Dwight Duncan enters private sector: Joins law firm McMillan LLP

Dwight Duncan; Dalton McGuintyWindsor Star
It’s official: Dwight Duncan is off to the private sector. Starting March 1, the former Ontario finance minister and MPP for Windsor-Tecumseh will have a new job title: “senior strategic adviser” for corporate, commercial and business law firm McMillan LLP. “I’m looking forward to a different pace — a different lifestyle than what I’ve been leading up until now,” said Duncan in a phone interview on Wednesday. Read article


Some of the projects McMillanLLP has been involved in:

  • 100 MW West Cape Wind Farm in Prince Edward Island (Acquisition, Financing, Sale, Assignment and Operation)
  • 9 MW Norway Wind Farm in Prince Edward Island (Acquisition, Financing and Operation)
  • 100 MW Caribou Wind Farm in New Brunswick (Development and Operation)
  • 10 MW Mohawk Point Wind Farm in Ontario (Property Leasing on behalf of Landowners)
  • Counsel to Bear Mountain Wind Limited Partnership, the developer of a 102 megawatt wind farm project in Dawson Creek, British Columbia with an estimated development cost of $190 million
  • Proposed 100 MW + wind park in Saskatchewan (Acquisition and Development)
  • Proposed 100 MW + wind park in Ontario (Acquisition and Development)
  • Proposed 240 MW wind park in Ontario (Development)
  • Proposed 105 MW Port Dover & Nanticoke Wind Project in Ontario (Development and Sale)
  • Wind Farm Option, Lease and Easement Agreements (for developers and landowners)
  • EcoLogo Master License Agreements (for developers)
  • Acting for the co-developer of a 60 MW wind farm, including negotiation of joint venture agreements, equity contribution requirements and requisite project documentation
  • 80 MW Taber Wind Farm in Alberta (REC Sales)
  • 63 MW Kettles Hill Wind Farm in Alberta (REC Sales)
  • Acted for a Canadian power income fund in the context of the acquisition of several power generation facilities.
  • ecoEnergy for Renewable Power Contribution Agreement (for Wind Developers)

13 thoughts on “Dwight Duncan enters private sector: Joins law firm McMillan LLP

  1. Duncan is just sewing up the loose ends of the Green Energy Scam!…..he will be “advising” this law firm on who the people are that are the biggest threat to this Scam for it’s completion and will “advise” them how to punish anyone who attempts to dismantle this anti-democratic legislation he helped initiate! Like Bentley, he has to live with his demons of green, but a lwyers office will ease the guilt with a daily dose of psycho-babble!
    Sleep tight Dunc……..we all KNOW what you did!

  2. Wonder how long he had knowledge of this position before he announced he was leaving? It would appear he’s now well on his way to begin reaping the rewards of his complicity in the great greed scam.

    Keep your stick on your sign

  3. Dwight Duncan:
    ‘[excerpt] “I’m looking forward to a different pace — a different lifestyle than what I’ve been leading up until now,” said Duncan in a phone interview on Wednesday.’

    Ugh! – Dwight Duncan – loser
    I will always remember him as McGuinty’s 1st Energy Minister –
    Dwight admitted he did not understand the Energy portfolio –
    McGuinty shuffled his cabinet –
    Dwight was handed the Finance portfolio.


  4. He may be looking for a different pace and lifestyle, but, I’m looking to see him and the Gang Green arrested on criminal charges and face justice for what they are doing to Ontario, specifically, the GEA !!!

  5. Just as we thought. All cut and dried with big law firms tied in now. This is an international scam which Canada is a part of.

  6. I do not understand how all of these top position ministers are allowed to retire under such controversial circumstances and move into positions with industry proponents with considering the overwhelming evidence they contributed to destroying health, homes and communities.
    Carol Mitchell former Min of Ag now a consulting for Samsung, Dwight Duncan… and there are others ….are there no ethical boundaries by which citizens are protected?
    If this isn’t blatant COLLUSION with industry by our so-called leaders I don’t know what is.

    • This kind of activity has been going on for a long time but public had no knowledge of this.
      They are known as “rainmakers” with connections that can bring business to their employers.

      • Exactly correct, Barbara.
        Also, these folks have demonstrated that they have no morals or values, so are well-suited to keep the gravy train going.

  7. Did not take him long to line up at the green gravy train,that he helped create. Conflict of interest means nothing with taxpayer money. What a system.

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  9. Don’t forget their huge “payoffs” they receive out of OUR pockets for their “new life”!!!!!!!
    Pupatello still thinks she deserves her 1/4 million handout!

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