Preliminary hearing into turbines at Ostrander Point to continue

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Despite Friday’s inclement weather, 75 people attended an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) at Picton Town Hall regarding industrial wind turbine development at Ostrander Point.

Robert Wright presided and lawyers for the parties to the ERT appeal, Ministry of Environment and Gilead Power were also present for this preliminary hearing. It purpose is to determine scheduling for the main hearing, identify parties, participants and presenters, and the scope of their participation; to hear preliminary motions and deal with other administrative issues.

“There was not enough time on Friday for all the issues, due to the complicated nature of the hearing,” said Myna Wood, president of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists.

“Legal wrangling regarding the requirement for Alliance for the Protection of Prince Edward County (APPEC) to produce medical records for their witnesses took most of the afternoon. Because of time constraints, legal counsel for APPEC, Eric Gillespie (also representing Prince Edward County Field Naturalists) was not able to make all his arguments. The legal representatives agreed to meet in the next couple of weeks to hammer out this and other remaining issues. In order to expedite matters, the remainder of the preliminary hearing will be held in Toronto with an open phone link to the County.” Read article

6 thoughts on “Preliminary hearing into turbines at Ostrander Point to continue

  1. Good stuff. Hold them accountable as much as possible regardless of how badly they have it stacked against us.

  2. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has been split.

    Wynne is minister of agriculture and food.
    Jeff Leal had been appointed minister of rural affairs.

    So is Leal going to fix this IWT none sense?

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