What does a wind turbine sound like?

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CBC-TV Thursday Feb 7 9 PM
CBC-TV Sunday Feb 10 11 AM
CBC News Network Saturday Feb 9 11 PM ET

What does a wind turbine sound like? This footage was shot at Enbridge Wind Farm at Underwood, Ontario. There are 110 Vestas V82 turbines there, each one with an output of 1.65 MW. The height of the hub is approximately 70m and the the blades have a diameter of 82m. Wind turbines make different noises at different times under different weather conditions and this was just an average sunny day. Retired nurse Norma Schmidt lives nearby – and she says she isn’t getting much sleep.CBC noise

4 thoughts on “What does a wind turbine sound like?

  1. All well and good to give people an opportunity to hear this “audible” sound. But it’s very important to not mislead or confuse the issue(s). Some people are seriously affected by the (completely inaudible) infrasound. They don’t hear anything at all, but they are affected. This was demonstrated by the recent “Shirley” measurements in Wisconsin.

  2. It’s not just the sounds, it’s the feeling…which as you said, is a product of the infrasound. You would have to experience it first hand to know how it really feels, but every wind pusher thinks they are an expert, and the people living with the torture are the ones who are uninformed….RIDICULOUS!!! They need to have a community full of pro-windies, and lots of huge turbines, which we could study for a decade or two, then we could decide based on Health effects, finance, real estate values, etc…if that was the road we wanted to go down. The number of such communities would only be limited by the number of true turbine lovers and green posers. It is a win/win situation, rather than a Kathleen Wynne catastrophe. This could be the perfect solution!!!

    • Perfect 57! How could one get more honest results, than that would produce?! Especially since they are already experts in the field!

    • Re infrasound (that our ears don’t hear, but our body is very negatively affected by), I read a couple of months ago about a farm up Kincardine way which was uninhabitable because of stray voltage, so was bought by Mennonites, since electricity isn’t used by them, so no problem. I wondered if they realized when they bought the farm, what infrasound can do to them?

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