Wainfleet gets legal aid in turbine battle

petrowskiSt. Catharines Standard
WAINFLEET – A legal defence fund will be set up to help Wainfleet deal with fees from a lawsuit that could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It will operate as Wainfleet Legal Fund and be run by Value Media Corp., St. Catharines resident Andy Petrowski told township council on Tuesday. “I’m on your side. I’m in support of the township moratorium (on wind turbines),” said Petrowski, who came as a private citizen but is also a regional councillor for St. Catharines.

Wainfleet is before the courts facing a lawsuit by Wainfleet Wind Energy over a two-kilometre setback bylaw it passed in relation to wind turbines last year. Council heard the bylaw, which calls for wind turbines to be at least two kilometres away from residences, would not stand as the province’s Green Energy Act overrides any local decision making, but passed it anyway. In late December, Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs gave a deposition in relation to the lawsuit, which will proceed on March 11 in St. Catharines.

“You’re facing significant legal fees and could see a much higher expenses if the plaintiff files for costs in their favour if they win. You could be running into hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Petrowski of what will become a precedent-setting case. He told council he wants to mount a serious effort to raise funds for the township and said his organization, Value Media Corp., would visit the 90 or so municipalities in Ontario that have expressed opposition to wind turbines. With many municipalities and residents across Ontario sharing similar concerns over wind turbines, Petrowski is confident the group’s efforts will yield results. Read article

3 thoughts on “Wainfleet gets legal aid in turbine battle

  1. Allelulia!!! Take that Rankin ……you dick. And learn something Noballs Joyner and Glazier and the rest of the proponent council, how to look after your citizens. Start looking for new employment come next election.

  2. Good for him but I wonder what co-operation there will be with many councils. Heck we cannot even get our Council or neighboring Council to the Wainfleet Symposium even though there are already IWT in our Community. Could it be that even for them our vote does not matter!!!!

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