Dear Mr. Harper, It is too late for me and my family

It is too late for me and my family! We suffered for over 3 years when 33 industrial wind turbines, within a 2 km radius, were installed around our house. The day they started our home became a house, a building, no longer a place of comfort and security. It was no longer a place where we could rest, work, relax, entertain, enjoy quiet nature sounds of birds, frogs etc. It was no longer a home because when the turbines started we became sick.

It is too late for me and my family! My mother who was 82 at the time, had to leave this house when the turbines made her sick. She had to move to a one bedroom apartment to live by herself in order to protect her health.

It is too late for me and my family! For over 3 years, I was diligent in contacting the Spills Action Centre, the turbine corporation, several ministries of the Ontario government to explain when the turbines disturbed us most, when they caused sleeplessness, headaches, nausea, stress beyond belief. Hundreds of emails, phone calls, letters were sent in the hope that surely we would at least be acknowledged, helped, treated like human beings, not lab rats or guinea pigs. Can you believe it? I was very wrong!!! We were not acknowledged, helped or even treated like human beings who were suffering.

It is too late for me and my family! We left that beautiful quiet country house previously surrounded by soothing nature sounds. The countryside was transformed to a factory, an industrial waste land of noisy, sickening industrial wind turbines.

It is too late for me and my family! Minister Aglukkaq said: “Our government is committed to protecting the health and safety of Canadian families, and this study is in response to questions from residents living near wind farms about possible health effects of low frequency noise generated by wind turbines.”

It is not right, it is actually immoral and should be illegal to subject Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, infants, children, animals to the suffering caused by industrial wind turbines and to have them used as guinea pigs during the study which will not have results till 2014!!

Mr. Harper, how can you allow this to happen to the people you govern?

It is too late for me and my family! You can make sure that it is not too late for so many other families in Ontario. People need to be protected with a moratorium on new turbines and a halt to the turbines making people sick now. A personal response from you sir, from Dr. Michaud and from our Health Minister is warranted.

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  1. This entire scam needs to come to a halt, then a huge inquiry needs to be done to find EVERY individual who has been complicit in this crime against innocent people. Money is at the root of it all, as it is in them majority of such crimes. We cannot stand by and allow this to happen over and over. It is time to join together as one large, angry mob, and storm Queen’s Park. We can stay there until we find a resolution to this ongoing catastrophe!

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  3. For those who think Timbits will save us from the IWTs, you check out his speech to the Economic Club of Ottawa, right at the beginning he says how good it is to see a strong Conservative Government in Ottawa. Then he goes on to spew other nonsense and spin.
    They’re ALL EVIL.

    • Some politicians forget there is such a thing as the internet where the public can keep track of what they say and do.

    • Go Tim Hudak!
      Best speech ever – if you are listening, and understand.
      Cut government – and, set us free.

      McGuinty broke my heart!!!!!
      Cronyism lives on – with Food Czar Wynne – from the draconian age.

      Again – Go Tim Hudak!

  4. our A common example of a legal fiction is a corporation, which is regarded in many jurisdictions as a “person” who has many of the same legal rights and responsibilities as a natural person.,

  5. My comments keep screwing up. one time they are completely gone and now a partial of what I wrote. Must be my language again,I go and wash my mouth with soap again.

  6. The worst thing that has happened to these “politicians” is that the “people” have become “politically engaged” which in turn makes them “aware” and “informed” to what being a politician actually is…….a fork tongued individual that will say and do anything that guarantees their long existence within an “office” that will pay them hard earned tax payers dollars to basically do nothing for the people that elect them, but to make money for their close friends, relatives and corporate hacks who support them!
    A “pox on their houses”!

  7. Time to start threatening to shrink Mr. Harper’s voting base: abstain from voting (the alternative parties are not good, and this includes the so-called, Greens). When they phone to solicit your vote or ask for a donation, give them an earful!

