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WindProtest669_Jan26.13START FAXING ON TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 5TH, 2013! (OWR Ed. sorry about the late posting!)
The idea is to get fax machines running to the point of distraction and emails flooding offices. We are sending to constituency offices because Parliament is prorogued right now. According to reports from another campaign, this is an excellent way to get attention!

  1. Download and print the attached letters. RESIGNATION & MORATORIUM
  2. Send both letters to each recipient listed. Feel free to fax additional information if you wish to do so!
  3. Send the two forms to all recipients WITH YOUR OWN PERSONAL COMMENTS IN WRITING. BE SURE TO SIGN AND FILL OUT PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION. You may want to indicate that you want a response from them. Feel free to add information and fax along whatever you feel is important. But the fax itself is a potent message.
  4. The fax line may be busy! Keep sending until you are successful. In some instances this may take a second trip. Or it might be ten minutes later. Important to not give up until you have received confirmation that the message has gone through successfully. You may need to wait a few hours to get through. Go have a tea, and fax again.
  5. If using a public fax, it will cost a few bucks, but cheaper than coming to Toronto!
  6. Keep a hard copy for yourself.
  7. PLEASE, also send an email. Your email can be original, expressing again the need for Dr. King to resign, and your call for an immediate moratorium or you can cut, paste and send the fax message. Can be long or short: Put bold letters in the SUBJECT LINE. RESIGNATION ARLENE KING, or MORATORIUM or both.
  8. The idea is to get fax machines running to the point of distraction and emails flooding offices. We are sending to constituency offices because Parliament is prorogued right now. According to reports from another campaign, this is an excellent way to get attention.
  9. Please feel free to add more recipients if you wish.
  10. John Gerretsen is the Attorney General. His JOB is: GUARDIAN OF THE PUBLIC INTEREST. He has the ability to act as a Member of Cabinet and superintend legal matters and SHALL superintend all matters connected with the administration of justice in Ontario.
  11. Arlene King has the responsibility to: investigate and mitigate immediate risks to human health.
  12. YOUR COMMENTS can be personal, passionate, or professional; whatever you feel you need to convey the urgency of the health situation in Ontario at this time.

13. Kindly let us know if you have participated, so we can have an approximate tally. We may well conduct a second fax flood campaign.

Thank you for participating! Kindly distribute also to friends, neighbours, family, or colleagues, who feel the same and would like to convey their ideas to the recipient list.

Lorrie, Andrea and Sherri (coordinators)

7 thoughts on “Project Fax Flood

    • For anyone interested, the following email addresses may be of assistance.

      John Gerretsen, Attorney General (email came back as blocked) AND

      James (Jim) Bradley, MPP St.Catharines & Minister of Environment AND

      Chris Bentley, Minister of Energy (resigned effect. Feb. 14, 2013)

      Dr. Arlene King, Ministry of Health

      Andrea Horwath, MPP Hamilton

      Kathleen Wynne, Premier-Elect
      Although Kathleen’s email is 100% confirmed, I looked up Dalton McGuinty and just substituted her name. It seemed to go through.

      I WROTE: (Feel free to use this or similar text)

      Dear Elected Officials:

      RE: Resignation of Dr. Arlene King / Moratorium on Industrial Wind Turbines

      I recently escaped the city life to enjoy a long time dream of a quiet retirement, in a peaceful, scenic part of the Niagara Escarpment.

      As a new resident to the Niagara region, I am overwhelmed to learn of the plans to build industrial wind turbines throughout this rural environment.

      After many hours of research on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that the people’s voices are not being acknowledged.
      There are many concerns to be resolved before any further initiatives take place.

      It is troubling that your offices continue to approve more wind turbines for construction. Families are waiting for help from the Ministry of Environment with no resolution to date, other than to report to the Public Health Office. Ontario needs an environment ministry that will listen to the people of Ontario. As elected officials, your purpose is to PROTECT the health and environment.

      There are numerous reports from families suffering adverse health effects near wind turbines. It would seem we have a health pandemic.
      Ontario needs a Chief Medical Officer of Health who will listen to the people of this province, protect our health, even in the face of industry denial.
      Your complete lack of action in acknowledging and investigating obvious evidence of harm is, in my view, willful blindness.

      I therefore;

      DEMAND the immediate resignation of Dr. Arlene King,

      DEMAND an immediate moratorium on approval or construction of any more industrial wind turbines in this Province.

      Please accept this as my electronic signature,
      (My name and complete mailing address here)

  1. This is an important project so it needs everybody’s support. The AG has been involved in IWTs right from the get-go.

  2. Sent to all parties by email, but …

    Arlene King’s office sent a return email indicating that she would “be out of the office from Feb 10 to Feb 18, inclusive”.

    Maybe King’s out baking a chocolate cake for the new Agriculture Minister.

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