West Lincoln wants wind turbine wires buried

wind transmission linesDan Dakin, St. Catharines Standard
West Lincoln Ald. Sue-Ellen Merritt doesn’t hide the fact she’s not a support of wind turbines being built in her town. So when she saw an opportunity to make things more difficult for the developers of a 77-turbine development Monday night, she pounced. “It’s not about a victory. I don’t see a victory in any of this,” she said after getting her fellow councillors to unanimously support her motion to try and force the Niagara Region Wind Corporation to bury all of its energy transmission lines in the ground instead of running them overhead.

The NRWC hopes to start constructing before the end of the year on an industrial wind turbine farm in West Niagara it says will cost between $550 and $600 million to build. But that cost could increase dramatically if it’s forced to bury all of its lines. “We’ll consider it, but it’s a cost matter. It’s about 10-20 times the cost of going above ground,” said NRWC spokeswoman Randi Rahamim, adding that there will be around 27 km of transmission lines in West Lincoln. “It’s certainly not something we’ve currently planned for.”

Exactly how and where the wind company would run its power lines connecting the turbines to substations and into the province’s power grid hasn’t yet been finalized, but it will have to sign a road use agreement with the towns its turbines are located in. Read article

2 thoughts on “West Lincoln wants wind turbine wires buried

  1. It is NOT about cost….it is about SAFETY. If they cannot afford to do this project safely, (give safer setbacks, and bury their lines)…..then they should take their contract, and stick it….somewhere else!

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