Casino logic should be applied to green energy

IMG_1633Peter Epp, Chatham Daily News
Premier Kathleen Wynne wants to see more autonomy in provincial decisions that could impact municipalities, and as an example says the extension of casino gambling into a new community should not happen without the consent of local government. Good for her.

Now if our new premier would only apply that same logic to her government’s Green Energy Policy, communities in Southwestern Ontario might begin to believe that their concerns over wind turbines aren’t being ignored by Queen’s Park.

But as it stands right now, those concerns are being ignored. Despite its outrageous expense and dubious benefit to the public, the most troubling aspect of the Liberals’ green energy legislation has been its ability to circumvent the local will of Ontario’s citizens. Local planners and local government have absolutely no control over the location or approval of wind turbines.

True, municipalities in mid-2012 were extended the privilege of providing a small comment on impending projects… but that’s it. That comment has little or no bearing on whether or not a turbine project is approved. That decision is made in Toronto only. Read article

5 thoughts on “Casino logic should be applied to green energy

  1. How disgusting that the ignorant people in Toronto should be making decisions that will not harm them, but will bring great harm to the communities affected.

    • MSN Canada carries all the latest climate “chicken little” stories and so urbanites are fed a steady diet of B.S. So they think installing IWTs is the way to go to save planet earth.They are never told that IWTs don’t work and even if they did IWTs would have no effect either way on the climate.

  2. Casino projects don’t have all the billionaries, multi-millionaries and assorted hangers-on that make money out of them as is the case for IWTs. The government can afford to offend casino interests which have only a few involved in them compared to the numbers involved in IWT projects.

  3. Support the drive to bring wind turbines to Toronto. Let’s put the wind turbines where the majority of people are convinced of their friendliness and effectiveness.

    Write Mayor Rob Ford today asking for him to formulate a plan for wind turbines in Toronto.

    IWT’s in High Park, along the Don Valley — on Toronto Beaches — NOW!

    Support wind Turbines on Toronto land. Support Turbines in Ottawa too!

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