Wind turbines surround Blenheim schools

Blenheim, Chatham Kent, ON — International Power (IPC) GDF Suez
Wind. Project is under construction and not running yet.
Guess these kids will now be the sacrificial lambs that the MOE alludes to. This is the reason so many people will NEVER be able to forgive the Liberal government.

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  1. If a parent were to refuse to send his/her children into that school to keep them safe and from harm, would the Provincial Government charge the parents with refusing to have their children “schooled” and would Children’s Aid be called in to charge them with neglect and force them to send that child to St. Anne’s?
    This is serious folks!

    • You would need to arrange for homeschooling, provided they don’t surround your home in turbines as well….like they are in West Lincoln. 3mw turbines for these kids, all day, and all night…..disgusting.

  2. I wouldn’t allow my children to attend that school.

    I’d hate to be accused of being a bad parent.

    • But,,, I wouldn’t donate money to a “charity” that condones pedophilia either.

      Some people do strange things.

  3. Just these 3 photographs illustrate the depths the provincial government and the Ontario wind energy industry have sunk to, the first to blindly follow a ‘green’ political agenda based on environmentalists ‘junk’ science, the second to pursue tax guaranteed profits to be taken from our children in return for the useless products of that ‘junk’ science.
    It’s way past time to stop these crimes against our children before any more harm is done.
    In any supposed civilized society this should just not be allowed to happen.
    Andrew Watts

  4. So just how many schools does this now make?? This has to be looked into and if anyone else wants please feel free to write to the moe and such to try to get thier huge
    Map of every project had or proposed!

    Im wonderinging if these idiots have a clue
    To how much lands are sold out overlapping
    Each township and country schools!!

    We need this made very public, i know we have a map area here, but wheres theirs!??

  5. All levels of government are aware of the schools that will be surrounded by turbines, (and there are a lot of them). They are taking the position that until someone can PROVE otherwise, they consider the turbines to be perfectly safe. All of the proof in the world will not be enough. They make up excuses for every issue, they blame the victims, and they say everything will be just fine Rural communities, men, women, and children, are nothing more than guinea pigs, to be sacrificed for the benefit of big business. Do you realize how much money it would cost to do this safely? That would cut into their profits….and we can’t have that, can we?

  6. The entire Blenheim area is covered with these things , some of the newer ones that are not even running yet are only a couple of hundred meters from homes, Some are just 50 to 60 meters from the road . They just put these things where ever they feel like . Chatham kent is only interested in tax money no reguard for people or wildlife at all , I still have bouts of vertigo and now my wife is being treated for depression . She has never ever had any signs of any illness like this in her entire life , I have never had vertigo until these things started turning , we live appox 1 km from several of them . I’m not the only one with vertigo almost everyone I know has experienced it in the last year or two since these turbines started up

    • It is absolutely inhumane to allow this kind of suffering to take place, simply so that they can continue to rake in huge profits from this windscam.

  7. ‘[excerpt] Guess these kids will now be the sacrificial lambs that the MOE alludes to.’

    It’s up to the parent – to decide if this is – a safe place for their child.
    If not – withdraw from the school.

      • Local school funding was turned over to the provincial government and so now the local schools have to go to QP for funds which means QP calls the shots. School boards don’t dare say much or they can lose funds.
        This was done so that all local schools would have about the same amount of money per child. Or that was the reason given but this resulted in bringing politics into the school systems. Now there are local school closures that probably would not have happened with local school funding and local boards in control.

      • Barbara is dead on the mark. Why do you think MNR and MOE do what ever the Liberals tell them to do? Government has too much power and too much say in everything that goes on in this province.

      • They have been told that they MUST NOT get involved in this “debate”. They are paid by the provincial government. The provincial government is complicit in the windscam. Our children are the guinea pigs they need for their phony studies, which will deny all health problems brought on by the turbines anyway. We have to drag the truth out of them. No one but the pro-wind people should be subjected to these ridiculous machines….they will be OUR guinea pigs.

  8. Support the drive to bring wind turbines to Toronto. Let’s put the wind turbines where the majority of people are convinced of their friendliness and effectiveness.

    Write Mayor Rob Ford today asking for him to formulate a plan for wind turbines in Toronto.

    IWT’s in High Park, along the Don Valley — on Toronto Beaches — NOW!

      • I am having a great day. I’m presenting a idea which will satisfy everyone. Give the Wind Turbines to big city eco-terrorists. Surely it is their most fervent desire.

      • Perhaps if they love the turbines….they won’t make them sick, (or at least we can hope ,they believe that, at least until the stupid useless machines are littering the cities, where they belong!)

