Message to Wynne on Wind Turbines

8 thoughts on “Message to Wynne on Wind Turbines

  1. I am so excited to see all of the information coming out in the MSM. People have to start questioning the liberal’s lies on the subject…..Finally!

  2. Wynne is two-faced. On one hand she says she is going to listen to our problems. Unfortunately, after that, she will shove the turbines up rural Ontario’s butt as her predecessor did. NDP and Liberals are in this together. They both want to jump on the gravy train. Having her listen is useless if she is not learning anything from it. Obviously we have not made them uncomfortable enough yet.

  3. Any “message to Wynne” is a complete waste of time. She was quickly on the record to the effect that she would don the Agriculture Minister’s hat and go out and about explain / persuade rural Ontario that wind power is good for us all. Well Hello! If she really thinks there’s a net benefit to the Environment and Healh from Wind Power she just doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it. What an insult to our intelligence!! There simply is no net benefit. The NDP has no doubt also been drinking the Suzuki Cool Aid. The only hope for a way out of this horrible economic and environmental mess is a change of Government to a Conservative Majority.

  4. This message is on Sun News Network. The CRTC does not require cable companies to carry this channel on basic cable like most other news networks. No TV viewer will see it unless they’re paying for a premium package that includes it. Sun News has also been branded as right wing, balancing the left wing news networks on basic cable. It’s hardly likely that our new leader, who we didn’t elect by the way, will be looking to Sun News for advice. We need an election really bad!

    • Only 4 in 10 Canadians have access to Sun News Network. All Canadians should have access on ‘basic’ cable to a 100% Canadian owned and operated news station without having to pay extra! Send your petition in to the CRTC now:
      Make sure to tell your friends and family to send in their petition as well. Please share the petition’s website!

      • While you’ve got the attention of the politically-inclined,

        be sure to remind them that all this money has been wasted on wind turbines

        because main stream media failed to report

  5. This is something that`s been troubling me since 2005 when I landed in St. Mikes Hospital for 3wks confined to bed. Trying to acquire a real newspaper was nearly impossible (& I don`t / won`t watch TV ever). But getting a Tor.Star was no problem at all. I`ve come to learn since, from way too much time spent in different hospitals, that the star is available free of charge in all hospitals I`ve been at, which is many.
    So, I`d be quite interested in knowing who is footing the bill for these free rags? Is it Ontario Min. of Health?, Torstar?, Ont.Liberal Party?. It must be one of them, no? I`d bet it`s us! Ontario gov. Another part of the Lieing Liberal scam.
    The Tor. Star plays a huge role in misinforming the Ontario electorate. As does the Liberal run CRTC.

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