      • I don’t like any of them, but I think Harper is the worst of a bad lot. Between him and Mulroney, they are responsible for the free trade deals that are the reason we have only part-time minimum wage jobs left.
        Hudak thinks it’s great to have a strong Conservative gov’t in Ottawa. He blames the Libs for the job losses in Ontario. I have no time for any of them, but I dread the thought of Hudak as Premier – Mike Harris all over again. And you’d better stay healthy because he’s going to take apart the health care system.
        Fortunately, I don’t think he has much chance. I’m expecting/hoping for another minority. Preferably weaker than this one. Then we should keep on top of them. Turbines are just one issue. They’re screwing us lots of other ways as well, and they’ll continue to screw us,regardless of party in power, unless we stay on top of it.
        It’s a lot of work, but, over time, it will get easier for us and harder for them if we keep it up.
        If we don’t keep up the pressure on them, then we deserve what we get.

      • Hey Sylvan Bob,
        You’re comment on NAFTA is deeply thought-out.
        What about the true character of the outside world?

      • Sylvan Bob:

        People seem to have a visceral hatred of PM Stephen Harper. It escapes me why…

        Canada and the United States not only have the world’s longest shared border, they enjoy the world’s largest bi-lateral trading agreement. The following figures demonstrate the extent of this special relationship.

        8,891 — Kilometres the Canada-U.S. border stretches across land and water
        2,477 — Kilometres of border shared with Alaska alone
        119 — Number of border crossings
        $501 billion CDN — Total Canada-U.S. trade (2010)
        More than $1 billion CDN — Amount of daily Canada-U.S. trade (2010)
        73 per cent — Share of total exports from Canada going to the U.S. alone (2009)
        63 per cent — Share of total imports to Canada coming from U.S. alone (2009)

        From Wikipedia…

        Following diplomatic negotiations dating back to 1986 among the three nations, the leaders met in San Antonio, Texas, on December 17, 1992, to sign NAFTA. U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, each responsible for spearheading and promoting the agreement, ceremonially signed it. The agreement then needed to be ratified by each nation’s legislative or parliamentary branch.

        Before the negotiations were finalized, Bill Clinton came into office in the U.S. and Kim Campbell in Canada, and before the agreement became law, Jean Chrétien had taken office in Canada.

        Heavens to murgatroyd do people not know this stuff?? Are we unable as a group to get fundamental facts straight?

        I’m surprised we don’t have an IWT in every yard and two chickens in every pot belly.

      • It’s always the other guy’s fault. Like, it’s hard to trust Stephen Harper because he allows his federal Conservative government to harm people — in fact, he subsidizes it — with the ecoEnergy programme.

        And what about that Internet Surveillance Bill C-30 that recently struck down?

        Or how about all that private information lost by government students loans employees? Makes you wonder whether these people have any stinkin’ clue what they’re doing.

      • Ah man…

        Canadian government announced that certain renewable energy generation equipment (including wind turbines) acquired after February 22,2005, will he eligible for depreciation (for tax purposes) at a rate of 50%. Investment tax credits may also be available for “scientific research and experimental
        development” costs incurred in connection with the development of new energy-saving technologies.

        In addition, the Tax Act allows for a 100% deduction of Canadian renewable and conservation expenses (CRCEs). CRCEs include certain project development costs that would otherwise be capitalized or only partially deductible in the year they were incurred. The Tax Act contains rules that, under certain circumstances, permit a corporation incurring CRCEs to transfer the tax deduction benefits to its shareholders through a “flowthrough share” structure.

        This had it’s origin with the Liberals and the NDP lapdogs… Note the dates… and of course pressure from the Green Weenies before and after Ms. May

      • WillR, you said, “People seem to have a visceral hatred of PM Stephen Harper. It escapes me why…”
        Then you list the length of the border, and other factoids… Do you think It was Harper who is responsible for this? You list the high % of trade both ways between us – this has all happened because of Harper? You think this is good? When you have one main customer and supplier and it is 10 times your size you aren’t a partner, you are an indentured servant.
        And yes it was Chretien who signed Nafta – did I say he was a good guy? It was Mulroney’s badly negotiated deal, and Chretien ratified it. So?
        My point is that they’re all snakes but I believe Harper is just a meaner, more venomous snake than the others and is currently the snake in power.
        What scares me is people who have fallen for their game – people who think, “Oh, this party is bad, the other one will fix it. Give me a break.

