Rural people suspicious of ag minister

RuralON1Jim Merriam, Toronto Sun
The only good thing about the bloated provincial cabinet unveiled this week by rookie Premier Kathleen Wynne is the fact that “rural affairs” has been split from the agriculture portfolio. Jeff Leal, MPP for Peterborough, becomes minister of rural affairs and, as we all know, Wynne will add the agriculture portfolio to her duties as premier.

Obviously the new premier doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy about leaner being meaner and therefore more efficient, since she added five ministers to cabinet in her first official act as premier. Total cabinet membership is 27. Some of these additions may be part of the reward system Wynne put in place for those who supported her candidacy for the Liberal leadership.

Otherwise, it’s difficult to understand how five more cabinet ministers will help Ontario get its financial house in order — to say nothing about regaining credibility. Chief beneficiary of the aforementioned reward system was Deb Matthews, who is now deputy premier as well as minister of health. Matthews was with Wynne all the way in the leadership contest and will continue to help try to pull enough rabbits out of the hat to keep the Liberal party in power. Read article

11 thoughts on “Rural people suspicious of ag minister

  1. Wynne , et al, will never pull this off.. The only thing she can be sure of is that her tenure will be short lived.. Once rural Ontario has had enough of the dictatorship of urban Ontario(and it’s getting to the point where people are fed up) There WILL be a change ….Can’t see it any other way…

  2. Renewable energy issues/IWTs under Rurla Affairs and agriculture under Agriculture? So she gets away from IWT issues?

    • She is still the premier, Barbara.
      It will be our own fault if we let her distance herself from the IWT issues.
      Jeff Leal is meant to be a distraction I’m sure.
      He is just a pawn in this sordid mess.

  3. Bloomberg, Feb.18,2013
    “BMW Adds Wind Power to Sidestep Merkel’s Power Bill”
    “Every second German indrustrial producers either generates its own power or is considering doing so because of Merkel’s energy switch,”
    German industry producing its own power due to high energy costs. If and when this happens in Ontario Hydro customers will foot the bill for all of this “green” power fiasco. VW and LichtBlick are teaming up to offer an at home generator so consumers can produce their own power. Appears to be a natural gas generator

  4. Toronto Star unveils its deep understanding of Rural Ontario and advises Wynne how to wynne our hearts…

    Kathleen Wynne needs to win back at least some of rural Ontario. The new premier has taken symbolic measures, such as appointing herself minister of agriculture. But that alone won’t cut it.

    If she really wants to give her Liberals a fighting chance in the next election — an election that could occur this spring — she will have to tackle two formidable forces: windmills and Paul Godfrey.

    Windmills are killing the Liberals in rural Ontario. They may be ecologically sound. But they are politically toxic.

    Paul Godfrey’s Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. places a close second in the toxicity sweepstakes. Under Godfrey’s chairmanship, the OLG is putting in place a new privatization strategy designed to favour big (and usually American-run) casinos.

    But along the way, huge chunks of the horse-racing industry in rural Ontario — from race tracks to horse farms — are being wiped out.

    Wind first.

    On paper, former premier Dalton McGuinty’s green energy act was a masterpiece. The government’s decision to subsidize wind and solar power meshed neatly with its promise to eliminate coal-fired electricity generating plants.

    Moreover, it promised jobs. Some of these new subsidies were earmarked for manufacturers of so-called green products who were willing to build factories in Ontario.

    In theory, it was a perfect marriage of ecology and economics.

    There is more — do read the article… Those with an account should comment…

    A masterpiece? Should I sob and cry or keel over laughing. They did no research on the economics and less on the noise and health issues — although there was already plenty of data suggesting it would be an economic disaster with unreliable machines producing power in fits — at best. Dr. Calzado of Spain had already provided data showing the wind turbines were job killers and useless at best.

    Maybe it is best to cry. Wynne and her faux eco-cronies need a long hiatus from power. Let us see that they get the defeat they so richly deserve.

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