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CHATHAM - KENT ONTARIO KRUGER ENERGY PORT ALMA WIND FROM MERLIN ROAD 3Read: Pre_Post_Wind turbine submission_Updated February 4 2013
Dear Minister Aglukkaq,
Re: Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study

On November 23, 2012, a submission was made on request and on behalf of twelve or more families residing in Ontario prior to start up of operations of the facility. The project has been operational for just over a month and this submission is intended to provide a post-turbine update.

This is the first time submissions have been made where families were interviewed prior to the start-up of the wind energy facility and re-interviewed after it became operational. I continue to be in contact with those reporting the serious health and social-economic consequences that are occurring when industrial wind facilities are proposed in a quiet rural area and in close proximity to residents.

In the November 23, 2012 submission, the families reported that for 3 years, they initiated and participated in many activities to “fight” the wind project. The families reported that during the pre-turbine phase “No one from Health Canada or the local jurisdiction has investigated the impacts that are being imposed on these families.”

During a recent follow-up interview, it is apparent the lack of caring and remedy is still affecting these families and that negative health effects are being reported.

My intention is to maintain contact and monitor the families regarding health and social-economic impacts. An update will be provided to Health Canada periodically. The families request that that information is made public without the names of the families.

To conclude, health related issues are being reported. The social issues reported pre-turbine are still prevalent. The 12 or more families (41 members including children plus 8 additional family members from time to time) request that Health Canada become involved to assist with resolution in the event health, social economic impacts, quality of life and livelihood continue to be negatively affected.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of twelve or more families (41 including children plus 8 additional family members from time to time),

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm

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  1. I love this lady, she is a champion for all victims of this windscam, Canada-wide, (and having far-reaching effects world-wide). Carmen Krogh is not doing this for money, she does it entirely because she is a caring humanitarian. If only we had politicians with a fraction of this woman’s integrity, courage, sense of justice and selflessness. They would truly be heroes, as Carmen Krogh is to us!!!

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