Get your council to Wainfleet – and go yourself! Rally Feb 22

DSC03511Date: February 22
Time: 10:30 am
Place: 10845 Rathfon Rd Wainfleet MAP.

My thoughts for the Wainfleet Rally are relatively simple – we will follow the successful plan that played out in Toronto, May of last year with bus loads/car pooling arriving from all over the province and the (informed) media giving us plenty of coverage.

Again, I want to emphasize our numbers will make or break this rally – we need everyone to put forth a little extra effort – we are coming down to the wire (this spring) on numerous wind energy projects:-

  • Tell as many people as you are able about this event and encourage them to attend (my previous email will help those understand what these 511 foot monsters are about to do to our once great province).
  • This rally will be conducted orderly, safe, within the law and then disperse after our message has been heard.
  • Plan to arrive somewhere between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Friday, February 22nd; 10845 Rathfon Rd Wainfleet MAP.
  • Bring signs of all shapes and sizes and anything else you feel will draw attention to our plight here in rural Ontario (dress warmly – who knows what the weather may be).
  • Fax, email, phone or use any other method necessary to convince your local council members to attend this crucial Wainfleet Symposium.
  • Contact any media connections you may have and make sure they are aware of our rally.

Below you will find the links to the agenda – application form (required by the 15th) and contact/phone numbers with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your support and I will be sending more info later this week,

Dave Griffiths

Township of Wainfleet
Join us on February 22nd, 2013 for an exciting initiative to take back control in your municipality!

We are urging municipal officials from across Ontario who share concerns regarding the lack of municipal planning control in the Green Energy Act, particularly with regard to industrial wind energy projects, to assemble in an open forum to discuss potential negative impacts of wind turbines, and to gain valuable networking support.

Now more than ever, municipalities must band together and form a united front against the Province of Ontario’s Green Energy Initiative.

Click here to view the agenda

Click here for a printable registration form or follow this link to register online.
Space is limited. Register today!

25 thoughts on “Get your council to Wainfleet – and go yourself! Rally Feb 22

  1. North Middlesex is sending 2 councillors. They told us that in December, which suggests that there’s a communication breakdown somewhere. I certainly hope they will have more than 9 councils represented.
    I’ve never heard of anything like this before, which makes this a bit of an historic event.
    It could be very exciting – one of those events that leads to radical change.

  2. Wainfleet Township Council rocks………….
    This initiative is fantastic and just 9 Councils committing to the meeting so far is absolutely pathetic! 91 asked for a moratorium, its up to the other 82 to show they meant it!
    They will attend on your tax dime so it is up to every one of you to contact your local Mayors and Councilors and insist they send someone to represent you. No excuses……….. and it’s February already – you are running out of time…… Too late to sit back and wait for your local Council meeting – pick up your ‘phones and call them – now!
    Get the hall filled and we may just begin to send a compelling message to the provincial government and indeed all political parties in Ontario…….
    And don’t forget, Mayor April and her Council are still the only democratically elected municipality in Ontario being subjected to an ongoing lawsuit by a corporate, private, for profit, wind energy company!
    If you can do nothing else go to the Wainfleet Township website and find the Mayor and Councils e-mails and tell them you support them in their efforts to get this Summit Meeting and for taking on the wind energy company.
    Come on guys, both these are more important, short term, as anything else in Ontario at this time.
    Wainfleet Council have tried so hard. Time to show them support from the entire province!
    Andrew Watts

    • It’s most important to be there. If no one will attend from your council then represent the town yourselves.

      • It remains to be seen, as per the symposium rules, if anyone but “elected municipal officials” will be allowed to attend.

        To that end, I will be checking with the Wainfleet clerk tomorrow to see if we can represent our own lazy no account local council … all for the pleasure of coughing up the $250.00 (legit fee, by the way) out of our own pocket.

        By the way Barbara, are you going?

      • I have spoken to Tanya Lamb, Wainfleet’s clerk, and the official answer is:
        You must be an elected municipal official to attend the symposium.

        FYI: there’s a possibility that the symposium will be cancelled due to a lack of registration.

  3. Of course our 5 council is not willing to
    Participate gutless & useless!

    Must have a lunch meeting with the wind companies to collect their checks!