        Then another post in which the huge tax benefits to wind farms given by the LIbs are partly blamed on the Greens with their huge influence in Ottawa (lol). So – ever since then we’ve had a ‘Harper’ government, and they’ve fixed all that, right Will?
        Heavens to Murgatroyd, won’t we ever catch on? THEY ARE ALL EVIL. Anyone who believes otherwise has not been paying attention.
        And then Barbara chimes in with ‘excessive regulations.’ Yeah – how can business give us the good life if we insist on stupid worker safety rules, environmental rules, etc.
        WAKE UP. They are not our friends.

      • OK Bob — fine — vote NDP get your minority government. I’m moving to Mexico — it’s a lot safer than any place with loony NDP MPs

        Enjoy the additional wind turbines..

      • Bob,

        Your idea of solving the IWT problem is to scream bloody hell at all politicians and, as you stated on at least one occasion, not bother to vote at all.

        Some strategy, Bob.

        You continue to use this platform to slag all things Conservative: Harper, Mulroney, Harris, Hudak, Ford … tell us Bob, what’s your real agenda here, what really crawled up your butt to make you so one-sided politically.

        I’m going to repeat myself:

        Liberals = 100% chance of IWTs
        NDP = 100% chance of IWTs
        Greens = 100% chance of IWTs
        PCs = 99% or less chance of IWTs
        Not voting = 100% chance of IWTs

        For anyone that truly doesn’t want IWTs, the best way to use your vote should be pretty obvious for anyone without an axe to grind.

      • To WilRand Sceptical Gord … I don’t know what’s so hard for you two to understand – the PCs aren’t going to save you – they are just another bunch of politicians who want to jump on our bandwagon. If they can get into power they MIGHT stop issuing permits, but they won’t do anything about what’s already there, and I believe they would be a worse government even than what we have now. If you are going to depend on the power of your vote to make a difference, you might as well move to Mexico now.
        As I’ve said before, they are all evil, and none of them are working for our benefit.
        As for the Anti-green sentiment I am seeing too much of on here – that’s a very Conservative idea. Reducing our impact on the earth would benefit all of us. Because huge multi-nationals and corrupt politicos choose to ‘greenwash’ windmills, and because some mainstream eco groups like Suzuki, Sierra, Greenpeace stupidly or corruptly – and who cares which it is – choose to back it, doesn’t make it wrong to be pro-green. The problem is with any group or organization that gets too big and too entrenched – they start to have an investment in the status quo – even if their stated purpose is to fight the status quo. I believe that large organizations are bad for us.
        As for my slagging all things Conservative – you mention Ford and I don’t recall talking about him – too easy a target but irrelevant to the conversation. We all already hate the Liberals and NDP, but I hate to see people get sucked in by the rhetoric of the right-wingnuts who would try to suggest that the Conservatives are any kind of sulution.
        I’m sure you’ll have a response to this, in which case you’ll have the last word, because I find the whole political discussion boring – especially with Conservative idealogues.
        Nobody refuted my last post – just changed the subject – a standard Fox ploy.

        Gord said, “You continue to use this platform to slag all things Conservative: Harper, Mulroney, Harris, Hudak, Ford … tell us Bob, what’s your real agenda here, what really crawled up your butt to make you so one-sided politically.”
        I slag them all, Gord. I’ve been very clear about that. What’s YOUR real agenda here – to promote Hudak and his pro-business party? What crawled up YOUR butt… etc…?

        Bob Lewis, Sylvan Ontario, Canada – population 25

      • Bob:

        I was active in the environmentalist movement since the 80s.

        Perhaps we will get to discuss it one day.

        I do not see your tactics working — but each to their own.

        If you see me as a right wing ideologue — maybe I am now. Wonder how it happened?

