Boundary Setback Reduction – community meeting

KawarthaDate: February 8
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Kimball Hall, 6276 Townsend Line, Forest MAP

Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
An anti-wind group has forced the company behind the proposed 92-turbine Jericho Wind Energy Centre to move a public meeting it scheduled for Forest on Feb. 8. Nextera Energy originally announced it was holding an open house that day at Kimball Hall in Forest, but company spokesperson Josie Hernandez said Friday they’re moving to the Legacy Recreation Centre in Thedford.

This is the second time the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group has booked a hall out from under Nextera. The anti-wind turbine group did it last summer after the company announced plans for a public meeting in Ailsa Craig. Nextera had to move one of its public information sessions to an outdoor pavilion that time.

“We try to do anything within our power to undermine what they’re doing,” said Marcelle Brooks, a member of the action group. “The littlest things we can do to delay this project, the closer we are to shutting it down.” Brooks said the group checked after Nextera announced its Forest public meeting and found Kimball Hall hadn’t been booked. “So, we booked it,” she said.

The action group will hold its own community information meeting at the Forest Hall Feb. 8, beginning at 7 p.m. Read article

17 thoughts on “Boundary Setback Reduction – community meeting

  1. Since we found ourselves with a hall, the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group decided to host a community information meeting to discuss the following topic ….

    The wind developers call it Boundary Setback Reductions; I call it EXPROPRIATION WITHOUT COMPENSATION!!!!

    This is when wind developers place turbines too close to non-participating property boundaries, so that if there is a turbine failure or even ice throw, your property may sustain damage.

    This infringement occurs in ALL wind project and is done without the consent or knowledge of the affected landowner.

    Suncor reduced the boundary setbacks 21 times for the Cedar Point Project that consists of 62 turbines while NextEra reduced 39 of their 92 turbines in the Jericho Project.

    Why is this occuring? How will your land be impacted? What can you do?

    Please join us and educate yourself on your property rights!

    Friday, Feb 8th 7 -8 p.m. @ the Kimball Hall, 6276 Townsend Line, Forest, Ontario

    Everyone is welcome.

    • Thanks Marcelle and others for your vigilance.

      Personally, I don’t like calling it “expropriation without compensation” for these reasons:

      “Expropriation” is a process. It begins with identifying the public benefit that is to be achieved, and then evaluating all options. Wind turbine developments have not gone through this process.

      By definition, “expropriation” requires compensation and so without it, it’s not expropriation. It’s just theft.

      Lastly, given the process they’ve already engaged in, now there is NOT the opportunity to “expropriate”. You can’t bulldoze through someone’s house (while they’re inside), and then begin the process of expropriation.

      Describing this as “expropriation” lends these bandits undeserved credibility, IMHO…

  2. This ism another example of how the Liberal gov`t has laid bare our rural underbelly and told the wind companies to `go nuts`, no holds barred. They silence the victims through ridicule and taking away their basic rights. The corruption is deep and running rampant throughout not only Ontario, but sadly, every country these turbine pushers have been allowed to vandalize. Horrendous amounts of money are spent on propaganda campaigns aimed at misinforming the general public about `renewable energy`. The hoax is being brought to light more every day, and not a moment too soon. Rural Ontario will be nothing but a giant energy complex, designed to produce ungreen, unclean energy at an exorbitant amount of money, and FORCE us to buy this inefficient overpriced energy before we are able to use the dependable and affordable energy sources. Nothing could be cleaner than hydro-electricity. We just spent a fortune on “Big Becky”, and their lies and excuses are wearing thin. Time to SHUT EM ALL DOWN!!! NO TURBINES!!!

    • Does anyone know why Big Becky took about twice as long to construct and cost about twice as much money.?
      This was supposed to be an experienced tunnel construction company and how did they get the time and costs so wrong than the original price the contract was awarded at?
      There are two older tunnels at the falls so it wasn’t like no one knew what work had to be done to dig another tunnel?

      • The claim was that they encountered shale – or some non-solid material — which they had not expected.
        My understanding is instead of rock lining they had to do much more than expected to line the tunnel as they proceeded.

      • No shale was encountered in digging the other two tunnels? Where were the geoligists on this project?
        Or was this a milk the contract for all it was worth? The public can be told anything that is convienent to tell them.

      • Niagara Falls Review, May 26,2011
        “Tunnelling machine Big Becky bit off more that she could chew”
        Shale is the geological makeup of the Niagara region and this is well known.
        “Why did the Ontario Power Generation rush the project despite an inadequate geological report?”
        Just more of the same old thing? Don’t check things out before projects and contracts are awarded?
        The cost over-run was ~ $600 million to be added to Hydro bills.

      • Wikipedia
        The largest tunnel boring machine/TBM at 14.4m was made by The Robbins Company, Solon,Ohio for the Niagara Tunnel Project

        Shale is a claystone, soft rock, that splits easily into thin layers and is not hard rock. The hardest rock is diamond.
        Why was a hard rock machine used for this tunnel work when there are soft rock machines? Was adequate geology work done?
        Niagara Rock & Sediment Deposits include:
        Shale marine

      • The geology of the tunnel path is composed of sedmintary rock which is formed by the accumulation of sediments.
        Types in the tunnel path:
        Queenston shale which is red due to some iron particles present in the clay
        Mudstone which is 1/3 silt & 2/3 clay
        Most of the rock debris removed from the tunnel was Queenstone shale which is unstable.
        None of these are hard rock.

        So it should have been known what kinds of sediments were present, how much and how to deal with these problems.

      • The Star, Jan.10,2009
        “Bumpy Year For ‘Boring’ Big Becky”
        “Norm Rubin, a researcher with Toronto-based Energy Probe, said he doubts the project would have made the cut if subjected to the sharp pencils of private investors.”
        Big Becky cost ~ 30M but was it the right machine for the job?
        The presence of Queenston shale was well known and that it is unstable. Was it any surprise that pockets of lose shale were encountered?
        A few millions here and a few millions there and just stick the costs on Hydro bills. So what!

      • Tunnel Boring Machine/TBM
        “Even though the Niagara geology is primarily soft rock, Strabag and Robbins agreed to provide the hugh capacity cutters to reduce the need for cutter changes. In addition the cutters are HP TBM configuration and will allow the use of the TBM on future hard rock projects.”

        So Robbins made the TBM that were asked to make? Was this a design and /or engineering mistake? Done despite this being a soft rock project?

        Maybe this whole Niagara tunnel project needs further review?

  3. Marcelle and everybody.
    We must educate the public.
    The comments posted at the end of the article in the Sarnia Observer are jaw dropping. The ignorance is astounding.
    Unless of course they are lease holders…..

    • Wind company employees are expected to `”promote” this scam. The wind industry tells the lies…..and then they pay people VERY WELL to swear to it. I noticed the comments are closed at the Sarnia Observer too bad, they needed educating.

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