Council to send strong message against wind turbine project

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KAWARTHA LAKES) They were on their feet applauding when it was over. City of Kawartha Lakes council voted 15-2 in support of a staff recommendation urging the Province to refuse an application for the Sumac Ridge wind turbine project in Manvers Township.

“They’re coming – unless you can stop them.” That’s what Paul Reed of the Manvers Wind Concerns group told City of Kawartha Lakes council on Tuesday (Feb. 5), as dozens of people packed the public galleries in council chambers. At a special council meeting, there were 18 speakers on the agenda. The overwhelming feeling is that wind turbines have a negative impact on health, property values, wildlife habitat and overall quality of life.

Wpd Canada Corporation is proposing the installation of a 10.25 MW wind project, known as Sumac Ridge Wind Farm. The staff report states the current design uses five 2.05 MW wind turbines with a maximum capacity of 11.5 MW. Two of these turbines are located in the Oak Ridges Moraine. As such, the entire project must be considered under the Moraine legislation. The project is considered a Class 4 wind facility and the proposed commercial operation date is July 24, 2014. The operating footprint of the site is 4.52 ha. in total. However, the site comprises several separate parcels of privately owned land in the former Manvers Township, the report notes. Read article

13 thoughts on “Council to send strong message against wind turbine project

  1. Applause is fine, but any “booing”, “hissing” or other expressions of displeasure will not be tolerated.

  2. Because those who really know about this industry really are suspicious and more than dismayed. How else can a community look after itself in the face of such legalised vandalism and loss and bribery.

    • Ya, I lifted that adjective, “dismayed” from Nature Canada’s Ted Cheskey.

      When Ted was asked on Dale Goldhawk Fights Back For You show, what are the benefits of building wind turbines at Ostrander Point? he said that wind turbines “don’t produce nuclear waste.”

      Can you believe it?

      Sorry to see my tax money wasted on such idiocy.

  3. Quite amazing that you could have a councillor
    speak in favour of IWT development (Warren)
    with the proviso “although I wouldn’t want to
    live beside one – we have to look at the big
    picture.” The big picture is that you are a
    certifiable eco-nut that doesn’t have a clue.

  4. What part of this alleged “City” do Warren & Luff purport to represent? Don`t suppose it`d be good old, all (only) important Lindsay by chance, would it?
    Didn`t Luff run for mayor? Thank God he didn`t win!
    And also, We`re soon to be surrounded by 3 projects, one of which is Sumac Ridge. Why were all 3 not opposed at this meeting? They are all in the same jurisdiction and basically side by side?
    Am I missing something?
    Sure wish I knew about this meeting in advance, so as to attend!
    Big thanks to our dedicated councillor Heather Stauble! A true community leader!

    • Actually, Big thanks as well to Mayor Rick McGee and the other 14 councilors who have the foresight to see industrial wind turbines do not belong in communities. Only ward 16 ( Manvers ) is under threat of wind development, but through the hard work and dedication of the people who call themselves Manvers Wind Concerns has the negative aspects of wind development been brought to the councilor’s attention. Thank God they listened. Keep up the good work folks!!!

    • Douglas, if you want to be kept up to date with any thing going on with wind development in Manvers go the Manvers Wind Concerns website and sign up for the eblast. Then you won’t miss a thing.

      • Thanks Andrew, I`ll do that. Pls.xuse mi earlier post, written while still asleep this am.. My ‘retreive sent messages’ button is on the fritz, or I`d have used it when I woke up.
        And thanks also, to yourself, all those you mentioned and any others who help in whatever way they can, to battle this ‘Catastrophic Invasion of Industrial Wind Turbines’.

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  6. why dont they put wind mills on top of the skyscrapers in the big cities ,they are the ones using most of the power anyways and they would be out of sight to everybody on the ground, probably help with smog and cool the asphalt jungle in the summer . why should rural folks have to deal with these issues when when you can clearly see lite cities at night from space and huge buildings are built without opening windows for cooling or ventilation

  7. Dale….. You can’t make a suggestion like this!! You’re going to have to come up with something more ridiculous to get the attention of bureaucrats and politicians. And….. build gas plants close to the “end user”?? Naw! Build them “out in the boonies” and then build long transmission corridors to get the power to the aforementioned “end users”! Rural Ontario secede from the GTA?? We’d survive longer without THEM than THEY could without US!

    • Yes because the vast majority of Ontario wealth is now in the agricultural and natural resources sectors due to the decline in urban manufacturing just as it was ~ 100 years ago. Service based economies don’t produce as much wealth as manufacturing economies do.

      • there always seams to be room to build sports complexes or major entertainment centers but no room for power plants or other large invasive utilities typical urban attitude

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