Wellandport couple demands data from manufacturer

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When Mike and Cheryl Jeffrey moved to Wellandport more than 13 years ago, they thought they had found a quiet country paradise for themselves and their young son. Cheryl, who always considered herself something of a country girl, was able to live a life she could barely imagine in when the couple lived in Hamilton. The Jeffreys keep livestock, their son enjoys ATVing, and they rent some of their property to a local farmer.

“We left the city to enjoy this kind of lifestyle. We raised our son here,” Cheryl said.

When they first heard of the wind turbines coming to their area, they were optimistic, and confused by all the local opposition. They are supporters of green energy. But, as they learned more about how the turbines were being rolled out, their support turned into opposition. The Jeffrey’s property is dotted with signs calling for a wind turbine ban, including one sign with a dramatic photo of a turbine on fire. They were disappointed with West Lincoln council’s unwillingness to follow Wainfleet in passing a bylaw requiring wind turbines to be at least two kilometres from a residence. Read article

7 thoughts on “Wellandport couple demands data from manufacturer

  1. I would like to find the video taped statement Cheryl presented at the meeting on Monday. Is there a link someone can provide?

  2. It is a sad statement when ordinary citizens are forced to get involved in this mess, but the politicians are afraid!n Kudos to Cheryl and her family, and all the other individuals and families investing time, money, and a ton of effort in this battle!

    • Cheryl did a wonderful job during her presentation to council. I have never met her. But I was fortunate enough to hear her speak on Monday night. She covered a lot of information during her speech. She had already done a rural pol on the community and neighbours’ feelings about IWTs. We thought about it. But she did it!! Then she had an enormous amount of information on the duties and responsibilities of a Council to their constituents. Excellent.

  3. “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so
    that his place will be proud of him.”

    – Abraham Lincoln, born February 12

  4. And we definitely are proud of the people in our communities who’ve stepped up and taken time from their own busy lives to help in this enormous battle!!!

    • We need more folks to commit to this *enormous battle*. We should never think we are *too busy* to protect our health or our property. United we stand – divided we fall.

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