Northland Power lacking Support From Sheguiandah First Nations

oebsideRaymond Beaudry, MCSEA
Sheguiandah First Nation is one of the partners of Northland Power’s Mclean’s Mountain windfarm  through a company called MMP (Mnidoo Mnising Power)which was formed by the chiefs at that time through the UCCMM ( United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising).

It would not seem appropriate that a REA (renewable energy approval) can be granted, a transmission line leave to construct can be issued when one of the members of the partnership is not in full suppoort and their concillors or community has not been fully consulted.

Without full support from the First Nations Northland Power has recently also applied for a licence to generate from the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) EB-2013-0015 for the Mcleans Mountain Windfarm.

The public can participate in this hearing. One can read the info under the link applications before the board. Search by applicant, Northland Power or EB-2013-0015.

There are several other applications before the board under the FIT (Feed in Tarrif) program which is causing Energy Poverty within this province. This issue seems to be the elephant in the room that does not get much coverage as high electricity prices affect all prices that consumers use.

With the recent up to 3.5% increase in Hydro last month that works out about 20 cents per KWH we are paying.This will continue as more generous FIT contracts are awarded by the Provincial Liberals.

Gas plants are usually used to back up intermittent, unreliable wind energy so the electricity users of this province have to pay twice.

Build windfarms and destroy habitat and communities with a 15 cent per kwh payout even for bottled generation that isn’t required on the grid, and a gas plant for backup.

A real bonus for the developers and their shareholders while people are having to choose between which bills they can afford each month.

Manitoulin will suffer the impacts of a remote 60 MW windfarm whereas the Gas Plant Northland Power proposed for Oshawa where the power is required is in limbo as per the article.

Oshawa mayor says Province playing politics with gas plant Northland Power plant would produce electricity for the grid and steam for GM.

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