Wynne isn’t fooling rural residents

Wynne_Visit_Jan_2013_2By Christina Blizzard, London Free Press
Some of Kathleen Wynne’s best friends are farmers. Seriously. Don’t think of her as the premier-designate. Think of her as city slicker turned agriculture minister. In Toronto, she’s the cool downtown gay negotiator. In the country, she’s the Wellington boot-wearing, down-to-earth, carrot-packing agriculture minister.

Heck, she probably calls square-dancing in her spare time. Wynne hauled reporters to Gwillimdale Farms in Bradford to tell us how much she likes farming and how her dad used to go to a farm every summer and how she still knows people who are farmers. She likes them. She really likes them.

City slickers call it bafflegab. Farmers call it horse manure. Or words to that effect. Either way, it’s going to take a lot more than a photo-op with tractors for Wynne to undo the damage the Liberals have done to rural Ontario. “I’m very serious about this,” she told reporters. “I’ve made it my business to get to understand what goes on in rural Ontario and in the agriculture community.”

Oh, please. The Grits have destroyed a way of life. The countryside has been blighted with ugly wind turbines that have not just destroyed the landscape, but are also part of the Green Energy Act that’s pushed up the price of electricity to astronomical levels and thereby pushed up the cost of farming. Read article

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    • Do any of these “farmers” know that Kathleen Wynne is claiming to be their friend? Oh…maybe she means “turbine farmers”, now that I can understand!

  1. Don’t just go with a couple of issues. There are other issues with the present government both Lib & NDP that are of interest to urbanites. If Hudak uses these he can get urbanites’ votes.

  2. Maybe Ms. Wynne should appoint herself the – ‘energy portfolio’ – too!
    Why not?
    Gee – what Liberal would want it?

    “[excerpt] Mark Wales, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, said Wynne’s double duty “brings a great profile to agriculture and rural Ontario.”

    “If the premier is bringing something to the cabinet table, that’s a key signal to the rest of cabinet that it’s important and she wants to get it done,” Wales said.

    Ugh!……..a word from the OFA

    ‘[excerpt] Tory MPP Julia Munro (York North) said farmers are rightly skeptical “because this is a very ambitious undertaking” for a premier from Toronto.

    “I think it is a very steep learning curve,” she told reporters covering Wynne’s news conference.’


    Okay – I’m with Julia Munro!

    • Mark Wales – shame on you!

      ‘[excerpt] “OFA is hopeful Wynne will bridge the perceived Ontario urban and rural divide. We look forward to meeting with her as premier and minister of agriculture to work on important issues affecting our sector.”

      Mark Wales turns into Greenbelt Cabal – ‘sicko’ – Ugh!

      ‘urban and rural divide’ – there is no such thing.
      oh yeah – Wales used – ‘perceived’………..

      • Long time no hear, Mr Wales. How’s it hangin’? Short, shriveled and always to the left?

        Somebody must have finally removed the duct tape from his lips after he formerly “misspoke” about farmers not liking those annoying IWTs.

        Now, it’ll be that much easier for him to kiss that urban / Liberal butt. Perceive that, Mr. Wales!

  3. Wynne reminds me of Stephan Dion or Mikey Ignatief. Dion and Iggy tried soooo hard to connect with “common” folk and they both failed miserably. Of course we know what happened to them.

    I don’t know what would possess a woman from TO to think that she would make a good minister of Ag. Pulease.

    And wow, she even knows people who are farmers! Isn’t that special!?

    Next thing you know she is going to pat us on the head and say, “there, there everything is going to be A-OK.”

    She is one up on me! I don’t know, nor have I ever known a person who would think that he/she could be premier AND be an Ag. Minister AND look after his/her constituents AND do a good job.

    Wynne is either delusional to think that she can do a good job or arrogant. Me thinks it is the latter.

    • Hi Petra! I think you give Wynne far too much credit. I don’t think she even knows what ‘arrogant’ actually means. She has been a senior member of this sorry excuse of a government the entire time whilst they have systematically reduced Ontario to Third World status. She has now promised to continue McGuinty’s legacy which would suggest she is probably certifiably ‘not responsible for her actions’………… 🙂
      Don’t think its arrogance I think it is abject ignorance coupled with an entitlement belief!
      Apart from a couple of reporters the entire MSM appear to be trying desperately to pretend she has some credibility! Some of her handlers have suggested this idea of Premier and Agricultural Minister can be ‘sold’ and the MSM are quite happy to oblige and appear to be doing just that.
      Andrew Watts

      • Wynne has definitely made a contribution to the current state of the province…

        Publicly-held Debt
        The Province’s publicly-held debt consists of funds borrowed from the general public and institutional investors.

        Publicly held debt is $259.7 billion, or 95 per cent of total debt as at December 31, 2012, issued in the following currencies:

        Just sayin’

        I wonder what her share of the $260B just might be.,… Does that debt amount surprise you? California was being touted as ready for bankruptcy with far less debt — $34B.

        From Bizjournals…

        Despite the good news for the deficit, Brown cautioned that a “wall of debt” remains to be addressed. The state still has more than $34 billion in outstanding debts, which should drop to just over $4 billion by 2017.

        So Governor Moonbeam outperforms our “Business Oriented Liberals” — Gosh!

