MPAC waiting on turbine study

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[excerpt] Property owners living with wind turbines on or near their land are watching for new study results expected by the end of February. MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation), the agency that sets property values for tax purposes, has taken a second look at whether wind turbines impact assessment. A similar study carried out in 2008 concluded there was no impact.

However, the results could be different this time around because there have been more sales, more turbines and a larger area has been studied, said Tim Brown, MPAC’s manager of property values for special and institutional properties. He was a guest speaker at county council Wednesday and said assessed values are directly related to recent sale prices.

If the study concludes property values are impacted by wind turbines, MPAC will need to adjust assessments accordingly, Brown said. There are currently 36 wind farms in Ontario that range in size from one to 110 turbines. Read article

9 thoughts on “MPAC waiting on turbine study

  1. But they don’t take into account the properties that don’t sell, do they? There should be some kind or formula or mechanism to deal with that.
    I can dream.

  2. So MPAC needs to do another study to determine whether having an Industrial Wind Factory impacts the value of our homes. Would you have to do a study to determine whether placing a hog rendering plant or a nickel smelter RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE will effect it’s value Tim Brown?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read anything put out by the MPAC or this Provincial Government.

    • Will it include homes that were sold to the wind developers out of desperation? I wonder if those prices were transparent and accurate…

      • Not likely, as that kind of honesty doesn’t suit the agenda of MPAC and the current government. I sure hope I am wrong though.

  3. mpac just devalued our property by $47000, could it be because the 4 turbines that are 3 km away from the house??? hope my property taxes go DOWN accordingly, but will they hmmmmmm

  4. Should this new MPAC study have the audacity to
    claim that IWT’s do not impact property values, we
    can safely conclude that our government is corrupt
    beyond reproach.

    • Face it ,this government is corrupt it is a corporation hell bent on smelling money as an addiction.
      The big banks are corrupt by lending out money out of thin air also bent on slaving us to death
      Government even made you a corporation and monetized your fictional BC and is acting in fraud. It keeps going so yes government is corrupted.

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  6. The Liberal Wind Scam
    There is no other way to describe why the Government under McGuinty, now Wynne, is hell-bent on ruining what used to be an affordable and reliable power supply to the citizens of Ontario!
    If the anti-democratic Green Energy Act wasn’t rammed through Queen’s Park, these Government leaders would probably be criminally charged for their actions!
    The misery and pain that they have inflicted on Rural Ontarians with their green energy and humongous increases in Hydro Bills is without a doubt the worst and most vindictive governance ever to take place in this once great Province.
    These people will go down in history as the darkest and most mean-spirited Government ever to hold power!

    It’s getting almost painful and quite frankly,“sickening” to have to read on a daily basis just how disgusting this “Ontario Liberal enclave of thieves” keep on getting exposed on how WE electrical consumers are having to pay out of our hard earned dollars for the retirement, pensions, and unearned bangles and bobbles for this monstrous gang of fat greasy “friends” of politicians who land in cushy jobs and live the high life while WE pay their way.
    It would be OK if these fat cats DID SOMETHING to earn that money but most of the time these “suits” are just so much “fluff”!
    Michael Crawley used to be president of the liberal party of Ontario, now he is president of the liberal party if Canada. He is president of a wind turbine company in Ontario. His company now receives $66,000 a day from Ontario hydro ratepayers.
    Don’t ever believe wind turbines are about the environment. There about greed and profits!
    What the Ontario liberals have done to this province, Justine Trudeau will do to Canada.

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