McWynnety will be building on Liberal’s past successes

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26 thoughts on “McWynnety will be building on Liberal’s past successes

    • Oh, c’mon, that’s not fair. There are major differences between how the Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne governments operate.

      Like, for example, whereas Dalton was easily controlled by puppet-strings, Kathleen needs a hand shoved deep inside her to make her lips move.

      • Today, MPP Todd Smith reminded:
        “In criminal law, the actus reus, also known as the guilty act, includes the omission to act.”

        Then, House Leader John Milloy complains:
        “I stand to speak on this matter with a spirit of disappointment and sadness.

        Liberals are the victims here, cries John Milloy:
        “What it is, Mr. Speaker, is nothing short of a mean-spirited and vindictive motion aimed at the former Minister of Energy, who, I would remind you—and, through you, members of this Legislature—is an individual who had an outstanding career here in the Legislature, has since resigned from politics and is no longer a member of the Legislature.”

        Can you believe it?

    • Harper’s Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health JUNK SCIENCE

      “Information commissioner called upon to probe ‘muzzling’ of federal scientists”

      Federal Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault is being asked to formally investigate the way the Harper government has been “muzzling” and restricting access to federal scientists.

      “There are few issues more fundamental to democracy than the ability of the public to access scientific information produced by government scientists – information that their tax dollars have paid for,” they say. “We as a society cannot make informed choices about critical issues if we are not fully informed about the facts.”

      Obstructing access to scientists also hampers the ability of the public to know and identify what government information and records actually exist related to issues of public importance, they say.

      Asked about the documented cases where scientists have not been permitted to speak about their work, she said all government departments follow a communication policy set by Treasury Board and the government has communication experts “hired in order to aid all government employees in better communicating.”

      • A lot of the complaining scientists want to support a left wing agenda and speak out in favor of wind turbines and things like that.

        In a private company it’s pretty clear that employees should not hold news conferences “calling out the boss” or claiming to speak for “all the people in the company”.

        The federal government has little choice in this matter or everyone with an activist bent or with a small piece of the puzzle that thinks they can prove something earth shattering and or terrible will be wanting the microphone at the podium.

        Having had quite a few scientist employees believe me when I say that not all of them should get to explain that they hold the truth in their hands or their hearts. It just ain’t so.

        A lot of them know far too much — about far too little…

      • They’re scientists, their work should be open to public scrutiny. And if they sound like fools, fire ’em.

        The last thing we need are politicians telling us what’s “good science”.

      • Look at Hansen in the States and the temperature data mess. He works for the government.

      • Barbara:

        And he (Hansen) talks to the press and fouls up entirely on what he has to say. His (Hansen) rants have little relation to the truth and that creates a lot of mis-perceptions in the public mind. His prognostications on climate have been woefully inadequate (sometimes expressed as just plain wrong!).

        If these treasured scientists want to have their say and be able to spout any junk they please, they can start their own privately funded think tank. Till then they are public employees and report to a research director who is likely very capable of articulating research findings… till then the pampered geniuses can remember that they actually collect a paycheque — and that does not give them the right to represent (or mis-represent) their employer unless asked to do so — as the research director can likely inform you.

        In the meantime they can go underground and leak to their hearts content and take the fallout if it turns out that they were indulging in advocacy as opposed to research and development.

        From someone who has been there — though not for the government…

      • Many of these “loose cannon” experts so crave their 15 minutes of fame …

      • “Ontario’s Attorney-General rejects call to investigate SIU”
        by Timothy Appleby and Adrian Morrow
        Feb 22, 2013

        Ontario’s Attorney-General John Gerretsen has turned down a request from Toronto’s police union that his office launch an examination into the way the province’s Special Investigations Unit operates.

        “We will not be conducting an inquiry,” said Jason Gennaro, spokesman for John Gerretsen.
        “The SIU operates at arm’s length from the ministry. This is designed to ensure that the SIU can carry out its operations without interference from government or the police.”

        The call came from Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack, who on Friday morning issued a news release highly critical of the SIU’s handling of two recent investigations.
        Mr. McCormack also demanded that in the meantime SIU direct Ian Scott step aside, a suggestion that appeared to leave Mr. Scott unfazed.
        “Mr. McCormack is entitled to his opinion about my leadership of the unit,” Mr. Scott responded in a statement.
        Mr. McCormack had asked Mr. Gerretsen to examine two cases in which Toronto police offficers were charged criminally, following SIU probes, and acquitted.

        Established in 1990, the SIU is an independent agency that scrutinizes all police-civilian interactions involving death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assualt.

  1. Bloomberg, Feb.18,2013
    “BMW Adds Wind Power to Sidestep Merkel’s Power Bill”
    “Every second German industrial producers either generates its own power or is considering doing so because of Merkel’s energy switch,”
    German businesses can no longer afford the high cost of electricity so they have or are making plans to produce their own electricity from a variety of sources. They are going OFF THE GRID in an effort to stay in business.
    The same thing will happen in Ontario and this will leave Hydro bill payers stuck with the whole cost of renewable power. If businesses have to leave or go out of business due to high energy costs this will mean huge job losses here.
    This Bloomberg article should be in the hands of MPPs because the real situation in Germany is being covered up here.
    It’s about time those at QP get real about the effects of renewable energy on Ontario’s future economy.

