Revised study is ‘Too little, too late’

too little too lateBy Tara Bowie, Woodstock Sentinel-Review
News a government study investigating the health effects of wind turbines has been revised is “too little, too late,” says a local group opposed to these kinds of developments.

“We know people are suffering. There are scientists that have done peer-review research into why that is happening, but that is being completely ignored,” Joan Morris, a director of the East Oxford Community Alliance, said during a phone call Thursday. “They are studying what exposures might be safe, but at the moment we have people suffering,”

The East Oxford Community Alliance was formed by a group of neighbours and community members opposed to the wind turbine development proposed for Gunn’s Hill in Norwich Township. The project, being developed by ProWind Canada Inc., was awarded a Feed-in Tariff contract by the provincial government and is currently finishing reports required before construction can begin.

The study being conducted by Health Canada and Statistics Canada was revised after close to 1,000 comments were received during a 60-day public consultation period ending in September 2012, a government press release issued Tuesday stated. Read article

11 thoughts on “Revised study is ‘Too little, too late’

  1. Many of us believe it is unethical to conduct research on people who are being exposed without consent to known health risks.

    The Health Canada and University of Waterloo research studies have failed to consider these ethics and other legal matters.

    For what it’s worth– if you are somebody who knows you are being adversely affected by nearby wind turbines, I advise that you carefully consider not participating in the Health Canada and University of Waterloo research studies.

    There are risks of participating, and there are risks of not participating. I suggest you carefully consider your circumstances. You may also take advantage of opportunities to ask questions and voice your opinions, or not.

    By participating, you could be providing information that will be distorted and could be used against you. The process failures identified so far indicate that these studies are fatally flawed.

    Sometimes it is advantageous to be ignorant. Other times it is not.

  2. If you agree to be used as a human guinea pig for Health Canada you will be asked to sign forms that will allow Health Canada to have 100% access to your health records of the past and you “may” have to go through “tests” to set a bench mark before they start……….in other words……….psychiatric tests to see what your state of mind is!
    Of course WE are all a bit “off” after fighting this criminal act for so long , so I would suggest any one of us would fail a psych test……………..they would probably immediately call us all “Obsessive”……………no guff!

  3. And…to add to this hypocracy they will be asking how much you smoke and how much you drink. By the time they have plugged in every possible alternative cause for this misery the so-called health study will be a farce of the most humiliating kind, making a mockery of us all.

  4. Smokers and drinkers – please step forward

    ‘[excerpt] “The study aims to assess the data for evidence that living in areas with higher calculated wind turbine sound levels is associated with: impairments in sleep, as measured with actimetry; over-activated stress system, as measured by both cortisol concentrations in hair samples and elevated diastolic and systolic blood pressure and heart rate; and impairments in perceived stress, quality of life and self-reported sleep quality,” the research design report reads in part.

    Subjects will wear a waterproof wrist monitor for seven days. The measured sleep disturbances and blood-pressure changes will be synchronized with the operations of the wind turbines.

    They will participate in a 30-35 minute interview in which their smoking and drinking habits will be explored, as well as their various reactions to turbines.’

    Any volunteers?

    • On a personal note!
      If it were me –
      I would not travel down this dark path; of blame the victim.

      Anxiety, leading to high blood pressure –
      is a very serious medical condition.

      What are they trying to prove?
      ‘[excerpt]…..and impairments in perceived stress, quality of life and self-reported sleep quality,”’

      It appears – you’re crazy – before you get started.

      Hard to believe – this is happening in Ontario, Canada.

  5. Unless your a Saint……….nobody will “qualify” as a victim of IWT’s……………….expecting any Government body to do anything to help is being very naive……………….we only have “ourselves” to protect each other………..this corrupt parasitic industry is so deep inside politicians pockets that nothing will stop them until we get back complete control of our Municipal Councils……….in a perfect world all 444 Municipalities could virtually shut down the Provincial level with one unanimous NO!

  6. The ongoing abuse of victims is just tragic…. provincial, federal, environmentalists, lobbyists, politicans, lawyers, beaurocrats……people can only take so much.
    My heart breaks for them.

  7. If you consider that Canada is listed as a corporation in the New York Exchange you would then understand they would certainly expect to find a loop hole to criticize the victim or find fault to keep the scam going. Scratch my back and ill scratch yours.

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