        They have over three times our population and a lot more wind turbines and Solar Panels — how come we’re broker than they are?

      • California’s fiscal reporting leaves a lot to be
        desired. Not included in their balance sheet
        is the unfunded public sector pension liability
        which depending on interest factor used is
        anywhere from $500 to $850 billion. In addition
        you have many cities, municipalities defaulting
        or near defaulting on their bond debts.
        i.e. Stockton CA (population 300,000) filed
        for chapter 9 with bond debt of $700 million.

      • This week I heard that Ontario’s debt situation is the same as Greece’s was, 8 years ago.

      • I did not talk about our unfunded liability because frankly maam — we just don’t know…

        The privileged status of public sector pensions has bred a dangerous complacency
        on the risks they pose to future pensioners and taxpayers and have, overall, made
        the concept of defined benefit (DB) pension plans look better than justified.
        Moreover, the state of disclosure of public sector plans as a whole is abysmally low.
        Using what information is available, and making assumptions on what isn’t, the
        unfunded shortfall of public plans may well exceed $300 billion, which is equivalent
        to $100,000 per government employee, or $9,000 for every man, woman and child in
        this country.

        The Canadian public needs to know if they will be on the hook for topping up
        government employee plans—and by potentially how much. But where does one turn
        to scrutinize the assumptions and potential risks of public sector plans?
        Unfortunately, there is no easy path to an answer. The public sector is widely spread,
        including not just government administration, but also public entities like school
        boards, universities, hospitals, transit commissions and crown corporations.

        Rest assures that Ms. Wynne will do here share — probably first with the teachers…

        Work hard, needy (potential) public purse pensioners need your support…

      • Public pensions are legacy costs which are paid by taxpayers for public employees. Teachers and other public employees used to pay their own pension costs but found out that they could get the public to pay for their pensions. In general public employees used to pay about 5% of their own wages/salaries per year to fund their own pensions. But now this has put them at risk of the general public no longer being able to pay these pension legacy costs. This worked in good times but won’t work in hard times.
        This has led to privatizing local government jobs as ratepayers can no longer afford to pay for pensions.

      • When public employees paid for their own pensions these were collective/common savings plans. When employees don’t pay for their own pensions then their pensons are defered wages/salaries which they may not be able to collect on in hard times.

  4. Were just doomed! If shes speaking for rural ont, I got a suit to wear and call myself a wall street expert!

    Just like mcquity putting on his cap and wearing plaid! Give us a break !

    This contant stream of stupidity from
    our gov has to stop no? The issues are
    Getting more weird by the day. Now bently off scott free?? Matthews, mcquity, crooked ministries all getting off to their own drum!

    We dont even need these idiots, such a waste of everything!

  5. The height of arrogance is to admit you know absolutely nothing about a subject, then appoint yourself as executive in charge . This is the situation with agriculture and Wynne. What is disappointing in this story is that most urban media see nothing wrong with Wynne’s self appointment. Nothing shows Liberal contempt for rural Ont like this appointment.
    Wynne could have learned from one of the former ministers of agriculture, Carol Mitchell. She went from a solid majority to losing by 6000 votes due to her activities as minister for wind turbines.
    The real question here is, did Wynne select herself so she could keep a close eye on wind development and ensure there was no flagging in the green energy fantasy. That I would like to see addressed.

  6. She has already commented that she intends to communicate the message to rural Ontario, that the Industrial Wind Turbines, are “Good” for us. I’m sure that is going to fly…..right out the window, along with her sorry butt!

  7. 680 News

    “Premier-designate Kathleen Wynne plans to appoint herself as Agriculture Minister when she is sworn in.

    Wynne admitted during the leadership campaign, the Liberals popularity took a hit in rural Ontario – in part because of a decision to move forward with wind turbines.

    On Wednesday, Wynne spent the day at a Bradford farm.

    “The Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, has to understand the whole province,” Wynne said.”

  8. The Libs are done like a turkey dinner!……………..Wynne is just blowing hot air on a forest fire (the end of the Liberals in Ontario for a long time)!
    Nothing ANY Liberal says any more is believed by Ontarians…….only Mainstream Media!

  9. I don’t even believe that they are that naive, I think they know they are lies she has constructed to serve a purpose; a means to an end. It just seems that when ever Wynne lies, all of her cronies swear to it….ridiculous! But look how they’ve covered up, and made excuses for all of the other miscreants as well, starting with Mc Guilty himself. The liberals have shown no shred of integrity whatsoever.

  10. Not naive at all, I agree totally. But so entrenched in their belief of ‘entitlement’ they need nothing more than that to do what they do! Of course they are ‘arrogant’ in real world terms. Sadly they no longer live in the real world and will allow their populace to be harmed and go hungry rather than admit – ever – that they are wrong or that we can no longer survive economically under the present ‘entitlement’ philosophy economic policies.
    Can’t altogether blame the public sector, when they see such waste and incompetence on a daily basis with politicians still getting increases and huge pensions, they simply follow suit. After all it all comes from that enormous ‘public trough’ they all feed from, the one they imagine is always full, for them at least.
    Sadly, all the above now applies to all governments of every political party.
    And we really don’t help by living on an increasing credit card debt and voting for anyone who will promise anything as long as we ourselves don’t lose too much of our own ‘entitlements’ and our comfortable lifestyles!


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