Wind turbines stall at 2 federal prisons

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A $2.5-million wind turbine at the Dorchester Penitentiary has stopped working and the Correctional Service of Canada cannot estimate when it will be generating electricity again. The federal government purchased two wind turbines for Canadian penitentiaries in the last five years but both units have caused problems.

A 600-kW/h wind turbine was installed at the Dorchester Penitentiary in 2009, making it the first federal institution to generate a portion of its electricity from wind. However, nearby residents say the wind turbine at Dorchester hasn’t been working in months.

The Correctional Service of Canada won’t say exactly when the turbine failed, but it will confirm the federal government has spent $60,000 on repairs. Officials at the Correctional Service of Canada would not say how often the turbine has worked or how much electricity it has generated since it was first commissioned.

Mel Goodland, a former mayor of Dorchester, said people in the village would like to see the turbine operating again. “I’d love to see it working. It should be working, if it’s there it should be working,” Goodland said. “It’s a huge cost and it would be a sin if they couldn’t solve the problems.” Read article

6 thoughts on “Wind turbines stall at 2 federal prisons

  1. Well, if the inmates complain about noise or health effects, there will be all sorts of investigations. They have more rights than the rest of us.

  2. Turbines… a method of punishment, why didn’t we think of it sooner? Oh ya, the liberals did, that’s why they are all going up in Conservative ridings!

    • IWTs are going into rural ridings because they know they couldn’t get away with this in urban areas as there are too many city voters. Just remember what happend with the gas fired generators in the GTA.
      Put the IWTs and backup gas generators in urban areas and let the people who live there pay for this nonsense. The needed storage to help this scheme along can go there as well.
      But no these people want rural Ontarians to bear the brunt of the damages caused by IWTs while urbanites suffer nothing.
      Events like the Toronto Green Energy Show are put on to convince the city people that “green” energy is great.

  3. I heard at the Organic Show @ the U of G on the weekend from a Turbine rep(Green Energy) that the Turbine in TO is going to be part of the Health Canada study because so many people live near it. Like the one mentioned in this article most of the time it has not worked plus it is small and of course only one. Oh , and they are getting someone from Holland as part of this study who already says more or less that the people who do not get monetary values are the only ones that complain and if they had more say the IWT would be fine. Then again did you expect anything more from health Canada?? Read “Corrupt to the Core” by Shivra Chopera it will open your eyes!!

  4. I think it`d only be fitting, that when McGuinty and his co-conspiritors are sentenced for their crimes against humanity and implimentation of Weapons of Mass Destruction unleashed on the population, they be allowed (forced ?) to serve their sentences in these prisons with IWTs. Even better, they could be used for study purposes, thereby being positive contributers to society for a change. Twenty years or so, should be about right to get a handle on the pros and cons of the wind scam.

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