The Blight Begins: Pictures of first Nextera wind towers up in Haldimand

The Blight Begins in Haldimand.

8 thoughts on “The Blight Begins: Pictures of first Nextera wind towers up in Haldimand

  1. Check the license plates of the vehicles at the work place, you may find it interesting. How many local people are employed? Who are they? Is the dollars to local economy significant like the government keeps espousing? In Mapleton the license plates were from Texas, Florida and New York states. I would suspect most of the work goes to people out of the Country and very few dollars are involved locally. I would be interested in hearing what you observe.

    • Were you able to get license photos as rural peole always need to prove everything they say? These workers need work permits to work in Ontario/Canada? If so how are they getting these permits?

    • No one in their right mind would vacation in a place with turbines! Steel companies, power generating stations, scrapyards….it is amazing how few industrial areas there are that attract tourism. Even the wind projects in Hawaii look like wastelands. Not at all what you would imagine in such a beautiful place. When the windweasels skip town as they invariably do, the structures are left there to remind the people how foolish they have been to allow such a thing.

  2. Well at least those police cruisers appear to be plated in Ontario and all those OPP Officers are most likely Ontarians working overtime (sarcasm). Yep, to serve and protect…………fill in the rest yourself.

    • Green jobs– wind pushers, police, security guards, lawyers, and a few temporary construction jobs. Jobs lost…..too many to list, Ontario lost more jobs last month than any other province. Ontario also erected more turbines than any other province. Co-incidence? I think not!!! Industry can’t afford the energy rates, and neither can we. Let’s put a stop to the insanity….before it’s too late.

  3. Great job with the pictures. Pictures are often many times more effective than a written story.

    Hopefully others will take different areas as well
    Some picture tips:
    Pictures always turn out better with plenty of light, a bright sunny day with clear blue skies.
    Take 3-5 pics of the same scene and use the best one. A few slightly different angles and slightly different zoom. After awhile you will get a good feel for making the picture look the same as it does in real life.
    Just take lots and pick the best ones.

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