MP requests C-K Essex be included in wind turbine noise and health study

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As far as a local anti wind energy advocate is concerned Health Canada is just blowing hot air by announcing plans to revise the research design for a study on wind turbine noise and health. “I have lost all confidence in our government to protect us,” Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group spokesperson Monica Elmes told The Chatham Daily News Monday. “All levels of government have known about health hazards associated with industrial wind turbines for a long time – and yet they continue to allow turbines to be constructed,” she added. “This is criminal.”

Health Canada announced it has revised its research design for a wind turbine noise and health study, prompted by more than 950 comments received last summer during public consultation period. The study is being carried out in collaboration with Statistics Canada. According to the Health Canada website, the submissions included more than 1,800 pages of feedback and 350 attachments.

Chatham-Kent Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren is not surprised public response has prompted a change in how the study will be conducted. “When you have a lot of people writing in with concerns and speaking to politicians about those concerns . . . sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board and make sure we haven’t missed something,” he said. Read article

2 thoughts on “MP requests C-K Essex be included in wind turbine noise and health study

  1. What a pathetic comment from MP Dave Van Kesteren. To “.. wait and see what comes of the study” is a reckless approach to due diligence. Shame on MP Dave Van Kesteren.

    Many of us believe it is unethical for Health Canada to be conducting research on citizens who have not consented to be exposed to these known health risks.

    By participating in this research, you could be providing information that will be distorted and used against you.

    Health Canada and the federal government are not neutral parties, they are biased.

    Principal Investigator David Michaud has advocated for exposure limits of 45 dba (which is higher than Ontario regulations permit) even though he admits the science supporting this position is lacking. David Michaud will not retract this opinion.

    Also, NRCan is subsidizing offending wind turbine projects through the ecoENERGY program.

    You should seek independent legal advice before deciding whether to participate in this research or not.

  2. When did it become the job the the citizens to tell the “so called professionals” how to do their job properly? What do we pay them for? If your doctor botches your surgery, does he wait to see how loudly you complain? Or does he fix it immediately and promise to make sure it does not happen again? Apparently, it all depends on whether or not they get caught, at least when you are dealing with government. They will treat us badly, unless enough of us complain, disgusting.

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