Bentley’s successor will face contempt charges

BentleyNorman DeBono, London Free Press
Contempt charges levelled by the Progressive Conservative party against Chris Bentley will not follow him into private life, the Tory energy critic said Friday after the London West MPP’s surprise resignation announcement. The Conservatives have charged Bentley with contempt, saying as Energy Minister he didn’t release all documents pertaining to cancellation of new energy plants in Liberal ridings in Oakville and Mississauga before the last election.

Bentley announced Friday he is resigning his seat effective Feb. 14. That means his successor will face the charges, not Bentley, said Victor Fedeli, Tory MPP for Nipissing. “We’re going ahead with the charges against the minister, not him personally,” he said. “It’s the position that is charged, not the individual.”

Bentley didn’t address the power plant issue specifically during his news conference Friday at the former Normal School, but he did talk about some of the challenges he faced in nearly a decade as an MPP and cabinet minister. “There have been many challenging issues I have confronted over the past 9½ years, some in the last year,” he said. “Not every day is as bright as you hope it will be . . . I have confronted challenges just as I confronted opportunities, with determination to find a resolution for those I serve.” Read article

19 thoughts on “Bentley’s successor will face contempt charges

  1. I wonder what useless piece of Liberal crap will get the energy portfolio on Monday?

    Who ever does accept the appointment as Minister of Energy will know there is a huge, stinking pile of manure coming right at them–and rightly so. It will make the dump of snow most of southern Ontario received on Friday look like a few scattered flurries!

  2. The two ministries that have been “used” the most to screw Ontario citizens out of their hard earned money are the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Energy. Wonder when Matthews is going to throw in the towel?…………….after all the ORNGE investigation is ramping up again with the exposure of Mazzda’s income for the past two years totalling 4.6 million!……………….but then again, Matthews can blame the Ministers who have just quit!
    Typical “pass the buck and duck for cover” attitude of gutless power hungry kleptos!

  3. Kathleen Wynne has been passionate in her claim that Chris Bentley is “an honourable man” who does not deserve to take the fall. If she truly believes this, there is only one option: Premier Wynne must take the Environment portfolio as well as Agriculture. Then she will be found in contempt – how perfect would that be?


  4. I have a different take on this.. My personal feeling is that, yes the POSITION should be charged with contempt here, but ultimately, it was the PERSON who made that decision.. Why should someone who didn’t personally decide to do this have to pay up??..This corrupt Bentley, should be made to answer for his actions..Isn’t it funny, that all of those Gang Green that conspired together to bring in the GEA and take this province into the wost mess in history, all of a sudden, bail out?? WTF !!!They should all face charges , be convicted, ( which I’m sure there’s plenty of evidence to do that) and jailed to the maximum extent permitted by law for this conspiracy, without eligibility of parole, for crimes against their own people !! Nuff said !!!

      • Perhaps it will be determined that the Premier is ultimately accountable, ie Ms Wynne.

  5. Yep just like mcquitys project “vapor” he and chris get to disappear into thin air ( with pay!) not jail!

    Deb should follow suit, but shes just sitting back to see how its done.

    Shes doing a rotten job on all accounts, i saw W5 tonite and shes known to be ignoring elderly resident abuse in old age homes to the tune of over 10,000 episodes a yr! Nothings been done by her there either!

    So much for our ministries of health or her to
    Give a crap about us when issues like that are staggeringly high! Nope this orrnge and all other liberal scandals are swept under the provices rug.

    We need these people why???

    • Deb Mathews – has no soul.
      Her last ‘press release’ proved it.
      The Ontario government is now relying – on doctors –
      to recommend, and promote – ‘home care’

      Just exactly what is ”home care’?
      Make no assumptions.
      But, I can tell you this – it comes from a ‘dark side’.

      Shame on the doctors supporting this scam.
      Hopefully your doctor knows better.

      But most of all – Shame on the Liberals.
      God help the elderly of this province.

  6. Oops – meant to say Kathleen Wynne should take over both Agriculture and Energy (not Environment) so she can personally face the contempt charge.

  7. Wynne will be appointing Bob Chiarelli as Min. of Energy.
    Jim Bradley will continue on as Min. of Environment.

  8. “Kathleen Wynne has been passionate in her claim that Chris Bentley is “an honourable man” who does not deserve to take the fall.”
    Is she acknowledging that there is something to ‘take the fall’ for? (Gas generating plants?) Who does she think SHOULD take the fall? She doesn’t want to have an inquiry – big surprise – might end up with nearly the entire cabinet taking the fall.
    The fact is, none of them (of any party) really have a clue how to run a province. They start from a vague political theory, adjusted according to the wishes of the people who put up election dollars, and modified a little bit according to what they think will get or keep them in power.
    I’m afraid we’re in for a rough ride. The easy good times are over and we’re starting on the long fast ride to the bottom.

  9. Remember how Chris Bentley treated the women who, at their own expense and after countless requests to meet with him, went to his office and asked him, as Energy Minister, to do his job by responding to their concerns about industrial wind development?

    He treated them with total disregard. He was dismissive, paternalistic, rude – and just plain dishonourable.

    Why is Kathleen Wynne so vehement in defending this “honourable man?”

      • Perhaps. But Kathleen Wynne would never, ever be this rude. She would at least pretend to care.
        Or does she really and truly care? Do we know this yet? Does it matter? Because she is likely beholden to the”green” delusionites whose holy task it is to save the planet – without doing without, of course.

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