Action group targets Watford open house

watford protest2By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Opponents of a 92-turbine wind farm Nextera Energy is proposing for north Lambton say they want the company to know they’re not going away. Members of the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group and its supporters protested Wednesday evening at a public meeting Nextera held at Watford’s Centennial Hall.

It was the first of three the company is holding this week. “We continue to protest, mostly just to show Nextera they aren’t welcome here,” said Esther Wrightman, with the wind action group, joined by about 25 other protesters. She said there’s “extreme opposition” in the community to the company’s plans. “If we don’t protest, it’s as if we say, ‘We give up, come on in,’” Wrightman said. “And that’s not how anybody feels.”

Nextera’s meeting was the part of a final round of open houses the company is holding before submitting its project for provincial environmental approval. The Jericho Wind Energy Centre already has a contract to sell power from the proposed turbines into Ontario’s electricity grid. Read article

15 thoughts on “Action group targets Watford open house

  1. What kind of company would come into a neighbourhood where they are not welcome, to promote a product that is not useful or necessary, and then force it on people who do not want it, at prices they cannot afford……Oh ya….a wind company.

  2. Honest citizens out in their community telling “criminals” to “get out of town”!!!!
    This is an absolute Right of every citizen of Canada to be “protected” by the Police, not “stopped” by the Police!!!!

  3. If the opposition parties were so gungho with their ‘words’ to fix this criminal activity approved by the corrupt Liberal govt., why aren’t they asking the OPP ARB (Anti Rackets Bureau) to investigate? ……something about ‘true colours’ comes to mind

    • They know full well that calling in the ARB would come back to haunt them. It’s taken for granted that they will do similar things if they ever get their hands on power again – they’ve got a lot of catching up to do.
      It’s all a game that they play. They pretend to be outraged with each other, but then they go to their private bar and sit down and joke together. Much like your lawyer and the crown prosecuter – they attack each other in court but have drinks together afterwards. They have to deal with each other every day. They only have to face you every few years.
      This is what upsets me so much when I hear people talking about Hudak to the rescue… apart from the turbine issue, he’s no better, and maybe worse than the other two. I keep hoping that Wynne will see the writing on the wall and take down the whole FIT program, and McGuinty’s legacy with it, and save us from Hudak.
      Admittedly, I wouldn’t bet more than about 35 cents on that happening. I try to draw comfort from the fact that Hudak doesn’t have much chance of forming even a minority gov’t.
      The main thing we all have to understand is that THEY are never going to save US. They have other priorities. Until we come up with a better form of government, we have to be constantly vigilant and and constantly on their butts every time they turn around.
      The government is not your friend. Party doesn’t matter.

      • 1. Vote Liberal = 100% chance of IWTs
        2. Vote NDP = 100% chance of IWTs
        3. Vote PC = 99% or less chance of IWTs
        4. Don’t vote = don’t complain
        5. None of the above? … you might as well take the gas and end it all.

        The only POSSIBLE way out of this mess is to go with number 3.

        Sylvan Bob, we appreciate your tireless input but can we give the non-stop PC, Conservative, Harper, Harris, Hudak bashing a rest for a day or two.


      • In a nutshell … we have to go with the LESSER of all evils.

        When it comes to voting, we need to hold our noses now, then, if and when some sanity is restored and after IWTs have hopefully become old hat, we can resume our bending over and choosing what colour of shaft we want and how much grease we wish to bear.

    • Andrea Horwath loves turbines, and all the imaginary jobs that go with them. Neither her, nor anyone in her office will speak to anyone on the subject. She is part of the scam, with her greedy little paws outstretched for some windfall, just like the liberals…

  4. Provincial Government is only as strong as the weakest Municipalities!
    If all Municipal Councils stood united against the Provincial corruption, WE would have the power to dictate our wishes.
    This top down governance is not what Democracy means. Democracy is the PEOPLE telling the Government what to do, not the other way around!

    • We are screaming at our council on a regular basis, but it is obvious our little mayor is dancing with the wind company. He treats their reps. like old buddies. He treats the community like garbage. He knows he is not going to be re-elected, but I’m sure he is counting on getting handed a plum job for selling out our community.

  5. How many communities would give anything for a mayor like April Jeffs. Win or lose that court case, she is a hero in this province. The mayors of West Lincoln, Haldimand, and a few other townships, are disgusting and deserve NO respect whatsoever. The money that little man in West Lincoln wants to spend on an arena, could be used to protect the community from the carpetbaggers, but he is a greedy little self-centered weasel, and 2014 cannot come soon enough. The back of him is all we need to see as he leaves. If he had any integrity at all, he would resign.

    • April is the only ‘political’ hope we have at this time I think! She and her Council remain ‘stars’ in my view and made exactly the correct decision.
      Anyone doubt they will have had threats or bribes from IPC, NRWC, Rankin and more over the past two years and have still remained firm………?
      Don’t forget, this is a private, for profit corporation taking a democratically elected municipal council to court, something that has not happened before in the whole ‘wind scam’. So far the other municipalities have ‘caved’ as soon as the wind energy companies have threatened ‘lawsuit’ and/or offered ‘bribes’.
      Whether or not the 2km Bylaw is legal or not has never been tested in court………….
      The only ones ever to claim it is ‘illegal’ are the wind energy companies, their tame lawyers and sadly, even some municipal staff…………
      So when it is the only game in town we all should ‘go for it’………..
      Keep those messages of support going to Wainfleet’s Council. Their e-mails are on Township website and Wainfleet also has a Facebook page.
      Andrew Watts

  6. The most terrifying thing that these weasels in Councils who are pro-wind can hear from our lips this whole year into next should be “YOUR POLITICAL CAREERS ARE FINISHED”!

    • The saddest thing we’ve heard, is that the windweasels have offered to “hook them up with good-paying jobs”, if their political career takes a dive. The corruption runs rampant, at every level. We need a tsunami to sweep through the entire government, then start again from scratch. Too many rotten apples in that barrel, can’t trust any of them.

  7. //////The first politician to stop this runaway train gets to keep their job…..all others are up for grabs. NO WINDWEASELS NEED APPLY!!!

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