wpd Whittington Wind project approved by the MOE

We said NOEnvironmental Registry
Instrument Decision Notice: EBR Registry Number: 011-6765
Proponent: wpd Whittington Wind Incorporated – 2233 Argentia Road Suite 102 Mississauga Ontario Canada L5N 2X7
Instrument Type: Approval for a renewable energy project – EPA s.47.3(1)
Ministry Reference Number: 6776-8SJKRT
Ministry: Ministry of the Environment
Date Proposal loaded to the Registry: July 17, 2012
Date Decision loaded to the Registry: February 15, 2013

The Leave to Appeal Provisions indicated in the section titled “Leave to Appeal Provisions” at the end of this posting do not apply to Renewable Energy Approvals issued under 47.5 of the EPA. Please refer to NOTE: Regarding Third Party Hearing Provisions in the section titled “Decision on Instrument” instead.

Decision on Instrument: A Renewable Energy Approval (REA) has been issued to wpd Whittington Wind Incorporated to engage in a renewable energy project in respect of a Class 4 wind facility consisting of the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of a wind facility, with a total name plate capacity of 6.15 megawatts (MW). The wind facility will be connected to Hydro One’s distribution system. This Class 4 wind facility, known as the Whittington Wind Project, is generally bounded by 20th Sideroad to the north, County Road 11 to the west, Mono Amaranth Townline to the east, and 15th Sideroad to the south. Read article

2 thoughts on “wpd Whittington Wind project approved by the MOE

  1. And so the mass destruction of rural Ontario, (to satisfy the greed of the fatcats in the big cities)…,…goes on unabated. We need to gather everyone together, and camp on the premier’s doorstep, (no matter who it happens to be), and demand an end to this scam!

  2. I am sick beyond myself about this decision. We directly face this project (500m) and will be down “wind” from the sound & flicker and it will now be the view from my beautiful front porch for the next 20 years. Thank you Mr. McGuinty & Ontario Liberals for ruining our farm environment with a non-fiscally feasible “visible” green solution. This wind farm affects 243 homes within a 2 mile radius and yet, a new ruling says that residents cannot place a ground mounted solar installation(Micro-Fit, read “much smaller) if their property abutts a residential property. Why? Is it offensive to residents? Don’t you want renewable energy in the cities where it is so greatly consumed? Come and live where I live. Come & live beside it. 🙁

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