    Thats Adelaide township of course 3 of the 5
    Have conflicts of interest and no spines!

    Public servants my arse!!

      • The mayor ( his father has a wind study tower and leases)

        Deputy mayor ( his son has 32 leases and the land where deputy lives is getting a turbine)

        And the only woman ( she has a FIT contract!)

  4. I have been told by my councilor, Heather Stauble that the City of Kawartha Lakes will be represented at this Wainfleet meeting.

    I encourage this web site to post every municipality that has not signed up and give a contact so the rest of us can write to them and tell them it is their duty to attend this meeting and represent their constituents.

    I would be happy to write to each and every municipality and I’m sure there are many others who surf this site would be willing to do the same. Let’s let them know we’re watching!!!

  5. I hope it is not canceled. I hope the Mayor goes ahead with the Municipalities that are going. It is a beginning. I have sent two messages to my Council Wellington North and if they do not go there will be a letter to the editor and it will not be forgotten at election time. After my second message a councilor is to call me back tonight. We will see!!!

    • The hall seats 120 but needs 100 in attendance to justify the rental expenditures.
      Higher costs for catering to a less than full house must also be considered.

  6. I believe we have finally convinced West Lincoln to send representatives. It took alot of pressure, we even said we would pay the costs involved as well as donate to the money needed to host the symposium. We are also going to be out in full force for the demonstration!. Keep up the pressure on your councils….this is VERY important!n Let them know that councils that fail to represent their constituents, will definitely be looking for another form of employment after the next election.

  7. Yesterday, they were up to 36 participants and yes, they are going ahead. People from West Lincoln, Wainfleet, Haldimand will be out to show support. I know that one bus load from London/Sarnia is coming as well. Come join us.

  8. Correct – Tomorrow in Wainfleet is a definite ‘Go’.
    Delegates arrive to register at 8:00-8:30 am. It is unrealistic to expect a whole bunch of folk by then although a couple of local folk, myself included will be there to say ‘Welcome to Wainfleet’ to the visiting Councilors. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    The main event for all you nice guys and gals who are planning on attending will be, I guess, from around 10:00 am to perhaps 2:00pm or later if you wish! The Seminar ends at 3:00pm.
    I think those times will be when we see any media action there may be.
    Again at this late stage if any of you have ‘tame’ media who wish to come, the above times should give them plenty of scope.
    Now we have to remember we are dealing with politicians…..!!!! 🙂 We are hoping to get them to park in some sort of orderly fashion…………. to maximize the space in what is a fairly large parking area. When you arrive and if there are still spaces please remember we are keeping a space clear in the park, parallel to and the closest spot to the road, for the bus coming from London. If we get two buses then we will make it up as we go along!
    There will be portaloos on site!
    For those who are happy to park on Rathfon Road itself there are no parking restrictions and space to park off the road itself but be aware that on the Jericho House side the ditch alongside the road is fairly deep………………… 🙂
    Terry and the Wainfleet Ratepayers will be providing coffee but not until probably mid-morning.
    You still need to bring your ‘Timmie’s’ first thing!!!!
    If you are traveling along Highway 3 from Haldiman/West Lincoln your nearest full service stop is the Donut Diner at Chambers Corners. From Highway 58/Highway 3 the McDonald’s or Harvey’s at that intersection. OK! ‘Timmie’s – ish’.
    See you all tomorrow and let’s make it the start of something good – for us………… 🙂
    Andrew Watts

      • Thanks so much! Should be to Wainfleet Council and our Mayor. They have spent days calling other municipalities to get some response. If only we had a few more politicians prepared to do as much, locally, regionally, provincially and federally!
        I’m just a retiree ‘gofer’ who is no madder than anyone else at the injustice that is being inflicted on us all……………
        Your Best Wishes are still very much appreciated, 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Our thoughts are on Wainfleet today.

    Let’s hope some positive results are forthcoming and that the momentum will continue next week with the ROMA/OGRA Convention meetings with the Premier and her Ministers; Mr. Hudak and Ms. Howrath.

    I hope there is immense pressure to have a concrete definition of “willing host” from the Government–and I certainly do not mean some random jackass who signs a lease with a proponent and screws all of the neighbours!

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