        Cheers and have a happy time not working for anything.

      • Bob, sorry for this late reply … butt I’ve been busy with the reamer …

        You maybe missed some of my earlier posts, the ones where I sheepishly confessed to having voted for McGuinty twice previously because I liked his environmental platform (GTA greenbelt, endangered species act, boreal forest protection, managed forest tax incentive program, etc.).

        Possibly you missed my continued defending of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, an organization that has protected hundreds of thousands of acres across Canada, with the help, incidentally, of 225 million dollars from the Harper government (a record high federal contribution, by the way).

        Maybe you missed my nod to Mike Harris for creating 378 provincial parks through the Ontario Living Legacy Program back in 1999. Conservative governments have also made substantial contributions to a better environment, contrary to that old wives tale that you and Green Peace types keep repeating ad nauseum.

        Perhaps you chose to ignore my continual badgering of people on this website who insist on being negative about all things green, including those that are worthy initiatives.

        Maybe you missed the part where I said I have voted for all parties at one time or another, based on their performance and platform, sometimes as a protest vote, but nonetheless, I ALWAYS voted.

        I could go on Bob, but I’m sure everyone’s bored by now, including me.

        So goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let WillR bite.

  8. NAFTA is not responsible for manufacturing job losses. Excessive regulations and activist ENGOS have had plenty to do with the loss of manufacturing jobs in North america. Trading countries are richer than non-trading countries. The regualtions imposed on the auto industry caused these companies to move to countries that did not impose so many regualtions on this industry. Productivity is another issue here in the mix.
    Another minority government will not stop the installation of IWTs. It takes a majority governmnet to do this.
    Canada cannot counsume all the goods it can produce so these goods have to be sold on the North American market or the world market or don’t make the goods to begin with.

    • The final NAFT agreement was made by a Liberal government here and the Clinton administration in Washington. Correct me if I’m wrong about this.

      No PC MPPS voted for the Green Energy Act. And no NDPs or Liberals voted for a moritorium on IWTs that the PCs asked for. So what are rural peole supposed to conclude from these actions?

      • Even when some fancy new “Value Added stats” are used…

        “The US is by far Canada’s main trading partner, accounting for 58% of its exports and 44% of its imports in value-added terms,” they say in their analysis.

        “This is significantly lower than the share of gross exports (70%) and imports (48%) with the US, reflecting intermediate input trade within NAFTA.”

        The Conference Board of Canada reached a similar conclusion a year ago, conclduing that, in value-added terms, the U.S. share of Canadian trade was closer to 61.8 per cent than 69 per cent — where conventional measures pegged it.

        “Although the U.S. remains Canada’s largest trading partner, the high degree of vertical trade taking place between the two countries means the U.S. share of Canadian trade is reduced by more than seven percentage points, from 69 per cent in conventional terms to 61.8 per cent in value-added terms,” their report said.

        While both the Conference Board and OECD/WTO datasets date from 2009, Crawford Falconer — head of the OECD’s trade services division – doesn’t believe the overall picture will change much when newer figures are used.

        We do OK!

        Again, if people want to argue these points and claim that “The Conservatives done did us wrong!” — please trot out timely facts and not emotions. Show us in black and white — real figures — how the Conservatives negotiated new IWT deals and sold us out…

        Otherwise — stick to your knitting…

    • Barbara:

      I do believe that there is fundamental misunderstanding of the the points you make.

      You’re right — but education may be lacking here…

      What to do?

      I am probably one of the few people in this group who have read the entire agreement. I am sure that some here trade with the USA as business people — but all to few apparently. My experience with using NAFTA to trade with the US is entirely the opposite of the views expressed here by so many.

      More to come…

      • Was not refering to IWTs and solar panels but to ordinary consumer goods that are manufactured in Canada which need outside the country markets if more goods are produced than can be sold here.
        The 1994 NAFTA agreement was made quite a few years before IWTs and solar pannels could become issues.
        Productivity issues, the rise in the value of the Canadian dollar, and the economic slowdown, high energy costs, currency values are all factors in Ontario job losses.
        Canadian business in general did not invest in newer equipment/machinery which would have increased productivity.

