Frustration over lack of turbine information

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If the devil is in the details, he wasn’t present at Monday night’s West Lincoln planning meeting or when the consultant reviewed the submission to the province by Niagara Region Wind Corp. Both the consultant, who was retained by the township at the cost of NRWC, and members of council used the age-old cliche in their comments on the peer review presented Monday.

Sue-Ellen Merritt, alderman for ward 1, raised a number of issues she felt were not fully addressed by NRWC ranging from what roads will be used to move the wind turbines to their locations, which transmission lines will be buried and possible impacts on a heritage-designated building. “What happens is we hear, we’ve got that, but you’ll get it later,” Merritt said of responses from NRWC to requests for more information from both township staff and the consultant. “We want it now. We want to have an opportunity to comment this application and again, that information should have come sooner.”

NRWC circulated the draft reports on Nov. 5, starting the 90-day municipal comment period and 60-day public comment period. Jones Consulting Group Ltd., which was retained by the town at the cost of the wind developer, was originally provided with the report on Nov. 19 and revised reports on Dec. 14. Merritt was concerned that receiving the information at a later date impacted the consultant’s ability to properly review the eight, four-inch binders of information.

“How can we be tied to a 90-day review period, when we received some of the information in December?” Merritt questioned of the Feb. 5, 2013 deadline for comment, which the township did not meet. Read article

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  1. It must be in Big Winds play book to use the mushroom method. keep everyone in the dark and feed them organic material. It seems to work for them

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