We don’t thank you, Mr. Bentley. We don’t thank you.

Anyone get a response from Chris Bentley to your questions and concerns on wind developments?
He retires today, conveniently.

16 thoughts on “We don’t thank you, Mr. Bentley. We don’t thank you.

  1. I wouldn’t want to be like him!………imagine having to go through the rest of your life KNOWING you were part of one of the worst SCAMS ever to be pulled on your fellow citizens. KNOWING you are hated across the fair Province and belonged to a group of heartless, psychopathic politicians who are living in a dream world concocted by a “paid for” Group of spin artists who create a fake world of unreal creations that are only there to justify a massive robbery of people’s hard earned dollars and just as an added bonus, destroys their homes, health and lands in the process.
    Hope you sleep well at night Bentley!………………..NOT!

  2. Make your to sign into YouTube and vote this video down, leave a comment, and vote accordingly for the different comments. The rot runs deep. He could babble on senselessly, while when called upon by the ladies in the other videos he has nothing to say. How much did the windies give the Liberals in the last election?

  3. Indeed, it is a sad day for all of those who suffer from the health effects of IWTs. Looks like rural Ontarians stand alone against this fraud and plans will have to be made accordingly.

  4. That last video was so inspiring! All working together to make it green… Thanks for the leadership – the job isn’t done yet. We have to keep going until we have ALL the MONEY!

    • I’ve just watched the middle video above. I have to wait a couple of hours between viewings or I get too upset. This is the guy that various Libs have said was too nice a guy to take the fall. Are they KIDDING? The most polite thing I can think of to say about him, is What an Asshole. Really. I’ve seen this video before, and each time I watch it he just becomes a bigger asshole.
      He says not to take it out on his assistant, but then he runs away and leaves her to deal with it. Coward as well.

  5. Please surrender your passport,and don,t leave town Mr. Bentley,we may have a few more questions to ask you. This man should be on the stand under oath.

  6. Oh Mr. Bentley – don’t let the door hit you too hard in the A@@ as you leave this mess behind.
    I’m just guessing when I say that you are probably cashing in on those green energy stocks – no doubt they have made you a multi millionaire and you can live as far away from these Industrial Wind Turbines as possible.

    You are the poster boy for *What’s Wrong In Politics*.
    May you never stop thinking about the harm you have done – the people you have hurt – the lives you have changed, forever and ever.

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