Nova Scotia family affected by wind turbines

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Health Canada submission November 26 2012 Redacted February 2 2013

Dear Minister Aglukkaq,
Re: Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study Submission from Nova Scotia

This submission is being made on behalf of the La Rocque/Kapyrka family from Nova Scotia. This is the second submission provided to Health Canada. The original submission of November 26, 2012 requested confidentiality; however, the family wishes to provide the particulars of their situation in a public forum. This submission of February 2, 2013 provides Health Canada with a status update of the issues facing the family and the lack of remedy.

This submission relates to a project which is operational. since March 2012, the family has been communicating with representatives of Health Canada (up to latter 2012); Nova Scotia Ministry officials; the developer; consultants and other parties in an attempt to obtain remedy. The family members — Cheryl La Rocque/Kapyrka, Peter Kapyrka and Pamela La Rocque, continue to report sleep disturbance, stress, frustrations, severe ear pain, temporary loss of hearing, anxiety and socio-economic issues. In spite of every effort to work with the developer and the Nova Scotia Environment, they report an inability to achieve remedy or resolution to the deteriorating health and quality of life of family members.

This submission is intended to contribute to study design for the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study and to request an inquiry-investigation prior to finalizing the study design and to request that emergency funding be provided to relocate the family to restore their physical, mental and social well-being. Based on the elements of the Auditor General’s Report, 2012, there may be an opportunity to obtain funding to take remedial action regarding affected sites.

To conclude, serious or life threatening associations such as risks of exposure to nuts/peanuts; smoke; sulfites; scents; certain food such as egg or sea food; noise, the individual can avoid or remove the source. Regulators and/or society frequently rise to the occasion and take steps such as banning peanuts in schools; no scents in offices; noise control for autistic or children with ADD or noise sensitive individuals; no sulfites at salad bars; and labeling non-medicinal ingredients in consumer and prescription products and food including fast food. This is so that individuals at risk can avoid the exposure.

In the case of wind turbine facilities, they are imposed on the population, there is no remedy and those exposed can’t avoid or remove the source.

The rapid pace of development has ignored the critical element i.e. human responses and there are health and social-economic issues being reported.

I would appreciate any assistance that Health Canada could offer to many of those reporting health effects associated with the start up of operations of industrial wind energy facilities.

Until guidelines are established that protect human health and social-economic viability, no further development of wind energy facilities should occur and existing sites reporting health issues should be resolved to the satisfaction of the New Experts.

In the meantime, due to my concern for the health and well being of this family exposed to wind turbine facilities, I am requesting that emergency funding be provided to relocate the La Rocque/Kapyrka family and other families that agree to come forward, to an area in order to restore their physical, mental and social well-being.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of 3 family members from Nova Scotia, Peter Kapyrka; Cheryl La Rocque/Kapyrka; and Pamela La Rocque,

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Ontario, Canada

4 thoughts on “Nova Scotia family affected by wind turbines

  1. Hopefully this is the first of many in the health profession who will step forward and protect the people who’s health is in danger.

  2. Thank you Carmen.

    Many in the medical field; think Arlene King, don’t care.
    They don’t care. THEY do not care. Simple as that.

    It stuns me that at the rate various studies have been published
    recently, in regards to health concerns, noise, etc., the ON government, as well as others around the world continue to built IWT’s. they continue to defend IWT’s.

    They care about the $$$$$$$$. That is ALL they care about. Simple as that.

  3. My son`s specialist wrote a wonderful letter stating how detrimental wind turbines are to health, they have not been sufficiently studied, and are especially harmful to kids that have sensory processing issues, such as my son. The wind company first said they never received it, although I sent it registered. Then they said they lost it. Then they said they found it, and produced a horribly written letter, by whom I don`t know, but they put my name on the bottom. Then, to top it all off, they said their computer system is antiquated, therefore they could not trace the fraudulent e-mail, with my name on it….what rubbish, they obviously think we are stupid, but I will never give up. I will get help for my son, and I will NOT be ignored.

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