    • When Ontario industries are forced to provide their own power as in Germany then you will see IWTs in urban areas or people can do without jobs.
      The other choices would be to move or go out of business.
      Ontario has MPPs that don’t even know what is taking place in the real world.

  9. How dare they treat our children like lab rats! They know full well they’re placing these useless wind turbines too close to people, yet they do it anyway. The Berlin Wall fell eventually and so will this government. Hopefully, another Jeffery Wigand will come forward from the government or wind turbine industry and expose the utter evil of this thing.

  10. It’s not just the schools, it’s where the kids go home to play, study and sleep at night. They will be surrounded 24/7. In our area (Adelaide, Middlesex Cty), the route that the school bus travels will almost never leave the wind turbine zone of the 3 wind projects (60 wind turbines). Were the kids ever asked if this is what they want to live with? No. The wind developers Nextera, Suncor and WPD decided that it was acceptable to put 10 turbines within 2km, 35 within 5 km, and collector lines around the the edges of the playground.
    In Lambton, the Bosanquet school will have a noise level of 38.4dBA with a substation 1200m away, and 10 turbines within 2km (2 of which are ~ 800m from the school). this seems to be the norm for rural schools anymore, and we shouldn’t accept it.

    • Which of these poor students will be “highly annoyed,” like Brian Howe, P.Eng said could be “expected”?

      Where is the public statement by the principal of St. Anne’s objecting to the health risks of exposing these children to wind turbines? Is this the kind of sin that will be forgiven by confessing?

      • It will never be forgiven in my books. They are knowingly causing harm to the rural, populations, there are not enough of us to fight back….at least in their eyes.

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  12. A moratorium is imposed on offshore IWTs because we don’t know what effects IWTs may have on Great Lakes “fish” in freshwater environments. However, it’s appears to be okay to subject and experiment on young rural Ontario students 24/7 on the effects of IWTs

    Talk about being duplicitous; the sooner we can throw “Wynnie the Poo’s” Goverment to the curb, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

    Keep your stick on your sign

  13. There is something fundamentally wrong, in a supposed free and democratic society, when during a sort of reasonable discourse serious advice is offered that parents should keep their children at home, because the schools that the parents pay for with their taxes are no longer safe, because of the policies enforced by the governments who run those schools, also paid for by the same parents, that are intentionally allowing the pupils in those schools to come into harms way.
    Why are we still pretending we can actually negotiate any sort of rational compromise, and so save our families, our homes and our communities, in the face of such indifference from those supposedly elected to protect us?
    Andrew Watts

    • In trying to expidite his green fantasy McGuinty has gone
      too far too fast and this fiasco has long since past the
      point of no return. Having given out so many contracts
      the government is rubber stamping these projects and
      has essentially lost control of what is going on. Our
      elected fools were sold on the idea of phony green energy
      that would have minimal impact of the cost of electricity
      (Slitherman predicited 1% increase/year), would create a
      green economy (most company’s in business ’til grants
      are used up) and at the same time close the coal plants
      (which have been replaced by gas plants). By any
      rational measure the green energy program has been a
      total failure. A scam is a scam is a scam. The only segment
      of the population oblivious to that being our idiot politicians.
      I fear that what is currently on the books for development over
      the next several years is going to happen, short of there being
      a legitimate revolt. Otherwise once Ontario achieves third world
      status, the politicians just may clue in.

  14. How many of those classrooms in the schools above still have pictures and posters supporting and propagandizing IWTs and ‘green energy’ on the walls?
    Andrew Watts

  15. I just found out that schools are put as empty lots because no one sleeps there!!!?? We are not people anyway, we are called receptors by the Wind Industry to I am sure dehumanize us.My grandchildren will have IWT very close to their Gainsborough school in West Lincoln I questioned what the teachers etc were doing regarding this issue and I was informed they were told to stay out of it, by whom I am not certain. Is there something confusing about this? Are Teachers not all about the kids!!!!??? Perhaps this is all part of the plan to close all rural schools.I do not believe this madness will stop until we unify as one voice. Mayor Jeffs tried but sadly very few municipalities were represented including my own. If we can not get our own elected people to fight for us how do we expect to be heard by the Provincial/Federal government? A big thanks to all that came and supported outside I am sure it was appreciated inside. I hope that the municipalities that were represented at the symposium will be listed on Wind Resistance.

    • Teachers have the right to speak out against anything that would affect the health and safety of children or themseves.
      It needs to be determined just who the party/parties are that are intimidating the teachers.
      Who determined these were empty lots and when?

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