Energy Minister Chris Bentley resigning Feb 14

chris-bentley-attorney-generalLondon Free Press
London West MPP and provincial Energy Minister Chris Bentley is quitting. Bentley announced Friday morning that he will resign his seat in the legislature on Feb. 14. Here is the statement Bentley released. February 8, 2013

Dear Constituents:It has been an honour to serve you as your MPP since October, 2003, and to have served in the Cabinet for the same period. Every day I have worked hard to live up to the trust you have placed in me. We have accomplished a great deal together. Although it is a hard decision, it is time. I will be resigning my seat on February 14. It is time to start writing the next chapter in my life, one with more room for my wife Wendy, and my daughters Julia and Jocelyn. Read article

25 thoughts on “Energy Minister Chris Bentley resigning Feb 14

  1. Maybe he watched DOC ZONE last night and thought OOOHHHH, that’s what they are talking about!!

    • Dear Chris Bentley,

      You have breached the public trust.

      We hope that you get to spend less time around your wife Wendy and your daughters Julia and Jocelyn,

      and more time in a prison cell, like Ashley Smith.

      It’s a disgrace that you’re taking money from the people of Ontario.

      • Jumped before he could be dragged back, disgraced further, before Committee on obstruct charges. Joining the Liberal pantheon of McGuinty, Slitherman, Duncan, et al…

  2. Pissed away 2 billion dollars on nonexistent gas plants , helped to make a total mess of rural ontario Lord know what else. Liberal rats leaving a sinking ship, with huge pensions and who knows what else

  3. Since Bentley will be out of work on Feb.14, he and his buddy Fontana will have lots of time to go together to the Marconi Club, and scheme how to deceive and further destroy Ontario, and send their bar tab to the government.

  4. He had to resign. Now he’s just hoping the OPP don’t show up on his doorstep soon. Biggest fraud in Ontario history. He belongs in jail.

  5. I wonder if the contempt motion can proceed in his absence – or what will happen to him in the event of a public hearing into the gas plant rip-off.

    If Kathleen Wynne has any integrity, she will say to Bentley, “You stay right here and face the music. And after that, you make amends by spending many months in a building surrounded by wind turbines.”

    An “honourable member” is about to be held in contempt of Parliament, so he quits, taking a chunk of tax dollars in severance, or retirement or whatever it is.

    The people of Ontario are a generous lot, aren’t we? Wouldn’t want Dalton and Dwight and Chris to go without.

  6. The release went out Feb 8.
    Why not make it effective immediately?
    Sooner rather than later would be better.
    The 6 days until Feb 14, gives him more time to screw things up even MORE! Although what that might be I don’t know. I’m sure he could come up with something.
    My contempt and loathing for him and McGuinty knows no bounds.

  7. I wonder if they can find someone worse than him or Duguid? Nothing seems to be beyond the Liberals in terms of creating damage.

  8. Couple things to note. I believe on DOC Zone they mentioned the US figures 1300 deaths a year attributed to coal power generation. How did Ontario figure 9000. Just wondering

    Secondly I wonder what the timelines are with respect to Dutons anouncement he’s retiring and when DOC Zone started the production of this episode. Just coincidental??

  9. Another arrogant politician bites the dust! Even the commander of auschwitz said his only regret was that he didn’t spend more time with his family.

  10. Bentley probably will be busy writing back to those of us who submitted our concerns and questions to him when he met with the Wind Warriors, and he promised them he would write to everyone who had submitted comments.

    I don’t believe I’m the only one who hasn’t yet received a response from Bentley.

    Is hell supposed to freeze over between today and the 14th? I didn’t think so…and I’m not holding my breath waiting for an unhonourable shyster to honour a promise he made.

    Good riddance!

    • Jan 21,2013
      Thanks for your email about wind turbines. I appreciate your sharing your views with me.

      As my colleague the Honourable Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment, would also be interested in this issue, I’ve passed along a copy of your message to him for his information.

      Thanks again for contacting me. Please accept my best wishes.

      Dalton McGuinty
      Premier of Ontario

      c: The Honourable Jim Bradley

      I have 2 now from Bentley’s office as well.

  11. Why is Bentley resigning? With the imminent return
    of the legislature, he doesn’t have the balls to face
    the heat. Why Feb 14 and not sooner? Wouldn’t
    surprise me that it somehow ties into the slimeballs
    severance package.

    • When you have a coalition of people from all the parties along with independents formed in rural ontario to fight an issue such as IWTs then you know something has gone very wrong. Strong coalitions like this don’t happen all that often as shown by history.

  12. The Progressive Conservatives are prepared to let Chris Bentley ride off into the sunset, and enjoy “private life.” “The contempt charges are tied to the position, not the person.” What a shame.

    • When is an “error of omission” actually a “lie”?

      Premier Dalton McGuinty comments on Chris Bentley’s time as Attorney General. Notice NO reference to how the AG decided to handle (read “gloss over”) the Caledonia Crisis:

      “Chris Bentley’s legal knowledge, commitment to fairness and compassion for others contributed to significant achievements as Attorney General. This included strengthening legal aid, reducing delays in the court system, making the resolution of family disputes less stressful for those involved and protecting consumers from unfair pricing for cultural and sporting events. ”

      Premier McGuinty also points out that Chris Bentley is a very “intelligent,” “capable” “professional”. So how could Bentley “overlook” the fact that not all gas plant documents were released? (Are we really supposed to believe there was “no intent”?

      “”Chris Bentley’s intelligence, character, experience and dedication to public service made him one of the most trusted and capable ministers in our government.”

      Hard to believe Kathleen Wynne when she says that the Liberals need a “cleansing” sinceshe refers to her predecessors like this:

      “”Chris has been a good friend and a valuable member of this government. Since being elected in 2003, he has done an outstanding job…In his most recent role as Minister of Energy, Chris has helped us stay on track to eliminate coal-fired power plants by the end of 2014. He is a man of great strength and principle, who cares deeply about his family…”

      And what do the Opposition have to say about Chris Bentley’s timely departure?

      “Thanks Chris. You’re a great man. We hope you make lots of money in the private sector.”

      Statement on Resignation of Chris Bentley

  13. How long until we find out he has a lovely job as a law consultant with some of the big names in wind??? He will be defending his buddies against all our lawsuits.

  14. An old priest on his death bed requested that he’d like to see
    Dalton McGuinty and Chris Bentley before he dies. Figuring
    it would be a good PR stunt Dalton and Chris went to the
    hospital. Dalton asked “Father of all the people you could
    have chosen, why did you choose us to be with you near the
    end.” Priest replied, “I have always patterned my life after
    Jesus Christ.” “Amen” said Dalton. “Amen” said Chris.
    The old priest continued, “Jesus died between two thieves.
    I would like to do the same.”

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