Suncor taking Plympton Wyoming to court over turbine setbacks

supremecourt_gavelHeather Wright, Sarnia Lambton Independent
The wind war in Plympton-Wyoming is headed to court. And Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper says his municipality will fight to protect its residents against the potential health effects of wind turbines on its residents.

Suncor Energy has a contract with the provincial government for a 100 megawatt, 46 turbine project in Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores. About 28 of those turbines will go in Plympton-Wyoming in the Camlachie area. The municipality has taken an aggressive stand against the project putting in tough local regulations.

Thursday, Suncor Energy Products served the township with notice it’s challenging the municipality’s bylaws which require turbines to be two kilometers from homes, a $200,000 deposit for decommissioning and its building permit fees of $10,000. A court date has not been set yet, but Mayor Lonny Napper the township is hiring a lawyer to defend its bylaws. “We feel we have a strong case here,” says Napper. “It is our mandate under the Municipal Act to protect our people and that’s what we’re going to do.

“We’re not against wind turbines; we’re in this strictly for the health and safety of our people.” Read article

6 thoughts on “Suncor taking Plympton Wyoming to court over turbine setbacks

  1. Congratulations to Plympton-Wyoming’s Mayor and Council for joining the fight against the corrupt Ontario wind energy industry.
    Just think how much further we would be towards ending this government inspired insanity if all 91 of those Council’s who approved motions asking the provincial government to impose a moratorium all those months ago had taken the same actions.
    Shame so many of them only appeared to have been pretending to be committed to protecting their communities, when their actions now show they couldn’t really have cared less.
    Go Wainfleet! Go Plympton-Wyoming! May your political honesty encourage even more municipalities to do what is right.
    Welcome Mayor Lonny, and your Council, to a very exclusive club. Politicians who are actually putting their constituents interests ahead of their own.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes from a proud Wainfleet resident,
    Andrew Watts

  2. Congratulations to the people of Plympton-Wyoming, especially the council, for having the integrity, and backbone, to fight this unjust law, that has taken away our right to protect ourselves. Money is not the issue, health and well being, and democracy are at stake here. The province should be held accountable for the problems their unjust laws have created.


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