Owen Sound Public Health board meeting

Kokanee%20&%20Dr%20Lynn%20at%20Vet%20M%20copyDate: February 22
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Classroom at the Public Health  building, 101 –  17th  Street East, Owen Sound.

Please plan to attend. Dr. Hazel Lynn will present a report in response to:
Late last year two delegations, one from Grey Highlands and one from Kincardine area, made presentations to the Health Committee in Owen Sound. Dr. Hazel Lynn sits on this committee and promised to put a report together on the issue presented.

One of the delegations spoke on behalf of a number of residents in Grey Highlands and Melancthon living in the vicinity of the Plateau wind installation who are experiencing health issues such as sleep deprivation, heart palpitations, headaches, vertigo, bleeding nose and ear pressure;  all symptoms that they did not have a problem with the year before.  It was reported that the most obvious common denominator to the start up of the symptoms was the start up of the industrial wind turbines nearby.

3 thoughts on “Owen Sound Public Health board meeting

  1. How can they keep a straight face when trying to say that turbines turn people into hypochondriacs, liars, fakers, people who imagine things….and the list goes on. Why is it that no other form of energy or any other piece of equipment has produced a world-wide set of symptoms, which are ALL said to be in people’s imaginations. Wow…..if they can make people believe that, maybe they can make them believe that the Liberals are honest, the lies of the wind proponents are not even close to being believable. It is way past due for the truth to come out. The Greed energy hoax was always about the money, and NOT about the environment.

  2. “How Canada is gaining a reputation as a place for bribers to do business” – The Globe and Mail
    Feb 12, 2013, updated Feb 21, 2013

    “Once the worm is in the apple, as the French saying goes, is it such a stretch to think that the dubious practices that some Canadian companies have used overseas have made their way back home? Or maybe it is the other way around?

    Had you suggested this even recently, business lobby groups would have sued you faster than Lucky Luke can draw its gun on the Dalton brothers. But with the Charbonneau inquiry, they now stare in embarassment at their feet.”

    Good luck Hazel! (Are you sure you’re adequately prepared?)

  3. Can somebody who attends Hazel’s presentation videotape or audio-record the meeting? Would make good evidence to show that some authorities knew all along that people were being harmed.

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