Wainfleet Symposium: An initiative to take back control in Ontario municipalities

wainfleet_welcomeTownship of Wainfleet
Join us on February 22nd, 2013 for an exciting initiative to take back control in your municipality!

We are urging municipal officials from across Ontario who share concerns regarding the lack of municipal planning control in the Green Energy Act, particularly with regard to industrial wind energy projects, to assemble in an open forum to discuss potential negative impacts of wind turbines, and to gain valuable networking support.

Now more than ever, municipalities must band together and form a united front against the Province of Ontario’s Green Energy Initiative.

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Space is limited. Register today!

10 thoughts on “Wainfleet Symposium: An initiative to take back control in Ontario municipalities

  1. Haldimand. Don’t sell us out once again. Mayor Hewitt, you need to drag yourself there and finally take care of your community.

  2. All municipalities who care at all about their constituents will be there. The ones that do not go, should be turfed out on their butts at the very next opportunity. If they do not respect us enough to even attend and listen, then they do not deserve our respect!!!

  3. If the Wind companies, or MPAC wanted to know the truth, they could talk to the people on the front lines, such as real estate companies, banks, people trying to sell their homes, people wanting to buy homes, but NOT in a turbine-threatened area. All these people could give an accurate assessment of the situation. The problem is, reality can’t be “adjusted” to suit your agenda. It is much easier to fudge the results if you “design” your own study.

      • The bank in our town claims the windscam has been bad for selling and buying homes. I don’t know what the others are saying, but the local real estate companies are not happy about the turbine situation either. I guess it depends which side their bread is buttered on.

  4. Wainfleet has done more to stand up than any other municipality and they should be fully supported by the rest. If they all stand together maybe something can be done. I wonder what positive input the Haldimand Mayor will have?The Wind Industry has moved to Bay Street so it is going to be a ruff ride.

  5. If Hewitt goes to this, he’ll have some ‘splainin’ to do to Samsmug…. He’s happy with the way things are… his “hands were tied” with the first 200 turbines, now he says he doesn’t want any more?
    You can only play both sides of the table for so long!
    Common 2014!!!

  6. “He doesn’t want anymore.”
    What a laugh.
    Prime turbine territory in Haldimand is already going to be covered with 200+ turbines.
    The further inland you go, the less wind there is.
    And it would then be getting closer to Caledonia, where our illustrious mayor lives.

  7. Hewitt hasn’t got the backbone to take an actual stand against trubines… he is a liberal and has no intentions of supporting us in this fight. It is all lip service and back pedalling.. as I have pointed out to him and council. They are backing turbines for the money. Hewitt has another agenda..Provincial politics… he is trying to gain brownie points for the next election. I will bet money on it!!

  8. I hope that snake and all others like him are plowed under as they should be, you know how loyal politicians and wind companies are!

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