Deadline nears for green energy symposium

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Wainfleet Ald. Betty Konc is hoping a number of Ontario’s municipalities are just being fashionably late. Registration for the upcoming Rural and Small Urban Green Energy Symposium, hosted by the Township of Wainfleet, has not been as high as Konc was hoping. The event was planned as a way to bring together small communities currently facing issues surrounding the Green Energy Act, specifically wind turbines, to create a “united front.”

“We all need to be saying the same thing at the same time, with the same voice,” Konc said. Deadline for communities to register is next Tuesday, and Konc said if they don’t get 100 municipalities registered then they’ll be forced to cancel the Feb. 22 symposium. Konc said there was a strong response in December when the township sent out invitations to municipalities. However, since that time there has been lower than expected registrations. “We just don’t have as many as we thought we’d have,” she said.

But Konc said she has a plan B should the Township-hosted event fall through. The alderman said if they’re forced to cancel the Feb. 22 event then she will approach the Wainfleet Ratepayers’ Association as well as the West Lincoln Wind Action Group about hosting a non-government symposium. If it comes to that, Konc said they’d invite wind action groups throughout the province, adding she would expect no problem filling a venue with such representatives.

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  1. This is very disappointing but not too surprising. From attending a few different councils meetings I’ve had the impression that they pass the moratorium with sympathy for the idea, but no real understanding of the full extent of the catastrophe that is coming. Since very few of them have really done the homework, they wouldn’t actually have much to contribute if they did go.
    Also, they are mostly middle class people who aren’t used to thinking in these terms – how to fight the government, how to stop multi-nationals, etc. Actually, I’m surprised at how many ‘radicals’ there are on these councils – Mayor Jeffs for one, and a few up near Orangeville, I think and scattered here and there. That part is rather encouraging.
    I really like her Plan B – to bring in the ‘experts’ – people who have done the homework, care deeply about it, and are very willing and able to think of ‘different’ ways of fighting.
    I’m talking about US, of course. We are the people who spend our spare time on this. People who care more about our environment and our neighbours than about our wallets.
    The same people who get labelled at NIMBYs and malcontents. But we are the people. Things are going to start to change – and not just turbines.
    The turbines were a really bad move. They’ve woken us up. We’re getting organized. They’re making us aware of our power. We are starting to realize how much our governments – regardless of party and platform – have been abusing us.
    There’s change in the wind. I can smell it.

    • There is definitely a need for a co-ordinated effort by all affect parties and pool their resources and ideas. Up till now the opposition is scattered and duplicating their work.
      United we stand, divided we fall!

      • Recent feedback is that although not an impressive number, they do have enough municipalities signed up now to go ahead with the summit in Wainfleet. Word from a reputable source is that the mayor of West Lincoln, himself, may even attend, along with at least one councillor. Kudos to the West Lincoln council for stepping up, (From your concerned constituents, and all other’s fighting for justice and democracy against the unjust laws of the provincial government.) Please show up at 10:00 a.m. for a demonstration of support for the efforts of the people attending.

  2. Are there any reasons given for the weak registration. If the communities received the symposium idea with enthusiasm back in Dec. maybe its difficult to attend during the week day. Not everyone is free to travel during the week. Just a thought—–I was hoping it would be a smashing success

  3. Saving the Planet – One mayor @ a time. Ugh!
    Green municipalities – too tired – too broke – travel budget bust

    Thank you (taxpayers’ dime)
    The FCM Sustainable Communities Conference – Made possible by the Green Municipal Fund

    Who attends
    The SCC brings together mayors, councillors, alderman/women, municipal staff, federal and provincial representatives, and private sector and not-for-profit sustainability professionals. More than 450 are expected for the 2013 conference.

    February 13-15, 2013
    Caesars Windsor, 377 Riverside Drive East, Windsor Essex, ON

    Hundreds of cities and communities across Canada are leading the charge towards local sustainability and the shift to a green economy. Every year, they come together to share their experiences and discuss the latest strategies for sustainable community development.

