Construction on the 5th Concession (First to the grid wins!)

Industrial wind turbine projects by Next Era, Capital Power, Samsung/Pattern Energy have started construction in Haldimand County. Be quick. These are the first of many,… or is it?

9 thoughts on “Construction on the 5th Concession (First to the grid wins!)

  1. This may be irrelevant to this posting but I have a comment to share and hope to get a discussion going surrounding this revelation:
    On our way back to Toronto from the Georgian Bay region Monday night (Feb 4/13) when the temperature was minus 15C, I couldn’t help but notice the distinct aroma of wood burning fireplaces in the air. As more turbines go up, so do hydro rates. How is all this turbine building helping with our electricity rates? Obviously people are finding hydro rates so high they have to resort to wood burning! Ontarians are getting off the grid alright but I don’t think this is what the Liberals had in mind. With so much wood burning, doesn’t that allow for more spilled energy Ontario must rid itself of at firesale prices?

    • Yes, I have several friends switching back to wood burning as much as possible.

      Does this “WindyLeaks” commenter have the permission of the WindyLeaks website to use their name?

      • Suspicious and dismayed……I was unaware of another “WindyLeaks” and here I thought I was just being clever to choose a name out of the blue. Silly me for not checking! I just wanted to use something as we know many cracks (leaks) are appearing in this nightmare called the Green Energy Act. Anyway, I’ve changed my name, hopefully it is unique enough.

    • I’m sure the Liberals are working on some kind of communistic “Act” to stop the use of wood burning in Ontario.

  2. Maybe the Mayor of Haldimand could just order a massive “carpet bombing” of his Township to speed up the destruction. instead of the agonizing slow erection of wind turbines and grid upgrades…….it’s obvious he hates his own home town!

  3. They are not going into his home town. He lives in Caledonia. The closest turbine will be far, far, from his house on the fancy crescent he lives on.

  4. Someone should set up a schedule, so that every night, there is someone outside his bedroom window, making as much noise as possible, in a continual, monotonous “annoying” fashion, as well as strobe lights running, red lights flashing, and a huge jackhammer vibrating under his foundation to give the whole house a Buzzy feeling. Then we could throw in a little bit of stray voltage and dirty electricity, just for fun. Maybe he would feel differently after a few months of that.

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