Beware of big wind’s big gifts, foes say

hush money bribeBy John Miner, The London Free Press
Green energy companies, facing hostile and persistent rural Ontario opposition to their plans for massive wind farms, have begun backing everything from community golf tournaments to mental health centres.

Renewable energy giant NextEra Energy Canada says it’s just trying to be a good corporate citizen. Anti-industrial wind turbine activist Esther Wrightman says it is more like deep pockets trying to buy community support.

K2 Wind Ontario — a limited partnership of Capital Power, Samsung, and Pattern Renewable that’s developing what will be Ontario’s largest wind farm near Goderich — has donated to more than a dozen community groups, including agricultural societies, minor hockey teams, a tractor-pull competition and Goderich and District Chamber of Commerce.

Last week, NextEra, which has wind farms in the approval process in Middlesex, Lambton and Huron counties, announced it is committing $1.1 million to help as many as 400 First Nation, Inuit and Metis youth across Canada to attend colleges and universities. The money will be awarded annually as bursaries to the students seeking education in engineering, science, commerce, business and renewable energy. Set up to run for 20 years — the projected lifespan of a wind farm — the bursary program is being managed in partnership with Indspire, the former National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. Read article

16 thoughts on “Beware of big wind’s big gifts, foes say

  1. Just goes to show how outrageously lucrative these contracts are, that wind companies can afford to donate a million here, 40 million there…

    Exactly how much of a cushion is in these contracts?

    Methinks we’d be further ahead if ratepayers could hold on to this extra money and make the decision of where to spend it (or save it) for themselves.

    Instead–after scrounging up the money to pay their electricity bills–many will likely find themselves needing social assistance or some other kind of charity just to survive.

    All the while, crooks like those at Nextera line themselves up for a pat on the back for being good corporate citizens…

      • The word citizen is still a legal fiction belonging to or owned by the state or crown. Another words you are a slave to their system.
        I have revoke their authority over me as they seemed unfit for my well being as you can see they have there sights on making $ and do not care about the slave no more.

  2. Reading an article from Scotland and the
    author referred to wind co. donations as
    ‘community bribrancy funds.’

  3. From beginning onwards it has and will be all about there own cash flow and they need to keep the flow $ pumping by priming the public servants in order to get the trustees to pay for it all. Our net benefit? Health and our community and our personal bank account lowered for this FRAUD to continue.

    • An excellent and reliable lady who refused to be part of any wind turbine project has said that each 3MW industrial wind turbine earns $680 000 per year for the company. Smaller turbines would earn less of course. Then if West Lincoln got 77 of these monoliths…each year the company would earn $680 000 X 77 =$52 360 000.
      You can throw around a lot of spare change to buy over gullible people with that sort of income.

  4. Don’t you just love it! They earn $millions in profits, all guaranteed by our own tax dollars, taken from us by our own elected government, then they give our own cash back to us as bribes to pretend they are ‘…..good corporate citizens…’
    In Denmark there are investigations into the alleged ‘collusion’ and ‘corruption’ between politicians, the permanent government bureaucracy and wind energy companies going back to when this ‘scam’ began decades ago.
    Here in Ontario? It’s all for our own good, because the government still says it is so!
    I hope I survive to see the time when the RCMP have no other choice but to carry out similar investigations here in Ontario.
    So far all our police do is to protect the wind energy companies and their criminal activities!
    Andrew Watts

    • It’s very difficult for law enforcement officers to investigate billionaries and mult-millionaries unless the officers have enough years in so they can retire if necessary.

  5. They never audit the biggest scammers and that is the federal reserve corporation. Not once and by the way it is a corporation no ties to the US government.

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