    • there are elevators in Ontario already that are using gas powered generators to produce electricity for their corn dryers during Corn harvest.

      • VW and LichtBlick SE are teaming up to offer an at home generator so consumers can produce their own electricity but no price for these was furnished.
        It can be expected that the better off will go off the grid here in Ontario if they can get gas fired home generators.
        The general public here is being fed mis-information that all is well and lovely with renewable energy in Germany. No problems at all.

  2. Since I can no longer afford to use electric heating for my home, I’ve had to resort to burning wood to keep the place warm….I understand that wood stove sales are going through the roof because of the Green Energy Act…Won’t this increase pollution immensely ? Oh Well, where I live the wind from the NW blows the pollution directly towards Toronto and Queens Park…..

    • Just to make sure Urban centres can’t burn an alternative fuel for heat they pass anti-wood firing legislation so people in cities like Toronto can’t get off the grid!………good job Ontario!

  3. Wind Poverty – Actually ‘energy poverty’ in government language but they are not yet ready to admit that the the insane dash into wind and solar has been the biggest and ongoing culprit!

    ‘Wind poverty’ in Europe is increasing because of inflationary energy bills. Folk can no longer pay their energy bills and eat at the same time.
    The sales of wood burning stoves is soaring and ‘wind poverty’ has now produced a new group of ‘criminals’ in ‘wind energy rich Europe’, folk who go out finding wood for those stoves and are being charged with stealing!
    You just can’t make this stupidity up………
    Andrew Watts

    • Agreed, Andrew.
      Reading in the Daily Mail today (UK newspaper).
      Surprise visit by inspectors at an elder care home found all of the folks dressed in coats and hats as the owners of the home could not afford to heat the home to an acceptable temperature. (Could be that they were being cheap).
      Then from people who commented on the article, there were several who admitted that they too wear coats, hats and scarves on a regular basis in their homes as they cannot afford to heat their homes. This from one who admitted she was 56. One only turned up the heat while having tea.

      • Believe it or not every year over 24,000 British seniors DIE from influenza because they can’t afford enough heat!
        I heard that about 10 years ago on a trip to Ireland and was amazed that country that is so “civilized” and supposed to be a “mover and shaker” within the G20 would allow their own citizens to die because they can’t afford to live like a human being.
        That report is still valid today and I guess when something is never-ending then it becomes the “norm”…………….Wind destruction will never become “norm” as long as I’m around!……it was CRIMINAL 56 years ago…it is more CRIMINAL today!

      • Energy poverty has not been made an issue at QP as far as I know. This issue has been well discused here with plenty of news articles published here so this issue needs to be brought up before the general public in Ontario.

      • “…only turned up the heat while having tea.” meaning when having supper (not just a cuppa tea).

        In the UK magazine People’s Friend, of Nov.24 2012, I was surprised to read this: “One worrying statistic for the UK is that at least one in five households lives in fuel poverty, meaning they must spend more than 10% of the family’s disposable income just to keep warm. The figures for some groups in our communities, such as older people, are even higher. …Living in a cold house makes us more vulnerable to heart conditions, strokes and lung conditions. Cold homes also increase risk of succumbing to winter bugs like the flu.” It’s a full page telling people how to stay warm, dress in layers, or contact their energy supplier & charities who can help.

  4. A nice understated cartoon showing exactly what the Ontario Liberals have accomplished.

    It will be even better when we have a high school drama coach for a Prime Minister. We shall have even greater “accomplishments” produced by the Liberals.

    The world is unfolding…

  5. SURPRISE!!!!! MORE DOCUMENTS FOUND. Maybe the third time’s the charm? The McGuinty legacy continues…. My comments. Please read what Adam R. wrote.

    Globe and Mail. Adam Radwanski

    New documents have been uncovered on the expensive cancellation of gas-fired power plants, just a day after Ontario’s opposition accused the government of a cover-up for not promptly releasing previous papers on the controversial file.

    Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli made the surprise announcement just before the start of daily question period Thursday, to guffaws from the opposition benches.

    Mr. Chiarelli said he was told just Wednesday night by his deputy minister that the Ontario Power Authority had uncovered the papers, which will be released later Thursday.

    “The documents in question are being compiled as I speak and will be tabled with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly as soon as possible this afternoon,” he said. “Also, I have asked the Board Chair to explain how these additional records were uncovered and indeed address how they were overlooked.”

    The Liberals stopped two planned plants, one in Mississauga and another in Oakville, at a cost of at least $230-million, in what was widely seen as a political play to avoid losing seats in the Toronto suburbs during the 2011 election.

    Last September, at the behest of the opposition, the government released 36,000 pages of documents on the cancellations. Weeks later, they turned over 20,000 pages more, which they said had accidentally been missed in the first search.

    The opposition alleged Wednesday that those documents had been withheld in a deliberate cover-up and voted to have the justice committee investigate. That process could end with a finding of contempt against the government.

    • I’m convinced it is a minor oversight of no consequence.

      Undoubtedly the expenditures and the power plant moves will be shown to be completely justified — just like all the wind turbines.

      Glad I got that off my chest — now I can have a great day!

    • These people are obviously unstable. Look how emotional they are: “outraged,” “shocked,” “disappointed.” Obviously they’re not thinking clearly.

      • Indeed! $100M here a $1B invoice there — nothing to worry about. Nothing to see — move along!

        I feel so calm about all of this!

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