Energy boss Bob Chiarelli may yet burn on hot seat

By Greg Van Moorsel, The London Free Press
MPP Bob ChiarelliFlorida used to have a notorious, malfunctioning electric chair. Affectionately known as ‘Old Sparky,’ it grabbed headlines for setting the odd condemned person on fire. Ontario also has such a device, the energy minister’s seat at the provincial cabinet table. Call it a political death chair. When rookie Premier Kathleen Wynne introduced her first cabinet Monday, Ottawa MPP Bob Chiarelli found himself in the energy hot seat. He may yet have to be strapped in.

Energy has been a red-hot file for the Liberals, and for every recent Ontario government, because politicians have insisted on playing politics with power — from freezing rates for political advantage, to coddling the old Ontario Hydro’s empire builders. For the Liberals, the difference now is no one can afford those costly indulgences — certainly not the province, with its $12 billion budget shortfall, nor taxpayers or electricity consumers. Not the Grits, either — not if Wynne hopes to do better than cling to power by her fingernails with her fragile minority government.

We saw the damaging effects of treating electricity like a political play toy during the gas-plants scandal last fall. As the heat grew on the government over the fiasco, Dalton McGuinty abruptly shut down the legislature and announced his departure from office after nine years. That led to Wynne being crowned the handoff premier last month. Read article

7 thoughts on “Energy boss Bob Chiarelli may yet burn on hot seat

  1. Now there’s another “bright apple” occupying this hot seat!…….couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!
    He’s only as good as his “handlers”………………maybe the Sussex Group can spin this guys future into a success, but then “lipstick on a pig” doesn’t cut it any more…………’s still a PIG!

  2. Chiarelli is a pretty popular guy, although this appointment will put that popularity to test. He can be relied on to toe the McGuinty line on wind energy, as long as the IWTs are not in his riding. In fact, the proposed development is next door in Lisa MacLeod (PC) riding.
    I do not propose wind turbines anywhere, but cannot fail to notice that the Ottawa Liberals McGuinty, Watson, Chiarelli advocate wind development anywhere but in their own back yards.
    In this they are consistent with Liberals throughout Ont.

    • If you put up a map of Liberal ridings, (where they “profess” to love IWT’s) and compare it to a map of turbine projects….never the two shall meet, unless of course you consider the “novelty” turbines, such as the tiny one in Downtown Toronto.,if they truly were not “NIMBY’s”, wouldn’t it be the other way around??? The Liberals are in this for their own agenda, and it has NOTHING to do with “climate change”!

      • True the Liberal slogan is ABYBM
        “Any backyard but mine”.

  3. Chiarelli knew going into this that he will be toast …Makes no difference to him.. He has his pensions…I still say, Bentley should be made to pay up, after all HE is the one that ultimately made the decision.. It rests with him… This government reeks of corruption at its finest..IMHO..

  4. they must have offered him a really good deal to take the fall… let’s make sure it is a fast fall
    PS… any bets as to which company Bentley signs on with???

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