Request for disclosure and audit of the MPAC study on impacts of wind turbines

mpacOpen Letter to MPAC Dan Mathieson February 18
Dear Mr. Mathieson,
I have addressed this open letter to you as you are listed as the chair of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).
It is my understanding MPAC is conducting a study of the real estate value impacts of industrial wind turbine (IWT) facilities in Ontario. 1 I am writing to you in order to:

  • request full disclosure of MPAC IWT study data and methodology; and
  • provide knowledge which can help inform MPAC about the impacts of IWTs.

Request for full disclosure and audit
I request that MPAC confirm to me if the MPAC IWT study intends to distinguish between the real estate values of participating property (i.e. properties which attract income as a result of IWT hosting agreements which compensate for effects such as nuisance, noise, signal interference, casting of shadows and other  inconveniences or damage) and non participating property (i.e. properties which do not attract income as a result of IWT hosting agreements and are exposed to nuisance, noise, signal interference, casting of shadows and other inconveniences or damage from IWTs).

If the MPAC IWT study intends to distinguish between participating and non participating properties please disclose exactly how this will be accomplished. Please disclose to me if MPAC has full knowledge of all contracts or agreements between IWT developers and participating property owners. I note that MPAC’s website states its “customers are all Ontario property taxpayers” 6 and its values include “Openness and transparency” and “Accountability” 7. As a professional accountant and one of MPAC’s customers I am prepared to conduct an audit of the MPAC IWT study once it is complete. Please confirm to me if MPAC is prepared to disclose to “all Ontario property taxpayers” 8 the raw data and methodology used for MPAC IWT study so that the study can be evaluated using standard audit procedures. MPAC’s cooperation in this audit would be consistent with MPAC’s stated values of openness, transparency and accountability. Read full Letter

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  1. December 4, 2012
    To: Heads of Council
    All Ontario Municipalities
    From: Dan Mathieson
    Chair, MPAC Board of Directors
    Subject: Update from MPAC

    Wind Turbines – To date, MPAC’s analysis of sales has not indicated that the presence of wind turbines that are either abutting or in proximity to a property has either a positive or negative impact on its value.
    MPAC is currently undertaking a study using its January 1, 2012 current value assessments for 2013 taxation to determine if the distance from a wind turbine affects the assessed
    To complete this review, MPAC will compare the 2012 assessed values to recent sale prices to determine if the ratio between the assessments and sales prices differs between homes near wind turbines and those further away. This is referred to as a level of
    assessment study. This study will be completed in early 2013.


    • Speaking Notes for
      Dan Mathieson
      Chair, MPAC Board of Directors

      Sales Investigations and Auditor General’s Report
      Last year, the provincial Auditor General released a report with several
      recommendations for MPAC. Page 11 of 13
      MPAC has agreed with all of his recommendations and have already either
      implemented or are in the process of implementing them.
      MPAC was one of six organizations that were asked to appear before the Public
      Accounts Committee (PAC) in March.
      I, along with Carl Isenburg and other members of MPAC’s Executive Management
      Group, provided the committee with a detailed update on the progress.
      PAC has released its report and has five recommendations for MPAC to report
      back on this year. These all relate back to the Auditor General’s recommendations.
      One of the key recommendations was to improve our approach to sales
      Home sales in which the selling price is significantly different from the assessed
      value are being automatically flagged for investigation.

      People are starting to wonder!
      What’s the vision here?

    • PICKERING, ON, Aug. 18, 2011 /CNW/ – Dan Mathieson, Chair of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation’s (MPAC) Board of Directors, has announced the appointment of Antoni Wisniowski as MPAC’s new President and Chief Administrative Officer.

      Mr. Wisniowski will officially assume his new position on January 1, 2012 following the retirement of MPAC’s current President and Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Carl Isenburg, on December 31, 2011.

  2. Is this going to be carefully modelled to assure that the outcome favours the wind industry like all the other studies they have done on health, socio-economic problems, real estate values etc.? Sadly, I have to assume yes. The government is bending over backward to make sure the wind industry is protected from any liability whatsoever. If there is a problem, they will change the laws to make sure we can do nothing about it.

  3. Let me put this into perspective, at least for myself. Every Municipality in Ontario is a member of MPAC, which is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of taxpayers, municipal, and provincial representatives. MPAC is accountable to the public through the 15 members on this Board of Directors. The “Minister of Finance” appoint all members on the Board. Talk about an arms length, unbiased group of “appointees” who are setting up a review and then report on property devaluation around IWTs. I guess I’d want to have full discloser and an audit as well. Nothing to know here, now just move along sheeple

    Keep your stick on your sign

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