    Wainfleet: Plan B – Turn the music up!
    [excerpt] But Konc said she has a plan B should the Township-hosted event fall through. The alderman said if they’re forced to cancel the Feb. 22 event then she will approach the Wainfleet Ratepayers’ Association as well as the West Lincoln Wind Action Group about hosting a non-government symposium. If it comes to that, Konc said they’d invite wind action groups throughout the province, adding she would expect no problem filling a venue with such representatives.’

    Go Wainfleet!
    Pass it on!

    • The people who have been on the front lines fighting the injustice of this windscam will be ready to step up and do the right thing….it`s just a shame that our elected officials have been showing their true worth and value to the community. Minimum wage would be too much money to pay these seat-warmers.

      • These are the fence sitters who are waiting to see which way the worm turns or the wind blows.

      • Maybe free food and drinks should be provided like the wind developers provide?

      • We have to take our elected officials to task. We pay their wages and if their work performance is unsatisfactory then they should be dismissed. They’re only good at voting themselves a pay raise. GET UP STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! Wind Warriors Unite!!!

      • There will be free food and drinks…..tell all of your council members….quick. FREE LUNCH…..donated by citizens of local Ontario communities praying for the return of sanity to our communities.

      • There will be free food and drinks…..tell all of your council members….quick. FREE LUNCH

        That’s outrageous. How dare you suggest that it would take a free lunch to get Public Officials…. ummm yeah Public Officials — sorry about that — never mind…

  4. The Wainfleet symposium is going ahead!!! They have not nearly enough attending considering the ’91 Municipalities’ but enough for it to go ahead!
    Still time to call your councilors and demand at least one turns up in Wainfleet.
    If they claim the ‘township’ can’t afford it then have a whip round and give them their registration fee and gas money and see them on their way…………. They are your representatives and are paid for by you! Don’t let them refuse – make them attend……….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    NOTE:The invites went out just to elected Mayors and Councilors so there is no public gallery!

    We will be outside with our signs and hope to vastly outnumber the politicians inside.
    And don’t forget we are not protesting them, we should be for the most part supporting them!!!

    This is not a protest against the corrupt and inept provincial government and the Ontario wind energy industry. This is support for the few elected politicians who actually are doing something to protect our best interests………………………

    There will be media interest and media present. If we get this right they might even have a hard time writing us off as no more than ‘anti-wind NIMBY’s with nothing better to do’.
    Andrew Watts

    • Great work Andrew. I liked your letters to council and especially the one after the marathon meeting in West LIncoln which went on to almost midnight. I agree with you 100% that the whole meeting was a set up right from the word GO. And you know what I envy you because you live in a community that has a courageous mayor who truly cares about her people and we want to support your mayor in her fight. April Jeffs has the ultimate respect from the wind warriors and all of southern Ontario. A true mayor that will always be rembered in the history of Ontario.

      • At the public part of the meeting NRWC and Stantec stood up and gave us the usual lies about their ‘commitment to the community’! Probably the single(perhaps only???)biggest proponent of wind energy who is a resident of Wainfleet, one Dan Augustine, was present but stayed silent until after the meeting when he could attempt to corner Councilors on a one to one basis after the public had left and harangue them. He already has a Rankin built access road on land put in when Rankin’s first attempt at a wind project in Wainfleet was rejected by the MoE, several years before the GEA. The road is still there as is Rankin…!!! And we’re pretty sure if this first project is approved then more REA applications will be coming from Rankin! If for no other reason than he can’t stand anyone daring to say ‘No’ to him……………… 🙁

        Every other Wainfleet resident who stood up opposed the NRWC project. Not a cent of tax dollars or money from the imagined ‘anti-wind’ lobby’ to support them, just ordinary Wainfleet home owners scared stiff for their health and their livelihoods.

        NRWC/Stantec would not answer a single question directly and refused point blank to answer most put to them.

