Norfolk motion to deny support for more wind developments

Norfolk CountyA motion will be made at the Norfolk County Council meeting on Tues Feb 19 for Norfolk County to follow Haldimand County Council’s resolution of no more support to wind projects and passing it on to the powers that be.This motion will be heard on Tues Feb 26 (this would be a better time to attend). Norfolk Council meetings start at 5:00 P.M.. The council meeting agenda is posted on their website on the Friday before their meetings.

2 thoughts on “Norfolk motion to deny support for more wind developments

  1. Just a couple of quotes I found about Norfolk County on Wikipedia…
    “Surrounding its many small communities is some of the most fertile land in Ontario. With a mild climate and lengthy growing season”
    “A significant natural feature of Norfolk is Long Point, a 40 kilometre (25 mi) spit of land projecting into Lake Erie. It plays an important part in eastern North American bird migration, and was designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986. Long Point Provincial Park is located on the point.”

    But never mind all that pollyanna crap – let’s put up turbines and make some real money. Lord help us… the government won’t. God helps those that help themselves – which is a lot more than the government does.

    • The government is a party to this! Rural Ontarians will get no help from their government. They stand alone!

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