Ontario’s Samsung green energy deal ferments slowly

pig_troughJohn Spears, Toronto Star
Ontario’s controversial $7 billion deal with Samsung Renewable Energy is running late. And delays in the initial stages of the deal are likely to cascade into further deferrals, the company says. But in a rare interview, Samsung’s top man in Canada defended the company’s agreement with the province, which has become a lightning rod for critics of the Liberal government’s renewable energy policies.

Ki-Jung Kim said that Samsung has been surprised at the length of time it has taken to get regulatory clearance for its wind and solar projects. With the first two phases of the five-phase mega-project already delayed by a year, Samsung is now negotiating with provincial officials to extend deadlines for completing the other three phases beyond the original date of 2016.

Ohsweken 2 Ki-Jung Kim SamsungKim, who is executive vice president for Samsung’s Ontario project, said the company hasn’t wavered in its commitment to green energy. “Samsung is a globally responsible company; we are doing the right things in the right way,” he said. “Renewable energy we believe is the right thing we have to pursue.”

Critics aren’t so kind. Conservative energy critic Vic Fedeli views the Samsung deal, along with the rest of the Liberals’ green energy policies, as extravagant — though he doesn’t blame Samsung for taking it: “If somebody opens up a treasure chest in front of you and says: ‘Dig in,’ you’re going to dig in.” With the storm of debate around the deal, Samsung has rarely been heard from. “We are a little bit shy,” acknowledged Kim. “That is our corporate culture.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Ontario’s Samsung green energy deal ferments slowly

  1. “Renewable energy we believe is the right thing we have to pursue.”
    What Samsung is pursuing is lucrative company profits provided for by the Liberal government. That is what multi national concerns do. The mind blanches at the the thought of these people negotiating with Dalton McGuinty and his advisors. Who is upholding Ont taxpayers interests in these one sided deals?
    That is what the A-G found disturbing. Most of the cabinet wasn’t privy to this deal, was Wynne?
    Whatever, it will cost a fortune for a successive government to get out of this deal..

  2. “Ontario’s Samsung deal ferments slowly”
    Interesting title for the article.
    Anything that does not ferment properly – wine, beer, sauerkraut, etc. goes rotten and stinks!!!!!!
    That is what the Samsung deal is….rotten and it stinks!

  3. First of all, how much moeny did McGuinty hand out to Samsung for “start-up” costs?………originally it was quoted as almost 1/2 billion. Now we hear it was cut down to around 110 million………………..so what amount has been spent?…….110 million? Now that they’ve “eaten” that amount up, isn’t it time to “pull the plug” blaming their continuing development on regulation delays?????
    No way they would do that would they????…….of course not, after all, they say: “Samsung is a globally responsible company; we are doing the right things in the right way,”
    When they do run and dissolve the company here who will have to answer for their leaving? Wynne? Ha!…………all the players who set this up, including little Georgey boy have long gone………….timely exits I would say!

  4. “We are a little bit shy”, said Kim.
    Not shy enough to belly up to the Greed Energy trough. (Excellent picture, by the way)

    By the way Kim, your shyness can be interpreted as other less flattering traits as well.
    Such as contempt, being a coward, etc. But they MUST know that they are much maligned and loathed in rural ON. Perhaps that had more to do with it?
    Nah. It is all about the money, honey, don’t be a fool.

    • “Samsung is a globally responsible company; we are doing the right things in the right way,”
      Gee wiz , last time I did a search in google for (samsung corruption) there were about eight million results …

  5. Don’t forget to boycott their products people!! I stopped buying Samsung three years ago and they must have missed a couple of grand worth of sales from myself alone.

    If they can’t respect us then they don’t deserve our business.

    • Yep, we been boycotting them too – probably lost around $2K from us. Small potatoes for them I guess but if we all do it they will feel the pinch.

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