        The ‘settlement’ item unfortunately was a ‘closed door’ session because ‘lawyers’ were involved and whichever side they are on they will always scream ‘confidentiality’ in order to keep all their dealings under wraps!

        Like you for a brief period of time I felt quite optimistic and actually believe that at last someone was beginning to worry that the wind energy company may not come out on top! Hah! Should have known better…………………..

        Because it was behind closed doors and because it was to do with an ongoing lawsuit no one involved dares discuss it! That’s where our legal system seems to be taking us unfortunately, killing the idea of open discussion and freedom of speech under more and more circumstances!

        However, if there was any actual ‘settlement’ on the table I’m certain it was not in any way in Wainfleet’s interest. Body language? Terse non-replies to questions? I don’t like it but sadly, in today’s world, I can’t altogether blame my Council for refusing to comment!

        So my best guess, and these are only my own views and no one else’s, is that Rankin’s lawyers turned up and in some way tried to threaten Council. Many of you have seen him at public meetings, he’s a bully and show’s it. I would doubt if they stepped back in any way at all and what threats were made are anyone’s guess.

        So, Wainfleet’s Mayor and Council need even more support from those of us who believe so passionately that they are doing exactly the right thing……………… 🙂

        As for what the court will decide is anyone’s guess. I’m still amazed that lawyers and courts continue to hide behind the GEA like the wind energy companies when it is way ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’ that the wind energy companies are being allowed to directly and intentionally harm communities and residents across the world, not just Ontario, and yet no justice system has so far thought to try and stop them.

        As to Wainfleet’s specific case, in Ontario it will be a first, not to be confused with any other lawsuit so far!

        Wainfleet is being sued for approving a 2km Set Back Distance Bylaw because they believe it is in the best interests of their entire community and for no other reason. And they are being sued by a non-elected private for profit corporation.
        However weird Ontario’s legal system may have become to us ordinary citizens I still have to believe that no judge can absolutely condemn any democratically elected Council for taking actions that are solely for protecting the best interests of their citizens?

        Win or lose, we will certainly have fewer questions to ask afterwards, about just who the provincial justice system is serving and if we have any future in expecting a fair hearing from that justice system.

        Fox! Don’t know exactly what you are asking but I believe among the ’91 moratorium municipalities’ there are a number of councilors not only for wind energy but also host landowners!!!! The Wainfleet Symposium is an attempt to show delegate Councilors that these are a real threat to our communities, that there are actions Councils can take and hopefully end up with a consensus that will allow Councils to move ahead as a like minded group rather than only in ‘isolation’ as Wainfleet is at present.

        My apologies to all who may read all of this! I never intended to go on so long! 🙂
        Andrew Watts

      • Andrew, keep up your long posts as you have much information that needs to be made public.
        Since there is no jury in the lawsuit you are refering to then there is no undue influnce that can be brought? There is no reason that cases can’t be duscussed in public if you are not a party to/in a lawsuit?
        Lawyers don’t like to be caught threating people in public! So they want closed doors!

      • The best protection councils have is to have these discussions in public and not behind closed doors.

  5. The people in West Lincoln will be represented!!! I am pleased to say that we will be sending at least one member of our council. It was getting close, and people were concerned….but we have had at least one councillor come forward and be willing to represent us. I pray that many more councillors from many communities have the decency to stand up for what is right. They have the opportunity to behave either as a hero, or an accomplice to the atrocities against the citizens of rural Ontario. All eyes will be on them. Please…..make every effort to be there, with as many spare bodies as you possibly can, and support the people decent enough to take the time to participate and aid in our struggle for justice, and democracy! Show the politicians how important it is to us, and make them see the support they will have if they have the courage to fight the windscam. Step up Ontario! We need you!

    • Who are the rest of the councillors representing? I thought that was their main job, to represent the people that voted them in no?

      • Unfortunately many of them aspire/conspire to mis-represent their constituents — and there is not a lot we can do…

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