Scale model makes case for anti-turbine crowd

One by one, folks on the opposing side of the wind turbine debate walked up to Henry VanRyn’s scale model and stood in awe. If VanRyn’s model is as accurate as he said it is, the No To Wind group has a dramatic new tool it can use to try to change the minds of people who support building wind turbines in this community.

At nearly 60 centimetres tall, it’s a 1:210 scale model of a farm property with a Niagara Region Wind Corp. turbine on it. VanRyn was one of about a dozen anti-wind turbine protesters standing outside a public meeting at the Wellandport Community Centre Wednesday night, where the NRWC was presenting its plans and studies to the public for the final time.

“I decided to build this to show the general public the size of this turbine compared to a house,” said VanRyn. “There’s nothing in Canada (the size) of what they’re proposing for West Lincoln.” The NRWC wants to build a 77-turbine development that would generate 230MW of power, making it the highest-producing wind farm in the country. With a hub height of between 125 and 135 metres, the turbines would also be the tallest. Read article

3 thoughts on “Scale model makes case for anti-turbine crowd

  1. One of the commentors on this article said that the anti-wind websites won’t allow him/her to post comments. Another smear tactic?

    • Some of them are so objectionable they get rejected. I’ve never been able to get a post onto the London Free Press site – same chain.
      I liked the bit about how they’re quieter because they’re higher. Nothing about the sound going further because they’re higher. Nothing about the infrasound being more intense because they’re bigger.
      Why bother to mention the sound at all when we all know that the sound is merely a nuisance and won’t really cause health problems if we just stop talking about it, eh?

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