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health_canada_logoWes Keller, Orangeville Citizen
The Health Canada study into possible human health effects from wind turbine sound is designed to identify the source of both real and imagined problems from both the objectivity of science and the subjectivity of interviews with persons living near commercial wind farms. Health Canada acknowledges that lowfrequency sound can increase the pressure of sound “disproportionately” and can cause a “rattling” of light objects within some receptor homes.

It also acknowledges that distance from turbines is only one of several factors influencing the effects of sound. Other factors, it says, include type of turbine, intervening structures, existing background sound levels, wind speed and direction, topography and meteorological conditions. All such things are likely to be assessed as part of the study of about a dozen communities.

The federal ministry has yet to reveal which wind farm areas are among the eight to 12 communities to be studied, and specifically whether it would include the Melancthon Wind Farm, the first commercial-scale one in Ontario. It does say, however, that it has selected 2,000 homes that are closer than 600 metres to turbines. Melancthon Phase 1 has some that are reported to be within 300 metres. The design for Phase 2 called for setbacks of at least 450 metres. Since then, Ontario has set a criterion of a 550-metre setback from non-participating receptor homes. Possibly because low-frequency sound travels farther that audible ones, the study will include homes within 10 kilometres of turbines. Read article

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  1. While it is not my place to tell people whether or not to participate in the Health Canada study they will do so now, in my opinion, at their own risk. In light of the information gathered over the past few days about the makeup of the committee and now the Keystone deal makes it uncertain if this study is what it is portrayed to be.
    Any conclusions this committee comes to will have effects around the world in relation to IWTs.

  2. Who participated in this poll to get 69% in favour in Ontario? The poll should have been conducted in rural Ontario because this is where the IWTs are going to be installed and not in urban areas.
    If urbanites want IWTs youse can have em and youse can pay for em! What an insult to rural Ontarians!
    Urbanites think it’s ok to go into rural Ontario and just take anything you want!

    • Yes, and these are CRIMES.

      They act with intent

      their actions create victims

      they rob people’s enjoyment and use of property and this is theft

      while they steal from you, they also beat you up and this is assault

      then they deny it, and this is fraud.

      These actions are aggravating.

      We hope for the day that Chris Bentley, Dwight Duncan, Dalton McGuinty and others are prosecuted for their reckless behaviours.

      • It is hard for me to believe these people (Bentley,Duncan,McGuinty) have families of their own that they love and care for very much, yet have knowingly put people with their families(i’ve got tears in my eyes) in harms way with these industrial wind machines.
        No doubt in my mind that they do indeed need to be held accountable.

      • As far as I know MPPs and MLAs (etc.) Mps … cannot be sued for what they do as part of their Parliamentary duties.

        But keep wishing…

        The sun may yet rise in the west.

      • Concerned resident, after all the searching I have done it is not at all difficult for me to believe what has already happend.

      • Who’s talking about suing politicians? I was talking about investigating and prosecuting criminal activities.

    • Re poll:

      You would need to see the actual wording of the question … you can get a favourable answer out of any inquiry if you pose it correctly.

      The poll may have been taken in a Toronto condo in the middle of Chinatown, for all we know, where concern over the price of chicken balls far outranks any worry about IWT issues. If you took the poll in rural Ontario, it would likely run 80% against IWTs.

      • Right, but until there are poll results for rural Ontario only and not any small town people included then this is a bogus poll. From omly the people who will be affected.
        The fix is in!
        All urbanites will suffer is increased Hydro bills and none of the other effects from IWTs So they should have no say in this matter except to say if they want to pay higher electric bills.
        It would be interesting to know what the poll questions were.

      • Barbara:

        I read the French study. What junk! So is the other one. A reputable firm (but there aren’t many of those) would be ashamed…

  3. Why are any of us in the least bit surprised with the results of any poll conducted by CanWEA?
    Guys and Gals! We have far more important things to concentrate on!
    Andrew Watts

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