etc do not need us criticizing them because they did not go to some rally In TO. Also many people will not get involved before they are threatened with IWT Did you? My husband and I certainly did and now we are fighting for those that can no longer fight for themselves because they are ill.

  9. We could argue about this until we are blue in the face.

    The fact is there are thousands a upon thousands in rural Ontario that could have joined us in the Toronto protest and didn’t.
    If you want to defend them that’s fine, but don’t blame the teachers or the other unions for having positive results at the protest.

    That’s what happens when you get large numbers of protesters.

    • Andrew ,I do not know were you get the idea I an arguing with you or blaming Teachers and Unions. I am saying we do not have the numbers. In my area we can not even do much in the Rural elections because we have mostly Old Order Mennonites that do not vote or protest and of course that is their right. Not everyone votes or protests! I do not think there would be anywhere near the 30,000 number that would say they are affected by IWT. Most in the Cities or Towns do not care as it does not directly effect them.Infact in school they teach the children that green energy is great.The Teachers were all affected by government policy. The other unions went and stood with them.We do not have that support in the Rural area. One union organizer told me our bus would have to move because they had 125 buses coming but I told him the unions did not own the streets and we were staying. Now when I went to school 125 buses did not add up to 35,000 people. As I said earlier the union put up a turbine in Port Elgin all the while spouting the same crap the Wind Companies do. The teachers have invested a great deal in this Liberal government. For example the teachers had to donate $60.00 to the McGuinty campaign plus go out and canvas. They also can hold children and parents hostage. I think that is what has the attention not the protest. Wynne will give away the bank because just as when she was a Trustee she would not vote to balance the budget. We have 2/3 more debt than California and we can not continue with either the so called Green Energy Act or anyone demanding more. Do not blame people just keep plugging away the wind is beginning to change. We have been fighting this for years and will continue every chance we can for those who no longer can, for the future of our grandchildren and the future of rural and Northern Ontario.

      • But do the Old Order Mennonites have IWTs on their land?

        Everyone can be assured that historians will be interested in this affair for years to come.
        Resistance of this magnitude by the peole seldom happen.

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