  9. All politics — is local politics.

    Norfolk County, Ontario, for example:

    Member of Parliament: Diane Finley, Conservative, “The Reformer”
    #16 on Maclean’s 25 Most Important People in Ottawa List

    “Even her fans don’t claim that the minister of human resources and skill development is a natural charmer. But in the run-up to last year’s federal budget, government sources say, no other minister was so prominent at cabinet meetings. After all, Finley’s sprawling department runs both Employment Insurance and Old Age Security…Finley has come under intense fire from critics on both files, but remains unflappable. Her reputation among insiders is mixed. Tories praise her. Bureaucrats and lobbyists, not so much. She’s married to Sen. Doug Finley, the architect of Harper’s election strategy before he was largely sidelined by illness. But Diane Finley is a force to be reckoned with in her own right, the key voice on the government’s most contentious domestic policy files.”

    What’s happening in MP Finley’s home riding, Haldimand-Norfolk?

    1. Ontario Ministry of No Refusals grants Nextera permission to remove Bald Eagle’s nest in Haldimand County.
    This, years after it investigates the death of an eagle in Norfolk County attributed to “blunt force trauma” in the environs of the Erie Shores Wind Farm.

    2. Municipalities complain about lack of authority to address wind turbine problems.
    In desparation, Norfolk Council takes it to the next degree, blaming a victim for allegedly trying to “bully” Council:
    ontario-wind-resistance dot org /2012/02/17/stephana-johnson-82-year-old-iwt-refugee-accused-of-bullying-her-council/

    Minister Finley is disappointed.
    She is also a stickler for integrity.
    She has zero tolerance for process breach:

    “In a statement Friday, Minister Diane Finley said she was disappointed and called it an “unacceptable and avoidable” incident in handling Canadians’ personal information.”

    Other interesting facts:

    ontario-wind-resistance dot org /2010/06/26/wind-farm-opens-to-cheers-jeers/

    “HARROW – The $110-million International Power Canada wind turbine project was the first to officially start up Friday, but not without protests that show discord within the community hasn’t disappeared during years of planning…

    “Essex MP Jeff Watson announced a $11.2-million federal grant to the company to be paid out over 10 years.
    “This project is an excellent example of a clean energy technology creating high-quality jobs and a sustainable energy source for Ontario’s future,” Watson said.”

    Don’t risk imbalance, be sure to consider this article:

    “Kyoto a killer, MP says,” Mike De Souza, Windsor Star, February 17, 2007

    “”With short-term transition toward medium- and long-term targets, there’s potential for a lot of dislocation, which is a term for some very painful costs along the way: job loss, anxiety, depression, bankruptcy, domestic violence, costs to employment insurance or retraining, loss of charitable dollars in communities for people who used to have high-paying jobs but don’t anymore and the social services that are funded by those, and in rare instances, suicide,” said Watson.

    “It’s intellectually dishonest to connect what we do about our environmental obligations to people hurting themselves, or their children or wives,” Cullen said in an interview

    “If we actually take effective measures to combat climate change people will die,” MacIvor said.

    Authors’ note: to those of us standing accused of being too emotive, be aware that this year the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health celebrated Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, with the slogan, “Rule your illness.”
    “It begins with a conversation…”

  10. The Mike Harris Government cut spending because the Province was almost broke. So raise taxes or lower spending. He lowered spending that’s why the cuts painful as they were.
    Now look at the deficiet.

    • Sooner or later governments run out of other people’s money to spend. Raise taxes and a short time later they are back asking for more money.

  11. Sandra,
    Mike Harris has not been premier since April 2002.
    That is almost 11 years ago.
    What has the McGuinty government done to contribute to the deficit? And the Liberals continue to do so. Wynne created 5 additional cabinet posts. That will cost an additional $3 million/year. Gas plant closure. Ehealth. Ornge. Too much red tape to allow small businesses to flourish. The list is endless.

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